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Which faction should I try to max next?

Aint the rooms stright forward for entering the Boss room, or have I forgotten? There is no optional path for minimum required rooms.

A 2/3 room
A 4/5 room

Forgot to add that the delve pet is pretty scarce, as my highest farmed all faction team is at 2100.

If you want to schedule a time on the forum to post your boards we can play it together. With stats that high we shouldn’t even need much luck with dementicore casts, I’d think.

Would be very, very slow, but I’ve not got other things to do, so offer’s there if you want it, and the resulting posts could (maybe) be interesting for others stuck in similar spots.


Thanks for the offer, but the team is pretty stright forward to play with. I may have been unlucky too, as so many in this thread have been in this faction. I will try the Sheggra room and see if luck changes for me, then eventually come back here for help/advice later.

May have missed it in this thread somewhere but looking for recommendations for team for Dark Court and Emperanizara

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You can use each in Dark Court, or double up on Dark Knights/Leanansidhe’s if you prefer (at the expense of Sluagh, most likely).

Emperinazara is a breeze if you put two of her at the bottom of your team. The rest doesn’t matter much and will likely change when things die by skulls, but a Kobold Knight up top to soak skulls and a Kobold Magi in second slot for a pretty quick AoE wipe would be my recommendation to start.


Wasn’t Lyrasas Lair the Tuesday delve last week? :upside_down_face:

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Me going all in on a Tuesday? Not a chance.


We don’t advocate for self harm around these parts.


IMO self harm is banging your head against a brick wall for weeks/months on end and failing.

Tuesday delve only takes about 2 hours if you go straight to boss room. Much less painful.

Did Lyra on that tuesday. Really wasn’t painful and got lucky on second pure 500 run. Guildmate struggled and repeated many times. There’s too much randomness. Like Irongut not devouring 3 times in a row with 90+%, Dimenticores just keep trying to silence or mana drain. One run the stars will align.

Doing Fang Moor now and that’s not going very well.

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Decided to go ahead and use the spell, and he created skulls but no skull matches out of the 8 he created.

I have never been more annoyed than today. And I also hit my fist over the screen. You should play your game Devs, it is so very frustrating.

Eika out for at least one week. Bye.

There we bloody go. She died of death mark the next turn.


Asking for my own future reference and perhaps for a guildmate of mine who is currently trying to do Lyrasza’s Lair with a faction team (because he needs the pet for kingdom stars):

What was the level of your hoard when you finally got this done?

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Was close a few times with 300, but sadly the devil wanted it differently. A few days ago I took my hoard up to 350 and managed it today. As you can see, the boss room is a hell and luck will still be needed.

Good luck to you and your guildmate.

Does that 300/350 include bonuses from Kingdom Power Levels? Or is it 300/350 plus the 50% from KPL 14?

yeah it does include bonuses from kingdom power levels, I have every kingdom at PL15. Also the faction pet, but that was rather weak for me as this faction were at only 2100 before I maxed it.

Here is the team I went with.


I tried all combinations there is during the weeks, with Dementicores up in the top ofc.