Whats your favorite troop card and why?


I don’t mean favorite troop to use I’m talking about your favorite troop card. Mine is dark monolith because he is so demonic and evil!





Wild Fang.


Roc because it looks like he just ate a really bright flashlight


I also like troops with unique sound bits, like Mab (frozen wind, hear my call!), Keeper of Souls (Rise from the dead my minions) or Elspeth (ugh, get away)

Favorite Rakshas

Favorite Stryx

Favorite Dragons


My favorite card art is Desdaemona. I love this style.


Pride Hunter, Claw Dancer, Shadow-Hunter, Sabertooth Lion and of course Ubastet.


So many cool answers!


Salamander. Old school burnination.


Frost Archer :laughing:



Easy for me, I have to go with Freya. Love everything about her art. Sadly her spell sucks.


I have a few.

  1. Death. This reason is, because I’ve always loved things like the Grim Reaper and the four horsemen. So, to have them in a game like this is awesome.

  2. Vampire Lord. The reason is I love Vampires and all that stuff, and as a troop, I really loved him. I get him in my very early days of this game (like, Level 20). I loved him so much that I actually build 3 teams around him (I even still have them in my slots).

  3. The Dragon Soul. I absolutely love dragons. Having a whole kingdom about them is really awesome, but D. Soul is my favorite, among them.

  4. Kraken. I really like him, not as a troop, but as a concept. I really love the whole Pirate/Blackhawk kingdom, and having a troop like Kraken really brings that idea together.

  5. The Seven Deadly Sin. This, is just awesome. A whole kingdom based around these guys is just amazing. My favorite idea of them is actually from Fullmetal Alchemist, but I think Gems does great with them, as well.


Ragnagord. Ragnagord is also my second favorite. He will destroy your soul with the power of Christmas.


wow, I think Ragnagord have a bigger biceps than @AlphaNate :rofl:


I forgot I loved these two as well:


This Venoxia is also one of my fav, its just so well made.


Big fan of this guy for promoting a realistic body image and apparel. If he was holding an e-cig and a tumbler of whisky it’d be like looking in a mirror :heart_eyes: