Favourite Troop?


Regardless of how powerful they are (or aren’t), what is your favourite troop?

Mine has to be Black Beast, it was my preferred troop in the early days of Gems of War.


Boar rider - damage, sets up a 4match and the extra turn.


On pure style and stabby sound effects, Avina! @Sirrian nailed the sound for that one!


Shadow Dragon. I always loved the troop and ended up getting 2 within my first 10 iron keys. Ever since its recent buff, it has become my favorite again in every single way.


Yeah I was tossing up between Shadow Dragon and Avina, cause dat poison + true damage.


Frost Giant is my favorite! At first, I didn’t understand him however, once I started using him in the arena, I started counting skulls every time he lit up and bam! I understood his awesomeness.:joy::joy::joy:


brian for give more magic :smile:


Kerberos, 10 damage, with a chance to EAT your opponent, whats not to love??? With Sheggra a close second when you have the Banshee to make more red gems. That changed recently too. But I guess that was for the best- was wipping out everyone in one click.


Yeah, Kerberos is a close second for me. But I loved the idea of Black Beasts running around Zaejin after goblins dressed up as snacks.


Though I haven used her lately, Lady Sapphira, cause, Lady Power!


It’s a toss-up between Alchemist, Valkyrie and Banshee for me. Just because they work so well together it’s hard to pick one…


This one popped up straight away in my mind aswell. :grinning:


Webspinner, for sure!
Nothing beats spewing wave after wave of venom all over my enemies.


Kerberos is by far my favorite!!! NOM NOM NOM !!!


KoS! My first Legendarie, no other has made me fave more fun obliterating my enemies. :innocent:


Carnex! Got him before level 10 and been using him ever since. I find it hard to make a team that doesn’t include him. I’m just waiting to get Gorgotha to chain after chain after chain…


Using Boar Rider in Arena convinced me I wanted to use him in a team, Goblin Rocket made it possible. Both of those guys.


Need “unlike” button!

It depends what you mean.
In battles - Ragnagord is my favorite. It fits so many lines, just incredible. And ability to choose gems for explode make it so more stable than Gorgotha.
But if you mean something emotional - this is Elwyn. This card have flavor. And dialogues in Pan’s Vale is funniest thing in game for me.


Rocket goblin. Im dota 2 player and it reminds me the most annoying hero ever invented in the video game history - techies. Everyone else hates them so i like them.

But i also love saphira. That vampire is OP!!!


Oh, this would be a toss-up between the Archon Statue and Webspinner, for the same reason: they’re the first ones I got and learned to love.
The Archon was literally in the first chest I ever opened, and it was love at first sight. I didn’t know anything about the game and thought this had to be the best troop of all times! :slight_smile: I still love him.
Webspinner is quite funny actually. It was in the second chest I opened and I love her straight away. I called her Veno (I didn’t know Venoxia existed) because she reminded me of Venomancer, my favourite DotA 2 character and his poison nova. I hadn’t yet figured out the troop rarity and I was wondering why it was costing so much to level up, but I figured it was a great troop so it was worth it. When my husband started playing, I told him to try and get one, being absolutely sure it was a rare or an ultra-rare, and I was floored when he told me this beautiful Veno was actually a Legendary. My first one! <3
Anyway, I guess it shows I’m just too attached to card charactes. :stuck_out_tongue: