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Which faction should I try to max next?

You’re misunderstanding a bit - I said 300 true hoard (200 normal + 50% kingdom level 14 bonus).

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ah, same as me then.

Just wanted to come here and say that I just beat Dark Pits!!

Hoard 254 + 50% kingdom. Sludgepaw (or whatever legendary is called), Rattigar, 2x Hex Rats. Went the short way through the legendary room, where I lost Sludgy. Decided “why not” and tried my luck. And apparently my luck worked this time.

Edit: Thought you still had this one to go so was sharing my “strategy”. Never mind… will leave you with my glee instead.


Well done mate! Great feeling! :sunglasses:

At which number of renowns do the next magic point arrive? At 88k renown points?

Yes. If there were another 4 Factions left…



Spot on, thanks!

Spent most of my treasures to get the Lyzanas Lair up to level 300. Sadly did not manage to reach the Boss room yet.

@Eika : Have you finished Wyrmrun to 2500 renown yet? If not, might I suggest putting aside your current delve project and knocking this one out in the next few weeks before the 5.7 Update (most likely) reverts the third traits on the native units to what they were before and creates a new batch of complications?


Thanks for your input bud, but I have maxed that one, did it in it’s main event. :sweat_smile:

Just checking. :smiley: I completed it yesterday with relatively low hoard levels, so it was on my mind and I figured I’d be certain so that I could potentially save you an aggravation.

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Well done mate! I will soon give up this faction. Hoard Level 300 doesnt make me to the Boss room. I wish the Devs understood how frustrating it all is, but they don’t.

True Hoard 300 or Base Hoard 300?

If it’s Base, I can’t imagine why you’d not be making it to the boss. Which rooms are you choosing on the way there — maybe that’s the problem?

There is always a room where my troops doesnt gain attack and is too slow. Then CPU crushing me, and its game over.

Base is 300, there is none easy teams at the 3rd room, but I try to avoid the Orcs, Sheggra and some other teams.

The Sheggra room seems to be quite easy vs. Dementicores since enemy troops have no spell damage.


Sheggra should be one of the easiest. Get a weak Pyggra up front and then the skulls are no longer much of a threat. All you have to do is take every skull off the board before they can hit you with an original Pyggra.

With Base Hoard 300 your True Hoard is 450 if you’ve leveled your kingdoms like you say you have. If you’re still losing I have no idea how — (EDIT to elaborate: because our guild knows it has been done at True Hoard 303 at least once) — maybe post some screens/videos so people can verify your stats and strats are as they should be? What medals do you have equipped?

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That is not my experience, also struggle to getting the attack off the Pygra in that room. But maybe that is the best way, and should give it another go?

@Magnusimus two seasons and one mana medal selected.

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I had true hoard 310

Usually did not reach boss room
Finally did it with 2x dementicore, chaos and lyrasza.
Got lucky with the chaos hound summoning when a dementicore died. (At least 2x)
Sorry, cannot remember the rooms i took

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Same team as im using. I probably gonna try some more, I just need to get that good feeling back again.