Highest possible Factions without going over 100 (Price is Right rules)

Recently, I had a conversation with a developer who for their for protection will be referred to as Pafka (old school SNL joke). To the best of my knowledge…I do not believe it is POSSIBLE to get most Factions to 2500 with a hoard quality of only 100. I know it’s possible for Crypt Keepers and Primal Rift. But it’s only fair that I do my due diligence and research the matter. So what I’m requesting is a SS of your highest faction with a hoard quality of 100. If Crypt Keepers or Primal Rift is your highest then please post your second highest.

What I ask that doesn’t happen (but I know it will happen):

  • A debate about difficulty of Delves
  • Strategy talk about Delves
  • Long winded novels that only contain 5% of the OP topic
  • A random troll trying to derail the thread
  • The OP getting attacked because you don’t like me. That’s unfortunate, but we will both be okay. I promise you that.

This thread is intended to be valuable feedback and a quick reference to the devs. Because I believe there’s a serious disconnect between what’s possible and what’s impossible in regards to the delves. I realize not every player uses the forums. But I do believe that truly the best players who don’t cheat can be found on here. Therefore, if the best can’t do it, it surely isn’t possible for the other 99% of the player base.

Thank you in advance.


For example purposes.

(Because I know there’s definitely higher than this for this Faction. But it’s my personal highest besides CK & PR.🤷)

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Nothing else for me I’m afraid. All my hoards are at 100 except Fang Moor on 103 because I @$%!ed up my quality while I was leveling it.


I fully agree with the OP. I recently had similar conversations.
I’m very discouraged that we have players with multiple delves with 500lvl faction win (not counting Crypt Keepers and Primal Rift) with hoard level 100 or less and sometimes even with not traited faction troop on defense and they are not banned.
I do not believe it is possible. At all.


Your second highest faction is only 2100-2300?

I don’t really try to beat delves with factions teams (after doing it at level 100 to ascend the pet once) and especially since devs mentioned a rework but these are my highest scores. Bit random the 160 and 170, sure :slight_smile:

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All Seeing Eye can be done to at least 300 with hoard 100
Hall of Guardians can be done to at least 300 with hoard 100
Crypt Keepers can be done to 500 with hoard 100
Sea of Sorrow can be done to at least 200 with hoard 100
Primal Rift can be done to 500 with hoard 100
The Warrens can be done to at least 200 with hoard 100
Fang Moor can be done to at least 200 with hoard 100

I’m sure it could go a few notches higher for most of them, but I only really care about the breakpoints and nothing inbetween.


Can…or has been done?

both. fillertext

Not that I don’t believe you. But the whole point of this thread is to provide picture proof of what has been done legitly. Cause on PC/Mobile, players are able to cheat their way to a high renown despite having a hoard of 100. Many have been banned already.

All Seeing Eye: It wasn’t that difficult, took me like 4? tries at Hoard 100. Sadly, TimeKnight did his at 111 (no shame to that actually), but doesn’t qualify for this topic. No screenshot available.
Hall of Guardians: Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!
Crypt Keepers: Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!
Sea of Sorrow: A few people have done it, myself included, but no screenshot available. (Its only 200 after all)
Primal Rift: Highest possible Factions without going over 100 (Price is Right rules)
The Warrens: Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!
Fang Moor: Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!

Idle is a beast so i believe him also i think there is no way to cheat delve on xbox


I definitely wasn’t saying anything or implying anything otherwise.
Alas, evidently this individual who isn’t even level 1k is more beastly than even @TheIdleOne it appears. :thinking:

Because there was a ticket I don’t think I’m allowed to say anything more than… The individual is still playing GoW and has not been banned at the time of this post.


Just to add more info about the previous post… He not only completed All-Seeing Eye with Hoard level not higher than 89, not-traited Xerodar, but also missed so many troops that he had 2 less magic and 10 less attack than end-gamers with maximum kingdom power levels.
I’m literally shocked that he still not banned.

They either can’t find how they are cheating (allegedly) or they are a high enough VIP that the player is immune to bans. I’ve heard too many reports of people buying out of bans not to believe it’s true. I call it VIP Immunity. Like Diplomatic Immunity. The rules don’t apply to them.

So im VIP lv 15, i am safe from ban?

Maybe. Give it a try and see what happens.

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Regardless of what is alleged or claimed in this thread, I want to be clear on the fact that players are not able to purchase or buy their way out of a ban. There are times when we will investigate an account further, or offer a player a second chance after they’ve been banned due to specific circumstances that do not affect leaderboards, but it is very rare.

Being a high level VIP does not offer a player a get out of jail free card when it comes to hacking the game. This is true even if you have heard otherwise, as it is our company policy.

Anytime a player is reported to us we investigate. If they are not banned, they have not been found cheating.

We are still in the process of investigating the Delve difficulty, as we stated on the last Developer Q&A.

Please be careful in this thread to not violate our community guidelines, specifically the section that details callouts. If a player in here is found doing so, we will act accordingly. Please be civil and treat each other with respect.


Salty is right, VIP level gets you nothing but the in game bonus.
If they couldnt be bothered to give the deserved 1500 guild war gems to a vip level 13 player then thats your proof.
Piss poor customer service imo, but now you know vip doesnt get you anything.

I can post images, if useful, but I figure I won’t be the highest. All my Hoards are level 100 (one at 101), and I haven’t really tried to push Pure Faction yet. But here’s my best pure Faction levels, so far:

  • All-Seeing Eye: 100
  • Crypt Keepers: 80
  • Fang Moor: 0
  • Hall of Guardians: 200
  • Primal Rift: 200
  • Sea of Sorrow: 100
  • The Warrens: 100