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Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

Anyone tried Great Maw or a 2x Kerberos and Forest Guardian team in Hall of Guardians?

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So far so go with the treasure upgrades now that I know what I’m doing.

Got lucky and upgraded level on 75%.


Enquiring minds want to know…


Just how, exactly, is the hero(ine) actually able to find secret passages in Delves? :stuck_out_tongue:

Kudos on the very old school throwback to drawing rooms in dungeons on graphing/grid paper. :trophy:


Such a Rare drop I got!


Can you at least give me one Ultra-Rare, please? T^T

Delve 500 Boss:

Lady Morana: 505 Armor, 503 Life, 257 Atk, 132 Magic (133 spell damage)
Spectral Knight: 502 Armor, 495 Life, 255 Atk, 127 Magic (128 true damage)
Grave Seer: 501 Armor, 503 Life, 255 Atk, 120 magic (lol)
Nightshade: 491 Armor, 503 Life, 252 Atk, 120 magic (lol)



Oh dang. I almost don’t want to play this game anymore. Quit while I’m ahead, you know?

2nd Room


Boss room, previous post.

2 for 2 on Instakills


You can guess what happens next.



I don’t think I’m going to bother with any other 500s with faction teams. Its not balanced well!


Don’t balance the game based on what I do, please.


Youre insane dude


My question : where I can use chao shard ?

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That’s astonishing. You’re astonishing. (Though I notice you went far beyond Hoard level 100 to reach this mark.)


I had no choice, Spectral Knight just hits way too hard.

Could only beat the 1st room like 1 in every 3 attempts at Hoard 126. 65 TD was brutal. (130 if frozen/enchanted/stunned)

I bumped it up to try to hit the magical threshold to survive at least 1 hit from Spectral Knight in the last room, which I assumed was 130ish TD (turns out it was 128 TD, which was +3 from 490, which was + 2 from 480, which was +3 from 470… should have recognized the pattern)

I still fell short by 4 life lol. (Hoard 202).

Took all my stored up treasure from going from 20 to 500 (boo) and a few thousand gems on Tier 7 (not worth buying tier 7 over and over for just Treasures, so hope you get other stuff you need) and about 4 million gold to go from 126 to 193, dumping everything but common treasures. (I kept 1 copy of every treasure). I got lucky that 3 of the Tier 7s I bought were the Mythic treasure.

Had I actually failed this run, I would have tried to bump it up a few more levels which I’m sure would have taken the rest of my gold and a lot of my gems. (for a mere 9 more levels)

So the reason I bumped it up never actually came into play, but my front guy survived with like 8 HP a few times, so it still kind of did its job?

I still have enough gems left over to survive, but I’ll have to lay low on excessive gem play for awhile.

Just noticed I got a weird bug and didn’t get my 6 copies of the pet for getting 2300 renown. (went from 2270 to 2490 directly)


Oh, I didn’t mean that as a dig. I was just pointing out that Hoard level 100 is nowhere near sufficient to clear level 500 without some luck, let alone with only faction troops.


Wow, what an amazing success! Congrats for being the first to get Exalted achievement!

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Just finish all reward stages in new Faction Event. Turned out, only sigils from just buying the weapon can get you very far, more than half the way to complete it. I have to switch my attempt at first completed faction to Crypt Keeper now.

Based on my calculation, farming on Level 20 only give you less 2 rewards stages, but is it really worth it for this much progress this event offer?

I wish I let go of Infernus, and switch to Yao Guai sooner, as the boss room is only tricky on 2 top troops, and Yao Guai is much better at dealing with them.

All the shards rewards are very great, so I’m done with getting all 3 factions to Hoard Quality 10 now, onward to get all of them to Hoard Level 100!

I failed all 3 tried with faction team at Level 200 today, but I’ll try to do faction team at Level 250 with Lady Morana/Nightshade/Lady Morana/Grave Seer tomorrow.

Here’s screenshot from my last battle before ending the event, and some renown update!

More info here

Grats, that’s awesome!

I’m timid in my delving advancement!

Your total renown is beyond enviable!


In the underworld each faction has a area. They each have their own portals. You can open them with 20 or 200.


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Well done @TimeKnight :+1:


Congrats @TimeKnight, keep up the hard work!!

Congrats @TheIdleOne, it still seems impossible…craziness!!!



I finally pulled Lady Morana so I can focus all of the rest of my shards on the Ase portals now as I need Xerodar yet.



I will try today to beat a 190 hall with maw.

Trying this team. Assassin hero.