What's your least favorite troop to fight against?


Khorvash because I always have a Khorvash in the lead, and when I don’t I seem to verse a Khorvash and regret my choices :neutral_face:


Those are all hard enemies. Does anyone hate a troop just because, and not because it can kill you dead?



Just Stun or entangle Psion guys.


Elspeth’s storyline made me want to punch her a few times.:sweat_smile: And I also sometimes want to punch her in battle when she ends up replacing an almost-dead troop with a fullpowered legendary/mythic unit.

I guess the character I dislike the most is Tau, though. I really, really don’t like Tau. During the storylines, I thought Elwyn was somewhat annoying, but damn. I was so upset because I had looked forward to Sword Edge’s storyline so much after all the plot with Luther in Broken Spire and because Ysabelle and Sir Gwayne are some of my favourite characters. And what I got was cowardly Tau being annoying as heck. Still salty as hell about that. Wish I could have fed him to the dragon.:rage: So whenever I face him in battle, I get reminded of that and silently rage, which is not a good thing. Don’t like facing Tau.


You are wrong. Tau is awesome. Especially his descriptions of things. “Food riders”, “flappy men” and “dog heads”. Plus he could smell the shadow dragon’s corruption of the Knights coronet from 1000 feet away. Not sure why you think he’s cowardly? My understanding is that he is doing all of the fighting alongside the hero.

I do know what you mean with the overall swords edge storyline though. After the intro in broken spire and all the stuff that Sirrian Luther tells you, Ysabelle gets brought back as a new troop as part of a weekly event with no description of why Luther needed Sheggra’s Heart to save her.

@Sirrian I would love to hear this tale fleshed out!


My understanding was that Tau let the hero fight and just tagged along and that in addition to his overly large ego annoyed me. I do agree that his descriptions were funny, though.

From what I understood, Ysabelle was poisoned, though it wasn’t made 100% clear if the Knights Coronet did so. They betrayed Luther and his men and opened fire on them during the Broken Spire siege, but that doesn’t mean that they poisoned Ysabelle. Though it definitely seems like they at least wanted her to die (because why betray yours allies otherwise?).
I guess I’m just salty about the not-resolved storyline which I hoped would happen. Tau has just a bad personality (so arrogant) and the fact that his storyline only gave slightly more insight on what the Knights Coronet are up to is weird. Like, Luther returned to cure Ysabelle, so… why are the traitors still allowed around? Surely he told Ysabelle what happened at Broken Spire. I do hope @Sirrian might explain at least that a bit more. I’m also unsure if Luther did end up staying in Sword’s Edge - he said he didn’t want to, but with the big update of Ysa and the other troops, it was said he started rebuilding there.


Everybody does that, minus perhaps Visk, Luther and Ferit, and Ferit is insane. And Emperina, because as every female character in the game she’s insane and stupid.


Princess Elspeth, without a doubt. Her storyline annoyed me to no end. I roll my eyes every time I see her card. I can’t stand that spoiled, dumb girl trope.


Hm, sounds like Mana Drain needs a counter or something :thinking:


I fully agree with Tau’s and Elspeth’s quest lines being aggravating to read through.


I’ll be honest…after the first kingdom of reading storylines, i just started hitting the skip button. This game takes up enough of my time!


Me too. It just looks really silly to have your HERO character basically responding to everyone else with “Okay.” “Umm…” “Really?” “Okay.” After maybe 2-3 kingdoms of that nonsense, I just skipped every single story bit.
(I dislike silent protagonists in general, though. Seems like a cop-out so the writer only has to write half the dialogue.)

Troops I hate to fight against are mana-deniers. I still usually beat them, so they are just annoying time-wasters. Psion, Spirit Fox, Famine, Emperor Khorvash in particular.
I’ve also fought a Lady Anariel team a couple of times that managed to loop itself for like 5 minutes straight until every enemy troop had 500 health. wtf.


Psion, Mab, Famine


It’s funny. A lot of players (including me) have complained about recent changes that speed up the game: huge blob mana surges, neverending cascades/sky drops, and of course devour. However, the least favorite troops mostly seem to be ones that slow down the game (for the player): mana drainers and Mab.

I don’t have a point. I just thought it was interesting.

(Maybe Kraken would be leading this list before it was nerfed. Also, I hate Forest Troll.)


It’s the goldilocks principle. Too slow or too fast and the game isn’t fun.

Too Fast = RNG is more likely to burn you
Too Slow = Just obnoxious


Cockatrice in arena lol


TDS, by a mile and a half


Psion or Infernal King, I can not stand how many times IK respawns, and Psion always seems to generate full mana or a skull way too rapidly for my taste, then agan the AI has better luck


That’s very true, but Tau claims the hero’s victory as his own. The others didn’t do that.
Also I think Keghammer also fights alongside the hero, if I remember correctly (didn’t they have a competition of who took the most giants out at one point?).


True. Keghammer invited the Hero to Stormheim so they could be famous together. Does Keghammer list under ‘insane’?