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Best delves strategy

There is a rumor going about transform rework.
I rushed mine to 500, better safe than sorry :smiley:
Of course there are other strategies that work great, but this one was the quickest for me as I don’t have much time to play as I used to.


It is a great idea to boost your stats for pure faction team without overspending treasures and gold

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I hope they don’t. It’s gonna make Delves way less enjoyable if they change it. And I still feel challenged even when using Dragon’s Eye.


So winning battles and upgrading is good, got it. /s

I am looking for ideas, mistakes, or what worked, what didn’t, opportunity cost of failing 12+ times… Things such as don’t waste 5-15 runs on 300, only do 100 then 500, only do 200, do every 100 levels, and this is why. Just farm with the tries instead and spend the gold, etc, etc…

Crypt Keepers: Not too bad
All Seeing Eye: Okay
Hall of Guardians: Possible
Sea of Sorrow: Painful


I have no actual expirience so I can’t give you any advice :frowning: I tried it on level 300 only two times in Sea of Sorrow event, failed both times and moved on to finish as much levels while I still had some time to play.
@TheIdleOne has screenshots and theories in Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!

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Imo reaching 500 with faction only doesn’t worth it, exept for the achievement i will do it once but it doesn’t worth the time and effort and lot of gold and gems spent to do it for every faction


As a newbie I have a question: if I fully upgrade Dragon’s Eye and devs change the transform mechanism later, can I have all the Mythic Ingots refunded?

Not sure, but be prepared for that not to happen.

Technically, it won’t be a nerf if they fix the spawn’s stats. That’s a bug.


This would only benefit you in the factions in which the full faction team is the best option, which isn’t always the case… I have the feeling you’d be better off using those attempts farming delves to get treasures and upgrade your hoard instead, less painful to do and will help you more towards achieving level 500.


The line seems blurred here. There is no description about whether the Baby Dragon should be scaled with delve rooms. Other games normally provide refund when game mechanism changed (no matter it’s because of a bug of design change).

Y’all lied to me.

So what’s the new best strategy? Mountain Crusher?

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Totally untested and more of just an idea but I would bet on Trickster’s Shot + Ubastet

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In theory, Ubastet works a better with Earth’s Fury, but it have major survival problem. I’ve calculated that back when 4.0 version just released.

In practice, devour troop could scale very well, and very strong with skull creators. The Great Maw is the best candidate for Brown/Yellow Faction like Hall of Guardian/Sea of Sorrow.

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Have you considered something like gelatinous cube / weaver / alchemist / syl?

Only 50% chance for devour, but might get to devour more than once. Without Ubastet I was casting Dragon’s eye 4 times. With the cube that would average 2 devours.

I haven’t tried either Maw or Cube yet, maybe later today. I’m not a great fan of transforming to skulls in sigil modes, but could do it if the cube isn’t a good team.

Yep, tried it. Doesn’t really work. With my skull-spamming troop: The Great Maw/Alchemist/Archer-Dawnbringer/Wrath, reliablely devouring one troop is more than enough.

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You’d want to cast Trickster’s shot at least twice by my reckoning: first on the first enemy, since the Hunter’s Mark is most effective there. If Ubastet is full but the first enemy isn’t in OHKO range yet, cast Trickster’s Shot again on the biggest threat. The boost from the first cast should(?) take you in range with the second for Ubastet to do its thing.

Would like to see some numbers using TheIdleOne’s level 500 stats. If anyone has time.

Thanks. I see you even tried one with the weaver:

Gelatinous Cube/Bard-Dawnbringer/Arachnaean Weaver/Ubastet
Webbed troops are better to be devoured, but too much mana need make it too slow.

With Alchemist replacing dawnbringer it’s probably faster. But I tried my team above and your maw team in pvp, and even without the archer your team does seem better.

What of Mang and double Ysabella for Blue factions?


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