Hoard Optimization

The new Faction is here! I’ve been waiting for so long, and have been preparing for it. I have saved some of the Chaos Shards and Treasures so I can reach Hoard Level 100 and Hoard Quailty Level 10 in the first hour!

Here is the data, and how I did it. I hope this can be useful for everyone! :grinning:

Step 1 : Portal Opening

Here is the resource I have been saving up. Noted that this is coming from just progressing (and losing a lot :sweat_smile:) and buying only minimum tier (0-4) in the events (including the current one, for new weapon)


That mean I get to open the Portal 5,680 ÷ 20 = 284 times!

Here is what I got from it!! :yum:


By calculating the chance, this is their percentage…


  • Coin Purse - 24 - 8.45%
  • Gold Ring - 61 - 21.48%
  • Priest’s Chalice - 41 - 14.44%
  • King’s Crown - 17 - 5.99%
  • Genie’s Lamb - 11 - 3.87%
  • Sacred Treasure - 2 - 0.70%


  • Rare - 64 - 22.54%
  • Ultra-Rare - 43 - 15.14%
  • Epic - 16 - 5.63%
    (minus one from Tier 3 bought)
  • Legendary - 5 - 1.76%

Now, I’m ready to upgrade my hoard!! :sunglasses:

Step 2 : Plan Calculation

Now, this part is tricky. It’s depended on your goal and how much Treasures/gold you have. If you’re low on Treasures or want to save higher-tier Treasures to go past Hoard Level 100, you might want to spam a lot of Gold Rings at first. As for me, I’m still not convinced about the benefits of going beyond the renown requirement, so I try to get both Hoard Level 100 and Quailty Level 10 in just 9 donations and using less gold!

I have make some Excel file for calculation on laptop. You guys can download on use it here. (Not sure how would it work on mobile) Just edit the grey cells, the formula will take care of the rest!

Here is my calculation that fit my plan!


Step 3 - Executing the Plan

Lower-tier combinations have to go first to minimize the cost increasing by Hoard Level.

Clueless about creating a formula in Excel, so I have to manually note it down from the game instead.

Let’s see how much is the gold cost! :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Priest’s Chalice x5 - 4,000
  2. Priest’s Chalice x5 - 24,000
  3. Priest’s Chalice x5 - 34,000
  4. Priest’s Chalice x5 - 41,000
  5. Genie’s Lamb x3 + Gold Ring x1 - 37,600
  6. Genie’s Lamb x3 + Gold Ring x1 - 49,600
  7. Genie’s Lamb x3 + Gold Ring x1 - 58,400
  8. Genie’s Lamb x3 + Gold Ring x1 - 67,200
  9. Sacred Treasure x2 - 37,200

The combined cost is… 353,000 gold! Not bad for the monthly spent!

Edit : Finally get around to actually create a formula for it. Just enter the letter of Treasures on each updates, and info about level reach/gold cost/leftover XP will be instantly available! :sunglasses:



Update : Personally, I have found this upgrade method to be the best one. You can try it! :grinning:


And… I’m done. Thanks for reading my (un)usually long(er) post, everyone! :laughing:


Here’s a few more values for you:
coin purse x23
genie lamp x8
gold ring x55
king crown x14
chalice x37
sacred treasure x5

rares 75
ultra-rares 33
epics 21
legendaries 5

Perhaps my RNG was better, i got 5 treasures from 276 openings

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Dang, you used both of your Sacred Treasures already. I hope you know what you’re doing? or don’t have a long term goal…

Congrats! I think? I can’t tell what’s a good pull amount yet.

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As I said in the post…

Maybe someday I will go beyond Hoard Level 100. But right now? I will just use what I have, I can get them more later.

I used 3 of my 6 sacreds to get SoS to 100/10 :smiley: I was hoping i had 4 left over for a D team but…

I personally hate getting Sacred Treasures myself… still trying to get the legendary but it is going to be the worst for the later levels. Unlike the other delves, you need to go through 4 rooms instead of 3.

I’ve been thinking that it’s best to use lower rarity treasures - e.g. 5 x Gold Ring (especially since you get so many of them) - to increase hoard quality to begin with (if that’s your first goal). The lower rarity treasures have a much higher chance:exp ratio. This means that you have a greater chance of leveling up your hoard quality without skyrocketing the level, which increases the gold cost of adding treasures.

That being said, if you were going for both (EDIT: maximum) hoard level and quality (which you were, to an extent), then Sacred Treasures all the way it is :slight_smile:

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Nope, that just two extreme end. My plan is to find the middle ground by calculation. Everything is not that simple.

Spamming Gold Rings are good for quick Hoard Quality upgrade, but you waste gold with every failed attempt. And you’ll be pretty far from Hoard Level 100 when you’re done with Quailty, so you have to waste even more gold just to get more renown points.

Spamming Sacred Treasure will get Hoard Level up way too fast, so you’ll end up beyond Hoard Level 100 before maxing Quailty level, so you have to waste a big amount of gold to catch up.

I think, based on my calculation, only 2 Sacred Treasures are more than enough to get both Quailty and Level to desired goal at the same time.

It just happened to make me laugh :joy:


Thanks for the great guide!

  1. Someday we might get a faction that is difficult to get to level 500 even without using the faction team. Maybe there’s two colors that don’t support Dragon’s Eye very well, though I haven’t checked this. Or maybe the rules change, or the weapon itself changes.

  2. Getting to 300 or 500 with the faction team can be difficult.

For both of the above reasons, I might want to increase a faction’s hoard level far above 100. While I agree with Timeknight in this thread and others that this might have a poor cost/benefit ratio, even without changes to the game there might come a time where I find it worthwhile.

I’m fine spending a couple million gold per month. So with each new faction, I add all of my coin purses first. I’m saving the least common treasures for a high hoard level.


Same. I spend all of my low rarity treasures then go to higher ones. Gold can be farmed unlimitedly. Treasures cant

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I don’t think that will ever happened. There are a bunch of scaling weapons/troops that make it possible even with low stats. I even think it’s possible to beat Delve Level 500 with Hoard Level 0, but no one would want to try that. :smile:

Also, weapons are not restricted by color, so all weapons will be available everywhere. Although, personally, I can’t count current Dragon’s Eye as a strategy.

My limit at Hoard Level 100 is not set in stone. Once I found the Factions that is close to impossible to beat Delve Level 500 with Faction team, I’ll sure go higher with my remaining Treasure. But for now, all of them might be good enough.

Do you actually think any of them are beatable with the Faction team at Delve Level 500 with Hoard Level 100 ? I highly doubt its possible (so far).

All Seeing Eye’s Ocularen Leech steals too much attack and Ocularen or Xerodar’s spell can self-loop chain kill you.

Hall of Guardian’s Gargoyle will demolish you in one cast.

Crypt Keeper’s Spectral Knight True Damage will make very quick work of you.

Mershark has a 50% start and is completely unblocked in color while dealing true splash damage.

If there was a way to allow them to collect 0 mana then yeah it’d be possible, but with the way this game is built, even the best defensive plays won’t protect you from denying mana from all of their troops forever. They’re really not meant to be done at Hoard 100 at Delve 500.


I’m not completely sure, but I think it’s possible, given enough tries. And I’m intended to prove that.

Stats can only help you so much, the luck from board control mattter more. So, if the board is right and I could loop them enough or kill their main offensive troop quickly, there might be a small chance.

Can’t say anything about Sea of Sorrow yet, gonna have to experience it more.

So far, I can beat the first room at Level 500 without casualties, then get owned in the middle room from endless bad cascade. So it might be just possible to beat the last room with just one offensive Gargoyle. (even with much more stats…?)

Two cast from Ethereal Sentry can give an undamaged troop 300+ attack stats, and become a semi-Mang that can kill anything in 3-5 turns (when stunned). And they mostly have the most important troops on top, so good board can really shift the difference.

Also, I get a bit crazy and create my own non-mythic Mythic treasure! :crazy_face: I really recommend NOT doing this.

It’s not in vain though, as now I can say with certainly that you won’t lose your Treasures by doing mass-disenchanting


Yeah, my “Disenchant all” button will stay at 270 soul no matter how many times I click it, the same amount for manually-disenchanting my extra Gold Rings; (31-4) x 10

This should alse applied to all 6 Treasures. So to all players who are saving for Dawnbringer, but worries about losing Treasures, worry no more!

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Outside of the coin purse (Which, when compared to the gold ring, is like a Legendary of itself), I have all the treasures mythic because why not? Did waste 5 genie lamps, 15 King’s crowns, 40 Priest’s Chalices and 90 Gold Rings for that (and 190 Coin purses when that arrives) so…


I just updated the excel calculation file, with much more data available. You guys can download it here. Only data in grey cells are required, the rest will calculate itself! :sunglasses:

New data including…

  • Data about maximum level possible to reach with all available Treasures (up to Level 1,000!)
  • Leftovers XP, to be even more efficient when upgrading the hoard.
  • Hoard updating simulator calculation!! 9 customizable upgrade available, with all info about level reached/gold cost/leftover XP along the way.

With this, it’s possible now to precisely predict the cost for reaching Hoard level 1,000. It’s a bit tricky, as I only have 9 steps, but you can still note down and edit start-up hoard level/leftover XP and combining gold cost to get there.

The reason I don’t include more than 9 steps is… I don’t know how to do it efficiently. :sweat_smile: I didn’t use any fancy formulas, but simple ones with multiple steps, manually. You can see multiple needlessly complex formulas hiding everywhere on the file. So, 9 is the best I can do right now…

Hope this will be useful to someone, especially when the new Faction is available! :grinning:



You, Sir, are amazing! And a little scary :wink:

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Hes like my old math teacher that said math tried to scare him, so that’s what keep he interested.

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Does anyone know how many shards it takes on average to get enough treasures to take hoard to lv200? I’m guessing it’s around 13k but would be good to know more accurately.

Also, based on that number how many of each treasure would you get on average?

I’m just trying to get a rough idea of how many of each treasure I should use to take my current hoard from 0 to 200. I know I could just use lamps and sacred treasures but I would rather use all treasures that I get. (I’m not worried too much about upgrading via the cheapest gold amount)

My estimate is currently:

CP - 50
GR - 150
PC - 87
KC - 40
GL - 20
SC - 5

This will get you to exactly lv200 but I’m not sure if that resembles the average # of treasures you get. Anyone kept any stats from portal openings?