Which faction should I try to max next?

Just get cedric room once out of 3 runs or none out of 3 here. Annoying. Glad to hear u will make it next week!

Now 3 days a row without finding a Cedric room. That is 9 delve tries.

Come to papa. :+1:


Which one should be next?

Werewoods or The Warrens. Depends on which flavor of random is more to your taste :man_shrugging:

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I still have occasional nightmares thinking about how aggravating those two were.

@Eika : If your list were my choices, and suicide isn’t an alternative, I myself would consider doing Lyrasza’s Lair. But not for any particular reason.

Fortunately for me, I have more choices. Though I suppose it would be better if I had fewer choices because I had more delves done.


Whichever one shows up first for a Tuesday event. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, The Labyrinth isn’t so bad as long as you have a Draakulis room (similar to CoT needing Cedric room) you can kill enemy Horned Guardian with death mark.


Thanks for your input!

I think I need a break for now. I swear I was really unlucky with The City of Thieves, I was close so many times, for weeks. I managed in the end, thankfully. And now I am massively drained when it comes to maxing Factions. I did far too many, was not able to stop.

I only have a handful of factions left to max, so perhaps your “waiting for a Tuesday event” is a solid tips. It is not like all 5 of these factions will come around back to back, either, for 5 weeks a row.

The other option I have is to wait for the Devs to implement potions outside the events or some kind of help, but as we have not seen it yet (as years went by) it might not come at all.

I have also spent a lot of treasures going as much as up to hoard level 200-300 in a handful of factions.

Lets see, my best bet is to spare my energy for those five Tuesdays whenever they come.

39th now. not bad. :sunglasses:

Hey mate, so what is the minimum hoard level you think will be needed for those?

Hey @Eika, did you do all the factions first to renown 2000 and then pured them one by one? I made almost all mine to 1000 and now i’m doing them one by one… I’m not sure which is the better way to go?

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Check rhe table on the left. Like a champ.:sunglasses:

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Mine are both 199, but the True Hoard is higher thanks to kingdom levels and campaign stats.

Also I did both of them with potions, iirc. I just also know that if you look in the delve tactics thread others did it more manageably than that (in werewoods transform luck can have a big impact, in the Warrens status RNG rules the day).

EDIT: just checked our discord for you. Our lowest known True Hoard (people know that means base hoard + kingdom level bonuses, right?) completion of the Warrens is 262, and for Werewoods it’s 276. Those numbers are from either our Unforgiven members or a post made on these forums with verified info (so that our guides we write for our members’ benefit are accurate and helpful).

Both have been done potionless by @MadDwarf , so it is possible. Just comes down to how hardcore you care to be, I guess :man_shrugging:

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I did no-potion Warrens with 175+50% (but it was a bit lucky, I must admit).

As for Werewoods, I haven’t do it potionless myself, but a guildmate succedded just recently with 270+50% using Werebear/3x Torbern


Wow, incredible. Currently have Warrens at 150 Hoard Level. Gonna take it up if I have not managed the faction for a few weeks. Glad to know it is possible with 175 hoard level tho.

Fang Moor coming up in 10 days. Be prepared to spend approx 4000 gems on it though. The good thing about needing so many Tier 7’s is that you will have enough sigils to go straight to the boss room saving lots of time if you want to.

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Thanks for the info! We will see what my mood says. :+1:

And finally! And I entered the room with only 3 troops, and all 3 troops survived. just incredibly lucky with my sole rabbit and cascades. :sunglasses:


Mother of God, missed out on it.

If your table a couple of posts up is still accurate – excepting The Warrens, of course – I believe Lyrasza’s Lair is coming up on a Tuesday in a couple of weeks.

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