Weekly Event: Carol of the Bells

Just hear those Slay Bells ringing! Plus Ragnagord and Silent Night return! Find out more >> http://bit.ly/1TYY0SR

Hey Matt, are we getting the cool Christmas novelty music back again?

We’re looking into it to see if it’s possible :slight_smile:

A bundle with a revisited weapon and Epic troop? Plus gold and runes? All for 10 Glory? Pretty steep I must say. Might have to play a whole four battles to earn that much. :expressionless:

Busting chops aside.

Hopefully people regain a little interest in the Orb and try out the Imperial Jewel some more, and I am also glad to see that the suggested boost to Winter Imp (forget who made it) was taken! Makes him feel more legendary and all.

Also, @Shimrra, here’s that Gem sale you ordered!

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I’m excited about that winter imp boost myself!

The orb I feel like is not really a good enough boost to put it back in rotation though…

Some great packs you guys are offering though, thanks so much!

I’m excited about the prospect of the music more! (so long as we’re not stuck with it until Easter like last time :stuck_out_tongue: )

We’ll see. This’ll help - and heroes will only come back into real contention in 109 methinks - though I note still seeing quite a few heroes in line-ups…

Of course, it comes after everyone has bought** gems lol.

Yay! For Winter Imp love!


Some very successful build require the hero with a specific weapon.
Even though matches take quite long, one of the strongest builds in the game is still Hero (eternal flame), Alchemist, Valkyrie, Banshee.

And considering that everyone now needs a ton of souls again to get all his/her troops to level 20, Valkyrie just became the most important troop in the game again with the introduction of patch 1.0.8., so right now I am definately still playing my level 495 hero a lot…

Haha but seriously, you HAD to have known there would be a sale the week of Christmas, I mean that’s just common sense right?

Yeah :stuck_out_tongue: still…

Thanks for having included traitstones in the weekly packs. It helps!

The 0-gem gift is a nice surprise, thanks.