Hoard Quality increased from 50% to 300%

I’ll do my best to keep this nice and friendly. Therefore I won’t go into reasoning for the change. I’ll try to keep it simple and concise.
Is the current bonus created to help us get Factions to 2500 without having to use potions from events.
Here’s where I am currently with Dark Pits by using every single Sacred Treasure I had in my inventory. (30 I believe)
And I haven’t even been able to make it to the boss room in 9 runs so far. (All be it a small sample)

Developers, if you believe the current “bonus is sufficient enough” then please have someone on your team provide a SS of Dark Pits at 2500 that they attained based off the same exact stats that I have and without potions.
Or, what hoard level is reasonably expected to be raised for each Faction to get it to 2500 off your current bonus.


I agree i am doing Sea of Sorrows with the faction team and i cannot do enough dmg to even get to the boss room with the factions team at level 200 i made it one time and got killed because of the other teams dmg output was to high if we could use the troops associated with the faction this would be better i for one like doing delves but the difficulty vs buffs we get are to small.

I would also like to add that the numbers needed to upgrade these troops be lowered i spent over 5 k shards today to try for 1 troop and did not recieve a single one how many shards do i need to make this mythic not to mention the 13 other delves i also need shards for i know yall dont want people to speed thru your content but the numbers dont lie. Khel.


I reached (and still do) a lot of times boss room in level 500 Silver Necropolis, with hoard of 100, 25% bonus from lev 12 Silverglade, no potions, and faction lineup.

Still trying to beat the boss room itself, I’ll not give up until I don’t succeed (Vanya is the one and only problem in that room).
In theory, it is doable with some rngjesus help; last run I watered down their lineup to Vanya herself, then she started her summon party and it was game over.

Cool. There’s at least a few Delves possible to complete with the current limited bonuses. But Dark Pits is not one of them.
And I am under the belief that the change was supposed to help us get all the Factions to 2500. Not just certain ones.


Yea, the pure stat increase approach doesn’t help a lot. We could have got like 30 million gold in the mails to upgrade all hoards with 100 levels, and still would have been same situation. Maybe 300-400 levels would have made a difference, but meh. Going on the increased stats vs increased stats can be a subtle slippery slope…

There’s 2 things that could fix the issue a lot more nicely than simply brute forcing your way (or rather brute spending…).

  1. Allow hero on faction teams.
  2. Open faction teams to the associated kingdom troops as well; after all, faction troops do count in the kingdom events, why wouldn’t it be the other way around as well?

I think they’re trying to make us scale a wall with a footstool here. They were supposed to give us ladders - y’know, great big ones like the orcs used in LOTR.

300 would be good, 500 would be better. Or just global for the lot of them as is. Or a combination. Just not this.

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To summarize it with the great help of monty python.
:100: Faction team on a level 500 delve run before 4.5
:100: Faction team on a level 500 delve run after 4.5
Can we at least get 2 legs? (Preferably an arm as well)


This is something that has puzzled me, if a Faction has a Class associated with it, why doesn’t the Hero using that Class count as being from that Faction for Delves?


As I see it. They are just dragging this as much as possible. Cos they dont have new ideas. And I think they already know that 50% won’t cut it. So we just have too wait for a new patch. That just gonna drag this even more. I dont know. I’m about too give up this stupid game. Yaaakk

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Because the class is associated to the kingdom, not the faction. Maybe we’ll get a round of faction classes once every kingdom has received one?

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But the troops are listed as belonging to both the Faction and the Kingdom…


And how about letting us convert these. To higher treasures. This should have been implemented long time ago. But they dont want too do that either. WtF


On the one of recent Q&A session, Sirrian said that we will receive our last new class next April and “34 classes is enough”.

2 suggestions:

  • make a potion shop for regular delves that only sell potions, not sigils.
  • make hoard leveling a flat horizontal exp requirement.
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He also said “we aren’t that kind of game” in regards to energy systems, so I suppose if those faction classes get called “role”, “job” or “profession” he could still fit several batches of 34 in.


I get the feeling one of the first things I said about Delves is right but now that we’re a year into it I like the idea less than when I had it.

Originally I said I don’t think the devs want people to be finished with all of the Delves yet. I thought the intent was it’d take a year for people to do the first few, then they’d build up. The idea being it’d take a few months past the release of the last delve before the hardest core players would max them all, and that doing it as a new player would dominate 18 months of your game.

I think that changed when potions came along. Devs haven’t moved the target, they’re just fine if people finish faster by spending money. 4.5’s hoard changes lowered the bar a little bit, but it’s still designed to make it really hard to “naturally” pull off the run outside of an event and without stat potions.

I think this is the new pattern of the game. I don’t think we’ll see any significant changes to Delves until the new thing for players to do after Delves arrives. Delves are the endgame until there’s a new endgame, they’ll only be softened when new players need to catch up.

Don’t mistake this for me defending the position. I think it stinks. Ignoring the monetary investment, the time investment required to finish a Delve in one event is ridiculous. I think there are a lot of other ways to provide a “pay to win” approach to Delves that doesn’t ask you to pay with money and time the players would still tolerate. I think the players have demonstrated they don’t back up their strong opinions about what they’d do if “GoW became that kind of game”. It already is that kind of game, and our opinions don’t seem to shape that.

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Yeah 3 updates after a fix was originally promised, we get a bandaid to fix a decapitation

That’s how I see the situation as well. In the long run, delves will eventually be conquered though a combination of a whole bunch of subsystems that will be released over time. Eventually, all of these minor bonuses will add up to be sufficient enough to be meaningful. But, that’s likely going to be a lot of painful hoops to jump through to get there along the way. Until then, as you state, that’s what money is for.

The entire Delve scenario has been completely perplexing to me as it has continued to play out. I appreciate that Faction only conquest on Level 500 is totally “end game” as is intended by the developers. However, you are as end game as you get - top 1/10th or 1% I surmise. Frankly, in light of that, there should be no end game content that you should struggle significantly with. Mind you, this is not directed in any way at you - it is directed at the development team.
And it is not like this is one specific Delve - like a hidden RPG superboss of old that was designed to be a massive challenge/foil for even the most advanced players. It is multiple Delves that fall into this category. To have end game players challenged and even lose a bit is one thing. To have the onerous task of repeatedly beating your proverbial heads against the wall is another. It does nothing but increase agitation towards other player perceived “flawed” aspects of the game.
The developers have crafted a phenomenal game. However, they have decided to make some decisions recently that many don’t care for such as the revamped AB as well as gating kingdom leveling behind a Deed wall. However, the Delve situation seems the most egregious to me. As said by others before, it almost forces players to make a full run on the weekend a Delve is launched or risk never being able to complete it in the future.
That being said, please continue to voice your opinions regarding the Delve situation. Hopefully, if enough players do so, the developers will take notice, There have been multiple solutions espoused by forum posters such as making the Hero eligible for Faction only teams or allowing the purchasing of potions during daily Delve runs.


@Lyrian and @Slypenslyde
If I pay for something it’s to save time.
If I use time to get something it’s to save money.
Gems of War wants our time and money… hence the confusion and frustration.
I might as well go back to college and quit gems of war. At least the college will give me a physical piece of paper for all the money and time spent in it.