Only pure faction

Hei.i just wanted to make this post for only pure faction. Like how many gold to throw minimum.and that it works.
And which teams is the best.
Like crypt i did with horde 180.
But the other one’s pleas do share.
Thanks :grin::ok_hand:

Hey! :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe check out:


(This last one is a massively long thread, although it does also have some good links attached to it).


Thanks for the link and info jonathan :sunglasses::ok_hand:
For the new faction team. Pure faction. you can get away with horde 100 2x chief dragon and 2x horned asp in delve 150. Works nice.

I take note when people share their successful stories. Credit to theidleone and someone whose name i forgot :stuck_out_tongue:


lol, thanks. If only I haven’t been so down on The Warrens and Fang Moor.

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