Best delves strategy


Just build a team around Dragon’s Eye.
It transforms enemy troops to level 12 Baby Dragon.

And teams from bellow
And a video ^

And another video on level 500

Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!

‘Best’ delve strategy? I would definitely agree that this is ‘a’ delve strategy.


Just 2 ideas, Hero is Titan of course


My best delve strategy is to scout ahead and do the battles that will not swing my troops around, then go back to the ones that might. Then I’m more guaranteed a usual solid team strategy. Easier :shrug:


Here are some teams that worked well for me.
I am at level 210 in HoG and 170 in ASE


Dragon’s Eye is super broken in delves. Is it functioning as intended?


Depends what you mean by ‘super broken’ :thinking:


Hi Drathas. The weapon transforms a random enemy into a baby Dragon, but the Dragon level seems to be static, so it’s instantly in one-shot range of anything. It doesn’t scale with the delve, the enemy level, your level, etc.

I’m now cruising through delves I was previously finding challenging. I know I don’t have to use it; I’m just wondering if the weapon is working as intended.


Its transforming an enemy into a Baby Dragon, so yes it is. Lets not get too picky about things for no real reason


It’s been working like that since it was released. Giant Toadstool and Night Hag also have the mechanic.
And with Ubastet it just runs trough delves :smiley:


I believe it’s because it’s a static (doesn’t change with casters magic stat) level 12 transform. Like Toadstool and Night Hag as someone else mentioned.

I just tested in PvP, transform the enemy troop into level 12 Baby Dragon.
Night Hag pic for reference, I bet for somereason the devs have written ‘lvl 12’ on one card and not others.


Thank you. I wish they’d get more specific and consistent on their cards. Like when Magic switched over to Oracle text - this game needs something like that.

Even the most recent legend introduced yet another word for destroy (or kill, or assassinate, and more!), slay. We don’t need “cool new terms.” We need consistency.


Totally agree with your points on consistency of wording, would makes things a lot simpler and easier to understand/expect what a spell might do.


And it works on level 500