What is your most least favorite/most annoying troop?

Which troops do you dislike or that downright annoy you…not only if they’re under/overpowered…Also if the voice-over/art annoy you as well

I’ll go first

  1. Mad Prophet - is he a male with a woman’s voice or is she the first bearded lady? because the pic clearly shows male and the voice-over is without a doubt female.

  2. Fenrir - the whole “Fresh Meat” thing annoys me…not because of what he says…it makes sense…but the voice he was given.

  3. Tau - I am more confused that annoyed here…in the story he sounds like a complete idiot in text tau this…tau that…he never uses I or Me…BUT when you cast his spell he sounds completely normal…no backwards barbarian grammar…he’s down right eloquent.

lets hear yours.


Famine. Not only can he one shot but he drains everyone. Normally after the first Famine cast I just retreat because it would still be pretty easy to win but it would take far too long.

I’m wondering if I should throw the inevitable responses that are coming a bone, or if I should let this thread drag on and on until they finally arrive.


@Lyya *facepalm

Yeah. That one and its red little buddies. Nope nope nope nope …

Of course everything else run with those are jerk troops too.

Psion… Whenever I am sleepy and plays with a Gorgotha team I forget that Psion steals my first troops mana upon skull damage. So annoying… :disappointed_relieved:

Any troop that does something and you can’t tell what it did (Mongo for example) Brian is another example

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I for one LOVE bone dragon, I never use him for defense,just invade

Spirit Fox. I hate it with all my heart and usually skip PVP battles with it on the defence.

Everything that steals mana and is empowered/fast should be banned, killed with fire and buried 6 feet under.


don’t forget you can’t target it for it is stealthy.


Favorite: Gorgotha - The fact that he automatically refills himself 95% of the time is makes him perfect for pretty much any team.

Weird: Apothecary - What is the squeak sound she makes, supposed to be?

Worst: Famine - Almost every match I’ve ever played against this troop, the AI magically cascades until he’s full. I don’t even bother anymore.

weak units dont annoy me, sometimes i even like to fight against them :stuck_out_tongue:
i also like to fight against rng units as they bring something new (surprising) to a stagnant gameplay

perhaps if you rephrased your question to: "what troops you dislike/get annoyed to use in your team? "

  • you would get more satisfying answer but for now the units that i dislike and get annoyed by are those that reduce my fun the most - meaning some most annoying troops in pvp defense.

my list from most hated as 1st:

  1. EK 2.Famine 3.bone & manticore

Already been mentioned, but Spirit Fox. I simply refuse to enter a PvP battle against it. Much rather refresh and find a new battle not designed to annoyed me and prolong the battle.

Traits - Stealthy and Empowered. No thank you.
Spell - True damage, mana drain and board control. Stop, it hurts.
And to top it off it has a low mana cost which it usual gets back after it casts. Ready to drain you again and repeat the process.

Bone Dragon has nothing on that vermin.


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