Pure Faction 500 strategy help for Frostfire Keep without potions

I would like to attempt pure faction 500 run for Frostfire Keep without potions. Are there any players that managed to do this without ridiculous amount of luck? If yes, could you share your strategy (delve level, team and what to look for)?

This one is hard. I had to raise hoard to 276 to beat it. Used this team

Not much in the way of tactics - it’s a slugfest. Try to kill Wraith asap and then spam TFK


I just checked, Hoard level: 309, can’t remember what was it like.

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Hoard 200 + 50%

2x Frostfire Wraith
Forstfire Witch
Frostfire King

Room 2 - Wall of Bones/Wraith/Grave Seer/Skeleros
Room 3 - Dire Wolf/Cu Sith/Warg/Fenrir (with 600 life/1000 attack at one point). (edited)

I wouldn’t go through Glaycion room in the middle - don’t want enemies with immunity to freeze.
In the boss room there are two things to look for the most - take out their Wraith as soon as you can and deny them all red mana (don’t want that Frostfire King casting) as much as you can.

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My hoard was 250ish and I used Wraith, Troll, King x2.

You have to win the life steal battle Wraith vs Wraith while denying their FF King reds. Sounds easy but it’s not. King casts and you’re usually toast. Drop troll when you have 9 or more of the colors to try and guarantee a free turn and lots of mana. Use your king every time he’s (safely) available to cast unless your second king is close to being at full mana. Getting to the last room with your whole team is a different story.

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Thanks for all suggestions. I cleared it. Ended up raising my hoard to 309 first (because why not :slight_smile: ) and then first failing with:

Wraith / Troll / King / King

With the above team I got to the boss room but lost the “steal life” battle in the very last minute. From there forward it went downhill pretty fast.

Then, I retried with

Wraith / Wraith / King / King

And this team cleared it.

My observations:

  • Regardless of how many red / blue there are troll adds randomness. It can give enemy a board that will pretty much cause you to lose. So unless you like randomness or need it (because of lower hoard level), you don’t need troll IMHO. Hoard 309 was definitely enough for this.
  • try to keep them frozen. This is easier said then done.
  • it is okay to sacrifice skulls (let them hit you) as long as you have the wraith. However, be mindful, 35% damage on floor 500 is still pretty high, so keep track of your wraiths life.
  • again, this depends on your hoard but depending on the stage of the battle, you don’t need to deny red like crazy. It is sometimes preferable to let enemy king fill and cast rather than their wraith for example.
  • strategy suggested is very accurate. Deny red in general and win the “life steal” game against enemy wraith. Easier said than done though. Especially with lower hoard.

I was thinking of using 3 orpheus medals at some point but ended up doing 3 Nysha for magic. Also I realized that I forgot to medal the troops, which would have further.

If you have high hoard, a reasonable delve to finish without potions. Not much randomness going on, which is otherwise the main problem.



I’d never try this without potions, but my worst was.
The Warrens, hoard 300;
Luna Bunnicorn Luna Luna.
A nightmare to finish, but eventually got it.

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i dont have any faction with hoard level of 200 +
my highest one i think is dark pits, 184 (non potion completion)
2nd highest is Sea of sorrow, 180 (non potion completion)
3rd highest is the labyrinth, 178, and i did the labyrinth during event… truly nightmare …

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