Ok People Shout out your favorite LEGENDARY Troop!(no Mythic's allowed)


Title says it all… Whats your favorite Legendary troop,“NOT MYTHIC” and has it changed since last year. It doesnt have to be a troop that does the most damage but a troop that you just love using and “if you could” you would put them on every team. You can’t of course, but you try :grin:

My fav Legendry is QUEEN TITANIA, why well because she’s wifu :blush:… so yea…

old fav was Queen Ysabelle




Ending the battle on the first turn? Sign me up


ok so we playing that game huh?..
She will not be out done…


Hes got soul :wink:


If only all enemies could be Knights…


Ishbaala is my favorite.


Oh boy!

Current favourite? I’d have to go with Salad Dragon (Sylvanimora).


Only one winner surely?


Yao Guai FTW!


Queen Titania, baby!


Queen Titania for me too :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Orion !! :star_struck: :star_struck:


Love the colours on this 1.


is this an undercover dev thread to see what Legendary troops need a nerfing???
ahem i mean balancing

lol i joke





Just one? :thinking:

Garuda used to be, though in recent times I’m enjoying using Tesla again.


Sorry to be that guy… But to me they had an equal impact on the game and I love them for it.





Just overall… ability, traits, troop art… I like her.

If it’s just troop artwork, some of my favs to look at are Summer Imp, Yao Guai, Queen Ysabelle, Kraken, Hyndla Frostcrown, and Kerberos.


Maw, because he’s one of the only old Legendary that I am still using. And Dune reference :wink: .