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Which faction should I try to max next?

Looks like I need to go back reading then, I did not understand why u shouldnt go stright to Boss room at all faction team level 500.

It’s because when you beat the Cedric room first your gold cap increases to 500, which makes your Thief King 5x more effective


Ah, there is it I didnt get that the gold cap last throughout the whole run. Thanks!


I’m losing my mind trying to do potionless pure faction. So far I’ve managed all seeing eye, tinker town and crypt keepers without potions. Been stuck on amanithrax and stonesong eyrie for weeks I just can’t do it. Had some promising runs in mirrored halls but lycanthropy put an end to those. I just don’t have the treasure to get ridiculously high hoard levels. I have amanithrax at 177 plus zaejin at 14 but I still can’t get it done.

I think I am addicted to the torture. If that makes sense. Dark Pit, even with a hoard of level 300, I needed luck to finish it. And with all that treasure hoard needed there, and a few at 200 and 150, I am starting to running out of them.

Take a break from it for a few weeks until you feel like giving it another go. In the meantime just do some easy lv 50 CoT daily runs to build up your chaos shards.

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Adam: A lot of delves cannot be reliably done as a pure faction run at level 500 with lower hoards. You’re simply facing too much of an uphill climb when you’re that badly out-statted by the opposition and there isn’t a particularly good “strategy” to use with the handful of troops you’re permitted to use. It’s far too easy to have a seemingly-good run obliterated by skyfalling skulls or something similar.

Amanithrax should be possible at your hoard/kingdom power levels if you can get loops going, but the need to cross as many rooms as you do isn’t helpful to your chances. Mirrored Halls is one of those “strategy” delves and can be done at lower hoard levels – you just need to get a worthwhile troop to copy from the middle room. Stonesong Eyrie requires some RNG luck as well, mostly getting to the boss room intact and getting rid of the opposition’s most troublesome troops before they get you.

If you’re looking for a couple of other “easier” delves to do at pure faction and reasonable hoard levels, you might try the Deep Hive and you might try Emperinazar. Those are also more along the lines of a “strategy” delve where following the suggested troop set-up and tactics can put you in a good position so long as you don’t get bad RNG such as skyfalling skulls.

Or you might try Illithia, which is also a “strategy” sort of delve. But that one is harder than the other two I’ve mentioned.

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Yeah stonesong eyrie I’m just not having any luck with the insta kill in the boss room. I think I have a mirrored halls run where there is a Venoxia in the middle room but I’m saving that for when lycanthropy is gone. I’m working on deep hive right now and will take a look at the others you mentioned. Thanks for the help

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What is the team to use for City of Thieves? Thanks!

King of Thieves
King of Thieves
Cat Burglar
Street Thief

For a banner? You definitely want something with +2 purple to fill most of your team faster, and I prefer +red on top of that because I view King of Thieves as the key troop on your side. So I like Abyssal (+2 purple / +1 red / -1 yellow) to cover all that.

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Thanks for your input. I can also see a strong team with a double Tomb Robber, Street Thief and something else.

Double Tomb Robber is a pretty suicidal “option”. You want to manage the board’s skulls, not proliferate them.

My team was King / King / Thief / King. When Cedric inevitably cast on me, I was good to go for the final fight with 3 kings up front.

Loses out on some team stats that way, but worked for me at 155 Base Hoard. All my kingdoms are 15 now and (I believe) Leonis was amongst those at 14+ back when I completed it, so :man_shrugging:


Yeah it is, but with max gold in it’s far from impossible to make it.

The problems I encountered when using Tomb Robber is that the odds you’re left with a bad board are substantial. That unless you’re tanking with a King of Thieves that has buffed itself to high levels with his own spell bolstered by high gold totals plus the boost from the Cedric room, it’s suicidal to get into a contest where you’re trading skull hits with the A.I.

And you have to win two battles to even have the possibility for that optimal situation manifest itself.

I just didn’t find the risk worth it. Not that it’s a proverbial walk in the park to do things the way I did, but I preferred to manage my risks by not taking what I viewed as chances with low odds to pay off the way I wanted them to.


I was thinking about having a double Tomb Robber, and fill both up before you starting out. But all your points is valid ofc. I know it is a risky team to use, but it may work out well too.

Failed, will try again tomorrow. Lychantrophy got me again.

I have beaten City of Thieves during an Event. Tried it with Cedric, but it is not really worth. I tried it with King of thieves, Street Thief and two Cat Burglars.
Cat Burglar can hit the two last very hard and of they die at least you get an extra turn. I watched how many Gold the AI had and have stolen the gold to get more Mana for my Cat Burglars. You should cast this spell every time before the skull generator can cast.

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Thanks for your input.

Close today, 3 troops in last room. But then CPU got a lucky cascade and it was over. Not gonna complain/whine as there is nothing to win on it. Lets keep attitude cool and try again tomorrow.

I failed all my 3 runs on Wild court today too, but I’ll make it next week for sure!

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