Dripping Caverns PF 500 without potions

Did anyone do this? If yes, what was your hoard level, team, and strategy? I am pet blocked on Grosh-Nak and would like to get an idea how difficult this is.

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298 + 50% from kingdom levels.

I like to think I am somewhat good pure faction grinder but this one really turned out pretty darn tough! The boss room is just plain brutal, all things considered.

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I did things a little bit differently: Hoard 259 (+50% from Kingdom Power); Squid/Shog/Squid/Shog as my team in that order.

It’s not easy, but it does have a straightforward “strategy”: Prioritize blue gems to fill your team and deny a mirror team mana, fire off Shoggorath as often as possible for the True Damage and because you’re hoping for Enraged to hit your tank to help your skull damage. If the other team’s tank isn’t Enraged, you can probably eat a couple of skull bashes if that lets you fill your own troops.

You don’t have the ability to target a particularly obnoxious enemy troop with extreme prejudice; as such, your concern is trying to win as quickly and brutally as possible as opposed to sniping something that agitates you.

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Hoard 199 + 50 %
2x Rock Squid/2x Shoggorath.

I was trying this delve on and off (not every sigil every day) about five, six months ago; unfortunately, I do not remember anymore what the middle rooms were.
SStrategywise, listen to what @Kezef says. That’s about what I would advise, too.


Hoard Lvl: 250 - Kingdom Lvl: 14 - Medals: 3x Nysha or 3x Orpheus - Artefact Lvl: 5 (3 Atk - 10 Def - 5 HP - 2 Mag)

Hoard Lvl: 250 - Kingdom Lvl: 14 - Medals: 3x Nysha - Artefact Lvl: 6 (3 Atk - 15 Def - 5 HP - 2 Mag)

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Okay, this is starting to get as brutal as others suggest.

So far, I already have 4 (I believe) failed attempts :frowning:

I started with Rock Squid / Shoggorath / Rock Squid / Shoggorath with hoard level 243 (or so) twice and only made to the boss room once. In this attempt could not maintain the whole team.

Then, I bumped my hoard to 309 and tried once more with the above team, could not even make to the boss room. In my final attempt of the day, I changed the team to:
Rock Squid / Shoggorath x 3 (I will explain why)
But could not bring the whole team to the boss room either.


  • It is brutal not being able to know (for sure) which gems will be destroyed / removed / etc. and rely on your guts (or try to keep track of this). How difficult would that be for the devs to actually reflect this information (e.g., before you cast, it already shows the bonus for Rock Squid; they could have added the information on that e.g., green gems would be removed).
  • Due to destroy / explode / removes, this faction has way more randomness than I imagined. For example, enemy Ochre Jerry cast (which will happen, I assure you!) can either make you win or lose, just like that.
  • I started using 3 Shoggorath in my last attempt (and will continue to do so I think) because the tank, other than 50% damage reduction, is completely useless. It barely gains any armor from the cast, so casting only costs you important mana. It also mana-blocks Shoggorath for blue, making it more difficult to actually deal damage to the enemy. Also 3 Shoggorath increases your chances that your first troop will be enraged after a cast, although this is another total randomness.
  • Even getting to the boss room with full team is brutal in this faction. I have yet to face an “easy” path. Although in theory, you should be able to “silence” the first and fourth troop indefinitely, you cannot rely on this since you can starve for mana to fill Shoggorath or face an impervious troop (e.g., Ancient Golem). Alternatively, you can face the dwarves where the lady fills twice and kills one of your Shoggorath before you could silence her. One of the paths include a room that deals triple damage to blue troops, which works great! Again, super randomness and traps everywhere.

I will keep trying and updating but I will see if I get luckier. In the meanwhile, if you have any suggestions, please let me know!


Finally done with this, took another 3 attempts today.

First attempt:

  • Got the perfect path. Dark Cabalt and Corrupted Altar. If you are ever lucky enough to get these rooms, do a dance because it is almost guaranteed that you will make to the boss room with full team with very little effort. And this happened, indeed. Then, things on the boss room was also going fine, until…
  • Enemy Jelly casts, enrages their first troop, which also does a skull crazy on my Rock Squid killing it. All good, I still manage to reduce them to Jelly with 3 Shoggorath left, or at least I thought so. The Jelly single-handedly took all three Shoggorath. I was starving to blue and purple like crazy while Jelly would keep getting skull sky fall and casts over and over. So, an amazing start, goes to nothing. I almost broke my phone at this point.

Second attempt: I exchanged one of the Shoggorath with Jelly, hoping that randomness will help me. Well, guess what, second room and it was over already; it did not help (also did not get a good path either).

Third attempt: not the easiest path but not the worst either. Icy Coven and Mushroom Grove. In Icy Coven, watch out for the wolf since you won’t be able to silence it immediately. It will hunter mark Rock Squid, which might be tricky. I was super lucky because the enemy kept not getting skull matches for whatever reason. In Mushroom Grove, the only randomness comes from explosions, but that is not a huge deal if you can act fast and silence the first and the fourth troop before the party starts. Anyhow, finally made to the final room with the whole team and this time I was lucky with wish gem explosions, enemy Jelly cast, etc. and it finally happened.

Overall, definitely the worst faction on my list without potions so far. Never imagined that I would struggle a PF run this much where there is a true damage troop and with hoard level 309. I recently did Frostfire Keep with hoard level 309 as well and although it was also not a smooth sailing, it was nothing close to this one.

Additional suggestions for the other mad people in the future :slight_smile:

  • You have to keep denying to enemy light (for not filling Jelly) in the boss room, as much as you can. Believe me, you don’t want that randomness.
  • You must get lucky to clear this faction, and multiple times. With the path, with gem drops. The enemy will pretty much starve you to death for blue and purple gems since their troops will keep eating these gems (since that is the most that you use), so replenishing these is not an easy task.
  • If you have high-level hoard, I still think Rock Squid / 3 x Shoggorath is the most optimal team.
  • Don’t cast Shoggorath whenever you have it. If there are additional purple / blue to fill more Shoggorath, keep getting them since you might start starving at some point. Also, you want to have a chance to keep enraging your Rock Squid, so ideally, you want to: cast Shoggorath, use enraged Rock Squid, and cast Shoggorath, etc. Easier said than done for sure, but you get the idea.

Oh and the most important suggestion: wait for the right Tuesday and do this with potions :rofl:

Good luck!


Good job. So I am not the only one who felt this is a nightmare. Wyrmrun on the other hand… that is just silly. I have made to the boss room so many times that I stopped counting, but I just can’t get lucky enough.

Thanks. Also, I cannot imagine what a RNG show Wyrmrun turned into with the actual traits. I did this with potions during the release when they had to roll back the traits so that it was a smooth sailing. Good luck to you!

Oh I have done it both with potions and potionless, back when the traits were the easy ones. I am just trying this with these current traits, as there isn’t much else interesting to do tbh.

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