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Looking for delve team suggestions

So far I have a pretty decent team for Crypt Keeper delves involving Elemaugrim and Megavore. I have that up to about level 280 or so. I could use some advice for teams on the other two.

I especially could use some help for Hall of Guardians. I’ve been using just my regular divine team of Divine Protector, Infernus, Skadi, Divine Ishbala. The team does pretty well up to 160 or so. The problem is in the last battle, I can’t kill quickly enough and quite often the Gargoyle one shots something.

For All-Seeing Eye, I’ve been working with Stonehammer, Yao Guai, Abynissia, Famine. Stonehammer tanks, stuns, creates red gems for Yao Guai, and is immune to deathmark. Abynissia generates mana and provides a summon for when things go wrong. Yao Guai is, of course, the source of damage and Famine… doesn’t really do much. Mostly just his trait every turn.

I’ve been doing ASE lately and I’ve already finished CK. HoG has had me thinking for a while now given its tendency towards obliterating things with the Gargoyle, and I am liking Entangle as a solution to that.

I’d suggest checking out this post.



I’ve seen the topic, but there’s very little in the way of teams with over 500 posts to sift through. I’ve also watched Tacet’s videos and seen him use one team for everything, but I don’t have an Arachnean Weaver. Also, I generally stick to whatever hero class I’m leveling to avoid spending gems, currently Sunspear which does not have the benefit of barrier on brown. I’m currently missing 13 mythics, not including Sacred Treasure or Zuul’Goth. I do not yet have Dawnbringer, though when I get 1 million souls, I will craft it immediately.

To sum it up, Yao Guai + Yasmine’s Pride work great in both All Seeing Eye and Crypt Keeper at all level. Lord Ironbeard is a great tank in ASE for double skulll damage.

Hall of Guardian is tricky. Pre-Level 300, Glaycion + Infernus can work pretty well, especially with Bard. Post-Level 300, the only great team I have is The Great Maw + Archer-Dawnbringer, to quickly devour Gargoyle. DB is only there to protect Maw, so any barrier/healing troop might also work, it’s Archer’s Entangle-first-troop Talent that is important here.

I am at level 220 on All-Seeing Eye and have only lost one battle so far. I use Stonehammer, Naga Queen, Yao Gui and Azura with the Occularen banner. They all synergize together quite well, especially Naga Queen and Yao. Stonehammer is just there to take a beating. I fight every battle, except for the ones that change the order. This is where my one loss occurred, and I have since steered clear from that. It is definitely getting tougher, but mainly only during the last Boss battle.

I am also still looking for a good HOG team (I use the same one too) so I will be coming back here and seeing what people offer up. Good luck!