Easiest delve to complete with delve team

Dear communtiy,

I’m trying to get the achievement for completing a delve with it’s own team. Is there any overview concerning the minimum requirements of the treasure hoard (or stats in general) to be able to beat a level 500 delve?

My level is nearly 1250 and most treasure hoards are around level 100. I got some thousand shards but I’m not sure which hoard is best to level concerning the goal described above.

Hopefully you can help me out :slight_smile:

Thanks & with regards Garland

I would vote for Amanithrax. My guild had only completed Blue and Green Basic tasks, and my hoard was at 134. I did have Zaejin at 14 power level. I ran Mushroom Man (died first room tho) and 3 King Gobtruffles. I suppose 4 Kings would have worked as well, especially if you luck out like I did and don’t have to face Legendary or Epic rooms on the way.

I also completed Silver Necropolis and Primal Rift without potions, but Amanithrax was the least stressful of the three. Primal Rift required getting Treant in 1st position, which can take awhile. Silver Necropolis required a lot of luck in keeping enemy Vanya from casting more than twice.


I’d also add The Wild Court to the mix.

Using Wild Knight is similar to any event where you have a hero with the Rock Solid talent, and I was able to beat the faction with pretty minimal investment.


I completed Amanithrax with hoard 100 using 4xGobtruffle. No medals, no potions, no kingdom bonus. Add a Medal of Anu for quicker starts and you should get it soon enough. Load up more than one Gobtruffle before firing the first one, so you can loop it.


I also say Amanithrax. It does take a little luck, but having medals & at least 25% faction bonus from the kingdom makes it doable without potions.


Amanithrax was my first 2500. The loops created by King gobtruffle and some luck will handle it.

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thanks for the quick replies!

It seems that I already have 50% hoard stat bonus for Amanithrax :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a try right after finishing my current delve

with regards Garland

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The easiest is to do it on event weekends or Tuesday so you can use potions.