What's your least favorite troop to fight against?


Either Doomclaw or Spirit Fox.

Doomclaw because that low devour percentage that hits every time is just infuriating. I mind devour less at lower rarities as a way to give people with a smaller collection a chance against overpowered mythics, but it’s a lousy ability to put on a mythic.

Spirit Fox because it literally is uncounterable mana drain. It’s super annoying on yellow GW days as well, because your first turn is almost always meaningless, and then you get to start your second turn with the worst board imaginable and one of your troops half dead. It doesn’t help that the troop is often combined with other (more fair) mana drainers. When Spirit Fox cascades into mana for the other mana drainers, that’s really demoralizing.


For me it is Psion and Spirit Fox. For the same reasons as all of the above :scream::scream:


The Demonic duo - Psion/Famine


Everyone else fine with Wisps?


Any mana drainers are the worst in my opinion.


Yeah, Wisps don’t really bother me since the nerf. They’re still a good troop, but they’re very much beatable and no longer annoying to play against anymore for me.


Can everyone stop posting here please? I predict that in the next few days we’ll see krakens phased out for famine/psion/spirit fox teams.

I swear that lots of players lurk around these parts for team ideas, and clearly, ‘winning’ PvP battles is still important to a lot of these people as they are happy to just field whatever team they think is the hardest to play against.

So to all you trolls that make my PvP experience monotonous and frustrating, here’s the truth. The honest truth. Ignore those people above.

#Krakens are still the most difficult troop to face!!!1!

They’re like soooo hard to beat and it takes like soooo long to beat them. They make me cry into my mother’s jimjams like a little girl. So whatever you do, don’t stop fielding that same one kraken team that I absolutely cannot ever beat.


Psion for me too.


Dear lurkers, please trust this fellow. He spoke the truth and nothing but the truth.


What, no, clearly the hardest team I never, ever want to face in PVP again are four fire bombs.:see_no_evil: I truly hope that no one will ever make that team again. Ever. Nothing worse than getting one of those offered as the three-trophy-match. Please don’t ever do that team, dear lurkers!


Famine. I always, always lose to famine in GW defenses.


Psion and Famine. Psion simply because of how easy it is to get going, Famine because of how absurdly screwed you are when that happens.


I’ve thought about this a lot and I agree there was a big mistake made with how Freeze was implemented.

I don’t think it was a mistake adding an ET counter-measure, but the implementation is sub-par at best. Necessary but too heavy-handed.

It would have been so much better if Freeze punished hard for looping but didn’t prevent it. I think it is too late for that change.

I’m just glad I’m not the only one to feel that way.


Toss up between Psion and Spirit Fox.
It’s not the fault of either troop though, but the game being a total arse.

With Psion you take skulls or dislodge them purposely, only for more to drop perfectly for Psion.

And Fox will very often get an extra turn and re-fill itself thanks to ridiculous cascades.

If the skyfall wasn’t so bad, I’d not even consider these two to be my least favourite. But as it stands they can both go jump in front of a train.


On the other hand the AI is not good at handling Spirit Fox.


Forest troll for me

Insta death as soon as it casts because you get frozen & devoured as well.

added to which its resistant to damage and regenerates - just a pain


Keghammer! 1-shot the troll on turn 1 - problem solved.


Definitely Queen Mab… she doesn’t even do anything, just sits there freezing my troops right and left. Very annoying!

Also why I use her in multiple GW defense teams each week… :smirk:


Krystenax. Too strong for a troop that’s legendary with such a low mana cost and enchants itself to boot.

Mab. I can beat her no problem but my GOD is she annoying to deal with.

Khorvash, Psion, Famine. And any other mana drain troop but these are definitely the worst offenders.

I also have a common hatred to % chance to do X troops. They always seem to screw me over with the perfect effect on the enemy team but never do what I want them to when I run them. Yes, I’m very salty.


I faced a team that had fully traited famine and plague…that was annoying. My team was losing skill points left and right.