[Reported] Bounty is nothing but Ogres? All time low

Why is the bounty this week nothing but ogres? If this was intentional why? If it was a mistake an even bigger alarming why/how could it just get uploaded without anyone checking their product before it goes live. Its just like all the missing images on my android device and flaky graphic glitches. It just seem to me that the operating system your platform is running is degrading all the time and you either just dont want to spend money on hotfixes that you feel is not worth paying employees to troubleshoot this mess and "fix the problem when in actuality you just replaced the missing images without doing anything to really solve the problems that’s plagued the game for at least 12 month.


Thank you for your Ogre. This is working as Ogre. I’ve let the design Ogre know that Ogres would like a little more Ogre in their Ogre. Happy Ogre.


Ah, the subtlety. We have to stop being so superficial in our criticism. Ogres have layers.


I like this enemy team. Anything that makes bounty go smoother. Thanks devs!


Found another “placeholder” left in this weekend’s bounty event:


(Wow, i just got grammar checked by the forums…so i have to add a coherent sentence to post???)


Seriously, IP2 and 505 have abandoned this game.


The problems of this company seemingly exist only between their respective keyboards and chairs.
Rumour has it the game would balance itself out and start to run smooth if “the devs” would finally abandon the game for good instead of putting new flaws and fails into it, the only consistency “the players” get since around 2years+.

Please just sell the whole game and rights to the highest bidder, it can’t possibly get worse. If the owner at any point had any real passion and love for this game he/she/“they?”/fridge would do so.


Personally, I’ve never been more excited to unlock the new bounty title.

That basically says “devs can’t be bothered to check things prior to release”.

It’s time they change their “reset” time to one that actually allows humans in their office so when their QA (us players) report issues, it doesn’t take 12-72 hours to fix.

  • Unique, powerful bonus troops, released as NFT to the highest bidder
  • Guild War shop contains offers for additional tokens and/or doubling GW points for cash
  • Invitation links. Spam your friends and family and earn 50 gems for everyone who reaches level 100.
  • Leaderboards for spending the most money in this week. Top player receives 75% refund (Just spend a little more, and you will actually save money!!!)
  • Moving support to Helpdesk
  • VIP 16, 18 and 20 unlock additional traits for hero classes and troops (invincible for all on 20)
  • Get 50 instant win tokens (60% more!!!11eleven) for only 19,99
  • Use public domain stock images for new graphics
  • Replacing troop drops with “partial” troops (get all 6 to merge and unlock), comparable to Diamantina
  • More flashing lights everywhere. People love those, right?
  • Pay 50 Dollar to kill enemy team for real (remove troops from inventory, undo medals, ascensions and levels, reduce hero class to level and talent level 1)
  • Pay 25 Dollar per week to be secretly protected from the effect above (attacker still pays fee)
  • 1 Dollar for a global popup message to all players currently online
  • New servers every month

The game is bad. Very bad. But it still can be made much worse, and I don’t feel like I am running out of ideas already.


Great list! Their dog keeps eating theirs on the way to work while mommy packs thier lunches, unfortunately!

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Where do you see a value proposition for an outside bidder? GoW is a “mature” game at this point and they’ve probably developed a fair amount of “negative goodwill” among their active players. The game undoubtedly still makes money from the playerbase, perhaps largely by “inertia” from the longtime whales who have been spending regularly since the inception. But it seems to be running largely on “autopilot” these days.

To the current ownership, they’re probably skimping on developmental and maintenance costs and still turning a healthy (to them) profil on the rest. So there’s a revenue stream that has a fair amount of value to them, especially if they can plow the profits into PQ3 or something similar. But to a new owner? They’d likely have to devote a fair amount of resources to repair what is wrong these days and the damage done to that playerbase, and to do so without any particular reason to believe that it will work and they’ll see an adequate return on their investment. (Let alone any profit.) Which might not be much better in a financial perspective than starting a similar-ish game from scratch.

I believe it’s much more likely that we’re nearing the end of the GoW cycle in its entirety and that the game will be shut down at some point in the not-too-distant future.

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I don’t blame anyone for thinking this, but errors of this size have been occuring somewhat regularly for years now, as has speculation about the game’s soon-coming downfall.

The longevity of the problems plus our knowledge of upcoming updates makes me wonder if it’s not simply a long-standing quality assurance issue. An egregious one at times, but not necessarily an indicator of the game shutting down in the near future.


Another egregious “day one” error, another hope that Switch might not get it when our content schedule reaches the same point in 9 months.


The frequency of errors should be the startling part. Its more abundant nowadays and they’re cutting back even more on quality assurance.

This Bounty with only Ogres should never have occurred with a dev team that is paying attention.

It feels like they’re even cutting back on support. I haven’t seen Kafka post in here in weeks. Gman and Jeto may as well not exist in the GoW Forums.


Shrek reference. Nice.

What they are working on instead of QA:

Something big is coming…

Oops. All Ogres!

How do you cut back from zero?


Ngl I was expecting to get Rickrolled by the devs themselves.