What's your least favorite troop to fight against?


Psion. Makes me rage quit the most.


But he’s so squishy! (Psion).
No immunity, no armor, no respawn…


Probably still Famine but Fizzbang and Plague are a very close second. Psion doesn’t really bother me Dust Devil makes him pretty useless. Using a non looping team deals with Mab. Impervious makes Kraken almost useless and Krystenax makes all trolls completely useless


Agreed with psion. First battle in guild wars today and i get the dreaded team headed by psion. Stuck in dust devil on my mono colour team and after my first move, psion is no longer an issue, comfortable win :+1:


Honestly, somehow I feel like Keghammer is, in a way, more insane than Ferit…


He’s not insane. He’s enthusiastic.


Yea, but ya gotta love David, he may have a short fuse, but he has large ambitions.

Back to the topic on hand, As an end game player, As any troop is beatable, it’s the grief troops that are the least fun. Ragnagord, Spirit fox, and even Siren are all solid troops making it easier to fill up the enemy team’s mana before your own.


He’s enthusiastic about racist mass killing.


Famine, because he’s the guy when you are ready to crush the AI, who said “no, no, you start again the battle with 0 mana to your troops”…

2nd Psion, he should not steal mana. Drain mana is already enough good for a skull trigger trait…

So maybe OP, you could open a poll so we can then choose which troops we are going to put in the nerf train :slight_smile: . Yeah I’m missing the nerf topics…


This is a hard one for me. Ultimately, I think I’d have to say Psion b/c of his ability to fundamentally alter the trajectory of the game with a single sky drop of a skull 3-match. In GW, where teams are slower b/c of color overlap, the Steal is brutal. It almost always then fills him for a follow-up AoE drain. It’s basically a hard reset of all your progress with one lucky 3-match.

Runners-up medals go to EK/Kryst/TDS for being blatantly OP super-well-rounded troops that do too much too well, and to Mab for the fact that a single 4-match in GW is effectively a full team Freeze, which is really obnoxious.


definitely psion. i retreat every time regardless of how the good is the board. i even retreat in explore. i even retreat in gw.


Ragnalord since I like to use soul of xanthoes to steal mana. Psion, famine and infernus all of 15+ mana so I cast, drain them and cast on the next one. Ragnalord has only 13 meaning I cast then need to refill to cast again, making it more a calculated risk.

Forest troll for same reason as above.

TDS because it either dies first hit or gets 5 respawns and the board drops extra turns after he casts… stupid I do everything troop.


What an awesome player you must be! I bet your guild loves you!!


I’m changing my answer to Fizzbang. My first GW loss in a couple of weeks was because of her.



10 char


yes. because my guild cares so much about being in bracket 1 GW they make it mandatory for 23 GW daily per person must win best score all color no excuse :ok_hand:


Delete as appropriate.


Hm, interesting! I think that makes the character quite effective, then. It’s like her annoyance is created from the fact of having to continue doing battles around the same premises (her wanting something new all the time); and that repetition in itself adds to her character. :wink:



10 char


I believe Psion is the worst.