What are your best teams with the latest troops/weapons/classes?

Something that always makes GoW fun to me is experimenting with what the new stuff being introduced into the game can potentially offer in terms of team-building, so I was curious what kind of teams you guys have been making.

I made a video highlighting Gobtruffle, Orpheus’ Verse, Sheggra’s Spine and Champion of Gaard (…and Hierophant…?).

To me, all of these troops/weapons deserve some expirementing since they’re offierng strong spell effects along with their mana generation potential.

I haven’t been able to dream up an effective Vash PVP team or had the patience to level Hierophant up to 100 to get Fireblade, so I’m curious if you fine folks have cracked the code on them yet!

Teams I came up with (or stole from Guild):

Gobtruffle Team (w/ Forest Troll, Doomed Glaive and Maraji Queen):

Sheggra’s Spine Team (w/ Flame Troll, Hyndla and Jotnar):

Champion of Gaard Team (w/ Doomed Blade, Mercy and TPK):

Orpheus’ Verse Team (w/ Ishbaala, VoO and TPK):


This is a good idea to give people ideas for the new content, nice job.

I like the Gobtruffle team. Sheggra’s Spine seems made to go with the Jarl-Fire Giant combo or Forest Troll. Not using the brown gems it creates seems like a missed opportunity. It similarly strikes me as odd not to have a single red ally with CoG, to take advantage of that third trait (his best aspect by far IMO).

There are a lot of ways you can go with Orpheus’ Verse. I’d be interested in seeing how well a looping team with Moneylender, Holy St. Astra, and Tesla would work.

I agree, the Sheggra’s spine team not having anyone use brown (aside from the Titan getting barrier) is an obvious miss, and would naturally seem to call for Jarl to be added since he both makes more red and takes brown.

However what I’ve found is that you basically just need the firestorm to kick off and a 4/5 to be made with the weapon and then you’re off to the races again with Flame Troll.

I end up just trading casts of of SS and Flame Troll over and over and over again even if everyone’s full to just massively pump my magic and then just have Jotnar fire ze lazors on the prey.

Fully fully agree that the brown mana from that weapon isn’t being fully utilized, I’ve just had better results with Jotnar in place of Jarl, personally.

As for CoG, I find +1 stats to all per turn to be devlishly slow. Basically by the time the stats offer any kind of significant impact, the other team should already be dead by then…or more than likely you are.

To me, that means in order to use him effectively I basically ignore the red he’s making and leave that to himself. THAT BEING SAID…I bet the team would work just as well (maybe better?!) with Doomed Crossbow instead since I’m not even using all the fun reds I’m making with Sunspear, and it’ll turn the blues made into Doomskulls.

Oprheus Verse definitely has a ton of use, I was just super jazzed to have a reason to make a Warpriest team. So much so that I’m finally going to level it up to 70 so I can take advantage of that enrage on 4/5s!

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Makes sense. I could see looping with Flame Troll being a bit more reliable than Jarl, who always seems to find ways to miss and leave a fantastic board for the opponent.

Vash’Dagon gets no love!

This is my new favorite Explore team:


Leprechaun explodes into Skadi’s blue storm, sometimes filling Vash’Dagon in one turn. Go ahead and target Skadi with Vash - it’s not like you will need all 8 turns of her storm anyway. Or hit the hero if you want for a few more points of damage. KAPOW!

Sometimes Doomed Crossbow fills faster, on a board that is loaded with…blue. KAPOW!

Maybe you want something to take on those pesky Life & Death teams?


Leprechaun first, then it’s the Divinia show thanks to the red storm every turn. Use Staff of Visions on Divinia as needed to boost her up to full mana and maybe increase her magic. Full team cleanse, lots of health gain - what’s not to like? Cast Vash’Dagon on Leprechaun / subsequent 4th troops as available.

The only downside (if you can call it that) is that sometimes Divinia will bless or barrier your intended target troop, preventing Vash’Dagon from consuming it. Cast the troop to end bless or wait for L&D to pop the barrier.



Just tried both of those teams and they are fantastic. Thank you. The anti l&d team works like a charm. Sometimes it can take a while to get the win but it’s always a win.

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Nice to see Vash getting some use, it really doesn’t seem like too bad of a troop. One of the best Mythics of 2019, sadly.

That second build is what I envision most effective Vash teams looking like. Another idea I had was just to stick Vash in the back of a team that can take advantage of his passive curse to apply status effects (especially featuring mana-drain/burn troops like Khorvash or Mab). Then, when a troop is close to death, starting the Vash devour chain. It might not work, but it was a thought.