What is your favourite troop, and why?

Rock Worm.

Dealing good damage while being a creator at the same time.

Jarl Firemantle.

He is a freaking Fire Giant! He has a fantastic art and flavor text with a great pun. And his maniacal laughter when he activates his spell fits all of it perfectly.

Because she’s a cat, and i like cats

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Skeleton , because I like undead and love playing aggressive.

Avina. True shot, agile, and triple damage to undead. What’s not to like?

Green Slime. It is such a great card! And a perfect fit in any purple team.

Druid. His spell has nice damage output, and I like his art.

Just got him to mythic today. Now I love him even more.

Soothsayer. I’ve loved this card from the moment I saw it, and I always try to fit him in my line-ups, one way or another. So cheap, so useful, plus he looks super cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Atlanta… Always was and always will be… For her… Style…


Emperina. Her spell is the closest thing there is to a proper Resurrection effect in this game, as well as one of the strongest buffs around. Nothing beats the feeling I get when she makes my 1-HP team leader come back to full life, and then some!

She didn’t receive great traits (that’s understatement, her traits are very close to useless, actually), and she’s primarily a support in most line-ups, but I don’t care. I still love her to bits.

In the Arena pool, I have similar feelings for the post-1.0.8 Dryad, aka the mini-Emperina. =)

As for PVP, there’s one troop I have my eyes on and which should get amazing and wreck the current meta if I can only give him his third trait before 2020. But no luck this far. I’m not telling who that is until I can make him a force to be reckoned with . ^^

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Yeah, I can’t wait to get Venomous onto my Poison Master either…


At the moment Orion, the underrated hunter.

Salamander. Original Burninator.

rock worm,reminds me of the movie tremors xD

Shadow Dragon.

Biased by the fact I got 2 Shadows dragons at the start of the game, 1 from my 8th iron key and another at my 11th.

With what we have on console my current favourite is Gorgotha. Hands down the best Mana generator I have.


Even though magic is irrelevant nowadays.

Behemoth, cause it was my first legendary from an iron key at around lvl 50 - used him in every line-up up until 1.07. Sadly no more use now. Ah, nostalgia.