Any Suggestions of Troops builds using this week's event?

I’m currently monopolizing on this week’s bonuses and have the following build:

  1. Ettin
  2. Obsidian Golem
  3. Stone Giant
  4. Gob-Chomper

However, the synergies are poor. I think I need a mana color generator troop in there.

What team builds are recommended for this week, given I don’t own Gog and Gug?


I’ve attached Obs Golem wit my justice team and have been creaming pvp and grabbing those 2x traits.

Obs Golem***/Valk***/Justice**/Mab***


Sheesh - there’s always one troop I don’t have. This time it’s Queen Mab…

Krystenax*** / The Dragon Soul*** / Obsidian Golem*** / Sylvanimora*** … the team is pretty versatile. the third slot can have just about any troop swapped in and succeed.

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It can be that way sometimes. Little by little you’ll build an arsenal. Jus make sure your in a guild that best suits you and you’ll grow fast.

I have been enjoying this team which is stupid powerful early- to mid-game and has a nifty theme

Unicorn Banner

Rock Spirit
Lava Elemental

edit: And if you don’t have Gorgotha perhaps change banner and throw in Sunsail who is remarkably handy with it’s Stone Link Trait

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Yup - as per usual, there’s always one troop I’m missing. In this case…Krystenax. I just counted up my unowned tr0ops and there is a total of 29 troops out of 300+ I still don’t own. Probably due to only playing GoW for 4-5 weeks… :slight_smile:

Thanks KrudlerTheHorse. I have been keeping up to date with your cool YouTube videos and saw that build in your recent viedo. I will definitely give it a go, however, I was hoping for a build that used the new Obsidian Golem to get the traitstone bonuses.

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Oh good point about the 2x Traitstone

How about

Obsidian Golem
Sunsail / Gorgotha
Laval Elemental / Sheggra

Its just one of many approaches :slight_smile:

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Excellent - exactly what I was after, and I have all those the troops!

Let me play around with all six and I’ll let you know my preferred combination - thanks!

I’ve been using Ettin / Obsidian Golem / Gorgotha / Sheggra. Playing tier II and III PvP battles and have lost one out of about 30.

Thanks again for the info.

P.S. Funnily enough, one of those battles was against a troop mix you recommended in one of this week’s video. You definitely have a following!