Community Mythic Tier Lists

It worked perfectly against a bracket 1 Paragon defense. That’s all I can say.

Any AW teams in 867? I’ve only looked there for event teams before.

My YouTube would probably be the best source of AW teams. I had this link on hand for a different matter but it will lead you to at least one team.

Cool, thanks. Didn’t know you had a YouTube too.

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I use it mainly to help my guild(s) when I have the time to do so. Sometimes I’ll share it with the community as well.

Wow! Great to see the thread so active. I’m going to have to reply in phases lol.

I think this is a better approach, actually. When you get down to it, there really isn’t too big of a difference between certain tiers of mythics, let alone within a single tier. Troops are designed for different roles, it’s always going to be apples-oranges to an extent, so there’s no need to spend too much time trying to find the perfect hierarchy.

I would disagree here, on a few counts. Doomclaw’s spell is legit terrible - a max of 71 single-target damage (requires a looping team to get it), with a charm-like devour chance that is crippled by stealthy troops, immunities, barrier, and bless. Enrage is a nice status, but needs to be reapplied after each skull hit, and Doomclaw’s trait is unwieldy for that purpose.

Vash’s spell, by contrast, is unwieldy, with setup costs, but usable. Check out some of the builds in this thread, for examples where people have put it to good use. Enrage is nice, but curse is more consistently useful and more important in general I’d argue for devouring, stunning, mana draining, etc.

As for Famine, I think he’s really a casualty of how fast the game has gotten. How can team-wide mana drain be effective, when, as a daemon-mystic, you’re almost guaranteed to be slower than the defense you’re trying to take down? It can be good, but takes a lot more setup work to get there (a curser to take care of immunities and board control to get mana; I wonder if Medea is almost essential to modern Famine builds). Considering that Famine is probably better suited these days as a support to stronger troops (same as Champion of Anu), having so much setup cost is a big minus.

Pharos-Ra is always going to be a source of disagreement I think lol. From start to now, I’ve been able to pretty much get by without him for my souls needs. He may speed up player progression, but souls are still by and large obsolete for endgame players (from my understanding), even with the addition of elite levels. That hurts the argument that he’s essential for resource accumulation. As a troop, I agree that he isn’t on the lowest rung, but he ain’t great either (due to the total neglect of souls troops - imagine if he had all the toys Cedric does on the gold side!). Any build that features him is going to be slow by modern standards, won’t scale, and highly vulnerable to status effects.

Anyone got some time for more tier-list talk, amidst the uproar going on in that other thread?

It’s not so much that I don’t think TPK belongs in S. I just think it’s weird to have it set in a tier of its own basically, despite some pretty significant shortcomings that make it questionable to say its the best mythic in the game. Yes you can get away with TPK being your only mana generator in many instances, but its risky, and definitely not adviseable against top-notch defenses.

Re: Arachnaean Weaver, yeah you might not kill on the first cast, but you’ve webbed the entire opposing team, which in many cases cripples any sort of threat they may pose. Certain skull-spam teams may be able to shrug that off, but in most cases that softens the blow of losing the turn (especially if you’ve left them a bad board at the end of the turn). Or you’ve instead hit them with your other true damage dealer on the first turn, and guaranteed a kill on the second, which will often snowball into a win.

I guess I would just caution against getting caught up with too specific of a criteria for defining what is/isn’t good. This kinda ties into what you said about loop potential too (which can backfire/lead to not being able to cast in certain situations, making turn-enders situationally better).

I maintain Suna’s a bit underrated. There’s something to be said for a troop with zero setup costs, who debuffs the entire opposing team, and contributes FF to ratchet up your own team’s damage. She is a bit slow to get started, but is basically twice as good as Xathenos, with lower mana cost and her FF trait to boot. The fact that she does true damage means she fits on different teams than Titania, despite their being thought of as interchangeable by most.

Voice of Orpheus has his niche, but as Idle said, his damage isn’t what I’d call decent. Assuming average team mana costs, he’s looking at around 60 single-target damage per cast, since he drains his own mana to 0 before casting. That’s abysmal: on average, this is the least damaging mythic spell (excluding the likes of Stonehammer and Abynissia). Many epics do more than that.

Agree on TPK
Agree on AW
Agree on criteria definement. Loop potential is not always a good thing.
Agree on Suna. Suna can be very good though its very hard to find a good situation worth using her. Games just don’t last long enough for her to shine.
Agree on Voice of Orpheus. I’ve started liking Sister Superior more than Voice of Orpheus. Kinda sad to see that happen.

Yeah, I’m not much help

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Hey, agreement helps! Always good to know you’re not on an island on these things.

Anyone else want to have a crack at figuring this one out? I’m guessing on a red day, you can run Shade of Zorn with Gar’Nok (a surprisingly good mana generator), where the loops can end in Shade casting almost every turn. What would be the best for the other two slots? Bloodhammer could be good, to use the brown Gar’Nok generates, but you do want at least 3 Orc allies for Gar’Nok to be reliable. Fist of Zorn+Mang/Earth’s Fury?

Lol… Before too much time is wasted on such a niche build.
The troop was used because of the defense it was countering. Otherwise it would have no business ever being used.
That being said… Because he was used…I had to include him on my list. The ones off my list are never used anymore or were never used in the first place.

Also… Since I’m not a streamer. My list evidently isn’t worthy of being in the OP. So I clearly don’t know what I’m talking about. :wink:

I mean I did make Slayer (popular opinion says shitty class) and Vash’dagon (popular opinion says shitty Mythic) a super useful pair…

And my team builds thread does average over 2k views a month…

But yeah… ignore my list of the best Mythics in the game. :grinning:

I usually wait until a good new Mythic comes out before I update my list. But since it’s going to be at least a month before that happens.
Here’s my brand new ranking…
(Updated list can be found by scrolling down)

you can make almost anything a useful pair in casual pvp left side.

Without explaining why they’re the best Mythics, it doesn’t really help anyone… The list also doesn’t have Ketras or Zuul’Goth, both of which have their fanbases.

15 second matches useful? :thinking:

My list was originally designed for crafting purposes. I don’t judge anyone for doing it. But putting ZG on the list feels douchey to me. I think it’s well known that if you can craft ZG, you should. By my own rules (since I used ketras last GW… And will hopefully again…) I errored in not including it originally.
Here’s the updated list. (Final draft)

And basically the way I define my rankings in how often I use the troops or how beneficial they are to early gamers who don’t have the luxury of having all the troops.

To be fair… The OP only has images from what I see. Personally, I don’t see the point in doing a video to justify my reasoning. I’m only interested in passing on information that is useful. Not clicks. :grinning:


Not a fan of wild queen? I’d have put her in the top 8.


My God. She must of been deleted by accident. Okay I definitely need to check this list more seriously… Thanks.
Exactly why I need my own personal editor at all times… The list is updated and done for sure.
I checked over all the Mythics in the game again and am satisfied with my definitive list that I’ll surely screw up again when I try to add the next great Mythic. Lol

There’re too many variables for this to be just 1 tier list. Depending on the team and “luck-factor”, each Mythic and Legendary can indeed be deadly.

I don’t think Eric was trying to slight you, Awryan. Chalk it up to something as simple as him just not seeing your original list?

If Shade of Zorn even has a niche use countering a strong defense, that would still be enough to move it above the bottom 10 mythics, where most people have it currently ranked. What kind of defense would it be useful to counter (especially on red day, where there are so many other options)?

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I apologize, I did not see your original list. I have now included it in the original post.

Additionally, I have updated the original post to detail the requirements for submission (which are currently only an image at minimum). If anyone creates a reasonably thorough tier list, I will try to include it in the OP.

It includes images as well as links to videos.

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As suggested crafting order for new players? Just curious since I’m currently undecided on my next crafts. I won’t ask for specific recommendations so I don’t derail the thread.

The two should be one in the same yes. In my opinion, the best Mythic list shouldn’t matter what level a player is.

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