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Which faction should I try to max next?

Now updated.

So I pumped Lyrana’s Lair to hoard level 200 yesterday. Sadly it did not do much and I don’t think I will go up to 250 because I do like to keep some treasures on hand.

18th! Damn, lovely!! :blue_heart: :+1:

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Come get at me!

Still at Lyrana’s Lair, doubt hoard level 200 will be enough for it. But will try a few more weeks.

Don’t forget to put your setup, once you finish it. I’m also trying it now…


2 seasons medals and 1 mana medals selected.

Yet to manage to take down the Legendary room here. It is just too slow hoping the Dementicore will get enough attack. And whenever or the few times it get attack no skulls matches seems to go my way. Incredible frustrating team to work with we have. Also the Dementicore is soft like butter as the agile trait never sets in.

I suspect it’s probably a strategy doomed to failure based on being significantly out-statted… but have you considered using a Chaos Hound hoping to Death Mark opposition troops? Or to use its’ spell to try and summon cannon fodder to extend a battle?

Just asking in a brainstorming sort of way, since I haven’t tried a pure faction run on this one myself (other than Levels 100 and 200 during release weekend) and it’s not quite at the top of my “to do” list and therefore I won’t get to it for a while.

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Thanks, gotta try that and see if that adds some oil to the motor.

@Kezef Ah, I just realised that I inspected Chaos Hound closely before I started out to create a team. He got ditched out early as the chances of him backfiring with an awful number of skulls is a lot higher than summoning. And it is far to given you would get far even if it summoned.

He’s not suggesting you cast.

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If you don’t succeed by the 21st (when Lyra comes around on Tuesday), we will suffer together and vanquish this pit of randomness. I just worry about how much sanity (and gem stash) will be lost in the aftermath.

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Damn, going all in on a Tuesday might had given me a massive burn out effect. I don’t think I will do that, maybe if it was over 3 days bud.

Oh I see! :open_mouth:

However it still seems like winning the lottery going through 4 rooms with it.

@blindnighto what is your currently hoard level and team setup for Lyra?

I’m running 2x dementicore + chaos Hound + lyrasza, but with no luck so far :wink:

Same as what Sytro mentioned above: 2x Dimenticores, one Chaos and one Lyra. I tried with Troll and 2x Lyra, but (literally) no luck. I know that within the RNG there’s a perfect run where my Dimenticores will actually steal what’s appropriate, or survive long enough to do something about it. But I have yet to encounter such luck.

This will be my first attempt at maxing a faction on a Tuesday. Because I basically accepted my fate, my hoard is a measly 145 and I still haven’t beaten pure faction at 300, so it’s been stuck there. I didn’t push it to 500 because:
a) I wanted that legendary pet for the puny stat boost
b) Since I knew I would be doing it on a Tuesday, I didn’t want to do “double the work”

Then again, @Snooj beat it with Lycan gems last campaign with a relatively low hoard. Meanwhile, I just want to get it over with and forget about it, so likely my gem stash will be depleted from either buying extra stats or sigils, or both.

And for those that say “you’re paying to finish it,” yes, yes I am. There is no strategy where Lyra is concerned. I could easily push the hoard to 500 and I could still keep losing because of the sheer randomness of my attacks. And seeing as the other option is to skull them down without ever casting my troops… that seems like a terrible design. I rather have fun, even if it’s easier fun, than know that I dropped that much treasure and gold into a faction that’ll never be touched again.


I happened to do it with 3x Dementicore/Lyrasza; 300 true hoard (200 + 50%, you know).

Of course, luck played a part in it - one of the Dementicores died in the second room, I think (or maybe third?), so it was double and Lyrasza for boss room, but they managed to steal some attack and survive long enough and do the heavy lifting. It all went down to my Lyrasza against their Lyrasza in the end and I don’t remember anymore whether it was ended with a random spell cast of mine or a skull match.

It was less annoying for me, though, because I had already done the faction with potions, so I felt no pressure when trying potionless - let’s do some tries today, oh, now I don’t feel like playing, okay, let’s try some more…about a month with on/off trying.

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Congrats! I don’t have a ton of treasures that I want to go up to 300 now, it takes quite a bit and it might drain me.