Treasure Hoards

I’m curious why they are all separate and not altogether. Why do I say this? Well, to get a treasure hoard to max from level 1 to 1000, you need 500,499 EXP which translates into 1001 Sacred Treasures. For one faction… yeah…

Not ideal for trying to max completion and having the stats would really help in all delves (+364 health, 363 armor, 182 attack and 90 magic) for the far stronger and deadly fights. Then you remember you only get 3 fights a day and even trying to get one Sacred Treasure daily is pretty unlikely. It does make me wonder why all the factions are separate.

Now, if you don’t really care about maxing it then sure, this is a waste of time since you only need to get it to 100 but then you realize you miss out on a lot of stats that would be helpful for delves.

I think it’s a design choice to arrange things better. Each factions counts as extra troops for a kingdom, and each faction has a basement… i mean… a dungeon/base of operations more or less under their parents house… errr sorry… their main kingdom.

But jokes aside, it also helps with the identity of these troops and the features we see in each of these dungeons like the patterns with the stone blocks. Sure the devs could group it all together, but then it would have less indetity and probably make things more harder to understand.

Also for future improvements they can make adjustments in each Faction easily since they’ll test the troops and dungeons separately.