At what Hoard Level did you do The Labyrinth All-Faction lv.500? (Potionless)

…and did you feel luck was still needed at the hoard level you were at?

I don’t have much treasures left, and need to weight my options. Thanks for your input!

@Eika, unless you’re hell-bent on doing all delves without potions, maybe you’ll want to wait a little bit to see what changes the next faction update brings later this month. I can understand if you’ve done all the other factions that way and respect wanting continuity. However, there seems like a different way coming down the pike if you want to use potions in-delve.

Looking at the upcoming events schedule, I’m making an educated guess that the new update will be aiming to come out the week of the 27th as that’s when the new All Seeing Eye troop is scheduled to drop with weekend faction events starting over in release order/


Thanks for your input. I had a many months break and today I just started looking at the 2-3 I have yet to max. And realized that this will most likely be deadly frustrating.

I think I will wait for the update to save me from more frustration.

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Afaik this is one of the hardest to do potionless. Save your treasures.

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hmm, only alternative consideration I have is, how many times has an update made something easier versus how many times it has made it more difficult?

My hoard lvl was 276 when i completed the potionless run. It took me about 2 weeks worth of tries (3*14 = 42 attempts). i think i got pretty lucky too considering i got a room that applied death mark when doing skull damage and got some lucky death mark procs on the final room.


@ekkusu wow, the fact that u also needs to have a ton of luck even at those higher hoard levels tells me that something is so out of balanced that I want to scream like a new born child at the hospital…

Thanks for sharing your traumatic experience with this faction, because it is close to it.

It is a hard one. I am not even thinking about pure faction. There are multiple places where your team can get scrambled

My hoard is currently 202 and my last attempts where nowhere near any form of success (or any form of fun actually). I’m now waiting on the delve update before I sink more energy in there.

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Good to know, thanks!

I have done it twice, both runs at 276+50%. Both runs were done the short route, without doing Draakulis room. I got clips on my channel if you want some inspiration.