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Delve Questions

Hey gang,

Can anyone help me understand exactly what benefits I am getting when I:

  1. Increase my treasure multiplier when fighting battles in delves? No idea on what this does.
  2. I receive a chest level upgrade after a delve battle? Is this a direct correlation to the number of types of loot I get after the delve?
  3. Increase the hoard quality with treasure cards? Is that a straight mutiplier applied to all the various loots?

Also, can anyone who has lost a delve tell me what happens? Do delves reset back to level 20 or do they stay there like Boss Raid levels? If they do not reset, what do you guys do? Do you still receive loot if you lose. Do you intentionally run away to avoid leveling the delve?

Thanks in advance.

  1. That multiplier is a bonus to the gold, souls, and glory you get when you finish a room. I don’t believe it is applied to your chest.
  2. Think of chest levels like the guild chest levels. Every level of chest has a different pool of prizes, and higher levels are better prizes.
  3. This is where I’m not sure. I think the quality multipliers are applied to the chest, not the room bonuses. I say this because as far as I know ingots aren’t part of the rewards for clearing rooms, but are part of the quality multipliers.

If you lose, you open your chest at the current level. Your Delve level remains at the last level you defeated. So let’s say your highest level is 40.

  • If you take the level 30 and lose, you remain at level 40.
  • If you take the level 40 and lose, you remain at level 40.
  • If you take the level 50 and lose, you remain at level 40.

There is no way to go back more than 10 levels, and no way to change your “current” Delve level. If you are at level 40 and win the level 30, you will still stay at level 40. If you don’t want to level the Delve, you should:

  • Run away before the boss room of the +10 Delve (better multiplier, but you sacrifice chest levels.)
  • Don’t do the +10 Delve. (Lower room multiplier, but that doesn’t impact your ingots/Chaos Shards).

I’d argue it’s better to avoid the +10 Delves. Rooms never give you ingots or Chaos Shards, and by the time you have 10 quality the boss room is worth +3 chest levels.

Oh my god… you are wrong even on the first question. Here is the quote from Help Center.

Room Treasure Multiplier

The Room Treasure Multiplier increases the amount of rewards you receive from Delve Chests.

I want to answer RetroDaddy as well, but I’m not sure I’m qualified to do that, so I don’t and wait for someone else who know better.

How about you do the same next time you’re unsure? Now you’re just making OP confused. Didn’t you read my message for you in the other post?!

In the meantime, RetroDaddy, I recommend you to read this.


Step it back a little bit. You can tell someone they are wrong without telling them to stop posting. I am wrong on a detail of the first question.“I don’t believe” isn’t a statement with a strong sense to it. I used that phrasing as a signal of, "I don’t know this for sure but someone else will correct. You could’ve said, “Hey it actually does apply to the chest.”

Instead you pop up like a sea lion all “OMG U R WRONG MAN JEEZ LRN 2 POST”. Cool it. I don’t even know what “the other post” is, believe it or not I do something other than “playing Gems of War” in my day and saw this before I finished looking at tabs. That all right with you?

From now on I’ll DM you a draft of every post I intend to make so you can proofread them.

Thanks regardless Slypenslyde. I appreciate the effort. It’s a new thing for all of us, so there’s bound to be a margin of error. I’m REALLY hoping the delve levels reset weekly. I’m not at a point of no return (currently 110 for Halls), but had I understood this better I certainly wouldn’t have driven it up even this far. I’m glad theres finally a way to secure legendary and mythic ingots, but I can’t say I’m not disappointed with the mechanics of the event. It makes no sense that the chest upgrades percentages drop along with the increasing difficulty. So we work harder for less when we could have just abused the system for a better gain. We’ll have to wait and see.

Sorry to say, but they don’t reset weekly.


Thanks to everyone so far with the help in this thread. Maybe it can help you understand as well @RetroDaddy.

They sure helped me.

Good luck. :+1:


Well that’s unfortunate…

That’s a tough break. I’m certainly past the point of no return on the hall of Guardians.

I didn’t even get all the faction troops before it was too late.

Be sure you repeat difficulties for a long time until you get a faction team that can get some wins. Then slowly work up from there getting a faction team win at the current level before moving up.

Hall of guardians is broken at this point for me. I wish I understood it better.

It won’t be like that forever, but you’ll need to play at other factions until you can get Treasures to invest in Hall of Guardians to gain more stats bonus during Delves and extra rewards. It’ll take a while, but maybe the upcoming delves will be better for farming so don’t worry. Try your best given the situation.

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Thanks. Only myself to blame. Haven’t touched the other one so I’ll start there tomorrow but be smarter.

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