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Reverting Delve

I quickly risen all three Delve locations level up to 100+, and started to have problems with my best teams.

And only then I noticed category “Best Delve with Faction team”. Aww.

Well, right now it means “zero level for faction team”, because I haven’t them good enough to save me for the whole Delve on these levels.

Is there the way to revert Delve to zero? I am aware of Events, but I missed two of them, and for third I wasn’t aware about faction troops anyway. :expressionless:

I expected that Delve will lose the levels if I’ll try lesser delves than current - same way as level risen when I try higher level - but it doesn’t work this way. Well, at least, doesn’t work for Delve if I am run from it.

So - how?

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You can’t revert a faction to a lower level.

Your best bet is using faction events to get your best faction delve renown points.


I suspected it, actually, so put it in the “requests” and not “questions”.

Can Delve be made revertable then? I believe, it’s fair, as you get half of Delve worth for such act anyway. It could be exploited with endless credit, as stalling the same level as “0.5+2” gives better outcome than “1+1”, but as we have only 3 credits per day, it’s quite niche and harmless.

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At first I thought & posted: this was an oversight by the Developers (most likely), or it was a purposely trap for new players (very unlikely).

However after 2ish weeks of complete silence combined with the fact that in Bounty the player CAN select their difficulty (1-20) after every battle. This must have been the plan all along is to trap new players into progressing too far thereby blocking their progress from rewards forcing them into the shop.

Still hoping we get a post stating something like. Oops Delves will be modified in the next update (3 months) to allow the player to set their difficulty back -10 or something to that effect.

@Smiling_Spectre1 for the time being your stuck. But my advise is do NOT progress the next Delve when released beyond 20 and always keep a low level one you can complete.


Same problem here.

Did delves to get the fraction units and now the fraction units are too ***** to do the current Delve Lvl. Very funny.
Delve was interesting for the first three days, feels very grindy now - and, because of the issues - unrewarding. I´m not even sure how to keep on. I can´t blue orb all fraction cards from green to mythic.

Main problem for me is those delve events. You get same points for lvl 20 and lvl 200. Stupid. You should either up the rewards on higher lvls to make it worth the effort or give us ability to choose freely like in the bounty events. And please, make bounty events more frequent :slight_smile:

Here is mostly everything we have figured out so far and some of the better ways to handle the delves.


Each faction event you will get a chance to use the faction team again because you will start over at level 20 each time.

Good luck.

You will get the hang of it. :+1::+1: