Change the pure faction delve team requirement for max renown and increase the drop for the higher level treasures

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Can you clarify what you mean here?

TheIdleOne have already do that, with hoard level slightly higher than you, to survive Spectral Knight’s first hit.

Personally, I think even Hoard Level 100 might even be possible, if you can use your Lady Morana to kill their Spectral Knight before he cast, but that will need an insane amount of luck.

Maxing Faction is meant to be very hard. I have a plan to beat all of them with mininum Hoard Level 100 to prove it’s possible, but didn’t get to try it yet. Maybe some adjustments is need for difficulty level, but right now for me, it’s quite alright.

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Finished mine at hoard 146 (pre-potions)… its going to be pretty hard below that but maybe a 130 or so is possible. 100 if your RNG is insanely awesome