Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

How is everyone liking the new game mode Delves?

I was wondering how everyone is approaching this game mode and what is the best way to play the new game mode?

Here are my stats so far.

I think I’m just going to increase difficulty at the hall of guardians until I lose a delve. No losses yet.

Please feel free to share and comment below.

Thank you for the help! Much appreciated! :+1:

And remember to always have fun :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Today’s last fight rewards. Boss Level 130, chest level 5.


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My team. Dragon hero.


I’m really liking dragons again.


Nice Goodwill, are you a streamer?

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Yeah but nothing big time.

Here is the thread I made for when I go live. I have been streaming my daily’s and delves now since they take a bit more time to do.

Thank you @Eika.

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I will check in and watch some when I find time. :slight_smile:

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Something I notice about Delve is that your hero is not bound by the faction color restriction, which can give you a bit more freedom in team building if you use your hero. Yasmine’s Pride is pretty nice when the stats start getting inflated; using it with Bard for the 50% mana start and green gem enchant means very easy casting and after two casts you can pretty much guarantee that nothing shy of an instant death effect will actually kill anyone you have with you.

I prefer to fight in the hall of guardians. The layout allows you to knock out all the high level rooms first before bonuses begin to stack up against you, and allows you to skip death mark teams without losing out on anything locked away behind them.

As for rewards though? I’m really questioning them. It feels like if I spent as long doing quick PVP matches, I would end up with more souls, gold, AND ingots. Maybe this will improve over time as I level up my horde but for now it feels like a waste of time.


I also have been leveling up my hoard as I go as well.

This is where I’m at now.



I should also note that for battles 70,80,90 I did use 4 faction troops mythic and win those.

That was very tough and very slow so after that I’m just going to use any troop and focus on winning all fights.

It may get to hard to win and that is when I will stop at a level and go from there.

Did you go for “high risk - high reward” strategy or 100% one? I’m impatient and go for 85% and 95% instead, so my hoard is still at level 41 with 2 donations.

Also, Congrats for getting Scrooge McMoa achievement! ^^

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Well I just filled it until I ran out of treasures. I was lucky and found the mythic one and the legendary.

So luck does play a part in this game mode for sure.

It also seems like rewards are getting better as I go higher up in difficulty.

It’s all still new to me though and I’m really not sure what I’m aiming for in delves.


To win as always is the main goal of course.

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Keeping Hall of Guardians as low level as possible. Going All-Seeing Eye if I want to progress something (haven’t really yet, maybe when the Tuesday event rolls around if I have a lot of time, which doesn’t look good at this point). So long as I have one trivially farmable delve, and preferably have said delve be one that can roll ingots in multiples of 3 on level repeats. Because treasure multipliers are applied to each drop separately and the results are rounded separately, the 2.7 ish modifier you generally get from repeat full clears in Hall of Guardians generally offers much better ingot rewards (when you roll them, you get 3 per roll) than the 2.3ish modifier offered by repeat full clears of All-Seeing Eye (when you roll them, you get 2 per roll).

When a new faction enters, I’ll decide if it is easier or harder and/or offers more reward per time than my current delve. More than likely, I’ll just do whatever the faction event offers me for whatever delve I’m not “farming” and keep my “farming” delve to Hall of Guardians. If I have time to even participate in the faction event.

Remember, it only takes 17 days worth of delve scrolls to completely progress any given faction’s battles to the end, and we are getting factions about one per month. Even if you are so good that you can go all the way to 500 in a straight shot with the factions team at least once at 500 and without losing any troops once, if you are completing every delve scroll every day, you will eventually reach a point where you have to repeat high level delves for the same rewards as level 20 delves within about two months (not considering any faction event). Maybe you’ll have maxed renown in each of those factions by having also having a level 100 hoard and don’t care about leaving a bunch of ingots and a bunch of shards on the table by forefitting half a month of delves every month past this or are a masochist and would do the delves at level 500 full runs anyway. More likely is that you’ll sacrifice most your rewards just to be able to kill the boss and get significantly lower than what I’m getting at level 20 and hope you had enough hoard quality by then that your only have to worry about an extremely low modifier denying you some shards and ingots every run.

Do let me know what your one ingot per day is when you get there, though. If it is always legendary or above, or even just Epic and above, I could see some benefit to leveling a faction asap, at least to the point where I can clear with the faction’s team. I’d still want at least one easy one that I don’t level, though, and preferably not one that is going to have a new faction event associated with it, and preferably one that gives ingot drops in multiples of 3. So, you know, Hall of Guardians.

There is no evidence to suggest that the current level of your delve has anything to do with the rewards you get, only whether or not you increased your former current highest level, and that only matters for the starting modifier. I can parse out all the drops you got from the screenshot you posted above (4 mythic 4 legendary 12 chaos shards 77 glory 15400 gold in a level 5 chest).

A level 5 chest always rolls five drops. Every one of the 12 level 5 chest I’ve gotten across 4 accounts has done this predictably. (I’m not yet sure if lower chests roll less times and worse rewards each time, but it is looking like this may be the case)

Every drop always rounds to the nearest whole number. It rounds every step, even if you get multiple of the same drop. Always half up. (eg., 2x 1 legendary ingot drops with a 2.5 modifier = 6 ingots; 2x 3 shard drops with a 2.85 modifier = 18 shards)

Your base rewards were:

  • 1 Mythic Ingot
  • 1 Legendary Ingot
  • 3 Chaos Shards
  • 20 glory
  • 4k gold

And your treasure modifier was 3.85. Had you done the exact same delve with the exact same RNG, but it was a level repeat at your current highest level, no matter which level you are currently at, you’d have ended with a 2.85x multiplier gotten, total:

  • 3 mythic ingots
  • 3 legendary ingots
  • 9 shards
  • 57 glory
  • 11,400 gold

I can trace all of the base drops to getting the same drops multiple times opening level 5 chests. I’ve seen shards that can be explained at 3-6 base drops per roll, 4k base gold or a multiple of every time it drops, 20 base glory or a multiple of every time it drops, 1 base ingot or multiple of every time it drops. The same base rewards I’m getting at a level 30 delve. Or a level 20 one. I got these rewards from 3 consecutive repeats of Hall of Guardians at level 30.

(FYI, the animation you get when clicking to open the chest has nothing to do with how many of each drop is rolled. This will always show you 4 drops, regardless of chest, picked at random per type of drop and then repeating if it runs out of unique types. Eg., 4x 1 legendary ingot and 1x 3 shard will display the animation for 2 legendary ingots and 2 shards)


My second best chest for me: Delve Chest Level 7 at Hoard Quality Level 4. Forget to take screenshot that time I got level 8, but I think the reward is 120 Chaos shards and 7,000 gold, with Quailty level 2, around same multiplier.


My strategy for Delve right now is try to go with Fraction team and beat as much room as possible until level 100, then use my best counter team to beat all the room, if I can finish it without losing any troops, then I will try to progress higher. If not, it’s easier to just keep farming current level until my Hoard Level’s bonus stats catch up and let me go higher easier.

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What the All-Seeing Eye max modifier is 2.3? Nooooooooo I chose this Faction as my farm-delve…

It depends on the particular rooms you get, but ASE has one fewer room and a lower average rarity per room.

I didn’t take into account that Delves haven’t the same amount of rooms…
I will wait for the next Faction :-/.

I don’t understand why they wouldn’t make all the factions have the same amount of rooms…

From the map layout posted by Taran’s world, both new Fractions would have at least 9 rooms. That make All Seeing Eye the Fraction with less rooms out of all 4.


If the consensus is that you should not advance in your delves generally, isn’t the whole mode a terrible fail then?
Making a new complex(compared to the modes that already existed) mode that ends up with just being 20-30 more fluff battles that you pillage through to get easy fast rewards is just pointless.
If that holds true and farming low level delve is/will remain the optimal way to play it, i’ll immediately lose all interest in it.


Unless I am missing something (and it’s certainly possible, though I did try testing it), there is no way to ever go back a level in Delves. Which means for a small (1x) bonus you get a permanent difficulty increase. Make of that what you will.

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