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Which faction should I try to max next?

Going all in on a Tuesdays event is not possible for me as I am out fishing with Uncle Rambo from early morning to late at night, at Tuesdays. So all I can do is doing it the hard way without potions.

Which one should I aim for next and what is the hoard, team etc you would suggest me to use? Thanks!

In your situation I would go for the most challenging ones before buying a new computer, this way you can still use that old one as punching bag :upside_down_face:


Obviously some I will just skip. Dont have enough treasures for level 600-700. Devs take a look on this madness plz.

IMO City of Thieves should be next. another delve to 250ish treasure hoard level, its just insane devs.

Me very soon…

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thats enough for now, devs should understand the rage/anger the community have when it comes to factions.

one more

Thats why they created treasure hunt, to calm the nerves every now and then, maybe a glass of good wine while at it. But… You have most likely used all your maps already, so that’s out of the question :joy:


Not up for any jokes or tear laughing smiley now mate. Just not in a mood.

I think the best idea for me now, after Sunken Fleet was a boot in a full belly for a month, is just to quit trying to max them.

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I only have two factions maxed so I’ll start feeling the pain somewhere next year maybe, can’t wait…

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Sea of Sorrows can be surprisingly easy, with Nysha medals


Oh, which hoard level will I be needing?

Lowest I ever saw was 144, I think

At 199 it’s very straightforward with Nyshas, if the Sea Witch is kind

Thanks for the info.

City of Thieves is probably similarly hard. Just there you have to worry about getting Cedric rooms — without them, forget it.

I find it frustrating trying to complete delves when runs are done before they’ve started, is all :man_shrugging: