Request for Legendary Tier List

Hi all, I’ve been looking around for a legendary tier list. I’ve seen reviews for mythics but not really legendaries. Is there anyone who can link me there (if it exists) or any experienced player willing to write one?

Currently I’m level 200+ and have all legends before mythics appeared plus a few newer legends. I’m really considering whether I should be spending resources on them. Some of the newer ones I got are Divine Ishbaala and King Silenus.

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There’s no real best legendaries it’s all down to opinion and the team set up.

Some of the best IMO is

The Dragon Soul. Decent damage with all dragons, explosions give mana and he generates souls.

Krystenax. Amazing damage, removes a colour from the board, summons, stoneskin enchants itself on purples and can’t be entangled. Is good on all teams.

Cedric Sparklesack. Good for the Skeleton Key team.

Glaycion and King Bloodhammer. Together they make a great doom skull team.

Yao Guai. Should have been a mythic but for some strange reason was put as a legend.

Divine Ishbaala, Forest Guardian, King Highforge. 40% mana start for divines and 50% mana start for beasts and dwarfs.

Kraken. Good devourer.

Gorgotha. Great tank.

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Reproducing a post I wrote elsewhere:

Here is Grundulum’s unofficial and highly opinionated list of legendary tiers , as of November 2018. I only used four tiers: (1) legendary troops that are good enough you should be spending diamonds to craft exhausting your event key supply to find them; (2) legendary troops that are really useful but not quite in the top tier; (3) troops that are okay/good in the right teams, but not usually worth seeking out; and (4) troops that are pretty much only useful for getting stars of kingdom power. (I see excuses for more tiers, but I wanted to keep things fairly simple right now.)

As mentioned above, this is my own personal opinions. I am happy to discuss anything people feel is out of place or have questions about.

Cream of the crop:

  • Divine Ishbaala
  • Emperor Khorvash
  • Glaycion
  • Gorgotha
  • Krystenax
  • Queen Mab
  • Queen Titania
  • Sylvanimora
  • The Dragon Soul

Generally strong:

  • Borealis
  • Crimson Bat
  • Dark Monolith
  • Divinia
  • Emperor Liang
  • Forest Guardian
  • Infernal King
  • King Bloodhammer
  • King Highforge
  • Kraken
  • Moloch
  • Nimue
  • Qilin
  • Queen Grapplepot
  • Queen Ysabelle
  • Sekhma
  • Taloca
  • Tesla (awesome in Delves!)
  • Winter Imp
  • Wrath
  • Yao Guai

Situationally useful:

  • Artema
  • Bone Dragon (slightly better in early game)
  • Carnex
  • Dracos 1337
  • Gar’Nok
  • Garuda
  • Glitterclaw
  • Hyndla Frostcrown
  • Imp of Love
  • Jarl Firemantle
  • Keeper of Souls
  • Kerberos (situation: on defense. I don’t like relying on random chance when I am in the driver’s seat)
  • King Mikhail
  • King Silenus
  • Leviathan
  • Lust
  • Magnus
  • Medea
  • Orion
  • Psion
  • Scylla
  • Sheggra
  • The Great Maw
  • Tinseltail
  • Umberwolf
  • Urskula
  • Webspinner
  • Winter Imp


  • Abhorath
  • Autumnal Imp
  • Behemoth
  • Bunni’Nog
  • Celestasia
  • Chief Stronghorn
  • Gloom Leaf
  • Goblin King
  • Gog and Gud
  • Hydra
  • Kruarg the Dread
  • Saguaro
  • Shadow Dragon
  • Sol’Zara
  • Spooky Imp
  • Spring Imp
  • Summer Imp
  • The Silent One
  • The Widow Queen
  • Venoxia
  • Viper
  • Willow

Can’t get from chests:

  • Cedric Sparklesack
  • Genie’s Lamp
  • Lady Morana
  • Luna
  • Silent Sentinel
  • The Deep King
  • Xerodar
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How do you get those not from chests? And also why is Behemoth crap? It can potentially fill itself and deal mass damage.

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Cedric Sparklesack comes from Vault Keys. The others are faction legendaries that you get in the Underworld with chaos shards.

I have Behemoth there because his spell does less damage than other legendaries, and despite his third trait he isn’t a good lead troop. Furthermore, his spell destroys random gems on the board, which means it is unreliable: sometimes it will hand the AI a good board. I don’t like troops whose effects I can’t control (Kraken is “Strong” because its third trait is so good, not because I like its spell.)

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Okay, I’ll bite.

  1. What makes Glaycion cream of the crop yet Forest Guardian not part of that list? FG has more fundamental uses at both the low level range and high level range than Glaycion.

  2. What makes Willow “crap” yet allows Garuda to be situationally strong?

  3. In what universe is Dark Monolith “generally strong” where as Keeper of Souls is merely situational?

  4. How is Yao Guai not part of the cream of the crop?

  5. How is it that Sylvanimora, Krystenax, and The Dragon Soul are cream of the crop yet Divinia is only Generally strong? Sylvanimora is only good for its 3rd trait and Divinia has more practical uses. TDS eventually loses a lot of value at higher levels while Divinia holds steady. To me, Krystenax is another “generally strong” troop that doesn’t do much outside of that. If it was cream of the crop, I have to wonder why I never use it anywhere.


Preface: you and I are end-game players with nearly complete collections. That colors our needs, and what troops are useful. Beginning players without (m)any legendary troops are possibly looking for different things than you or I are.

  1. Glaycion is a two-color converter that can act as a tank. As a bonus, it creates Doomskulls, so there is mana generation as a consequence of its spell. I never really ran beast teams, so I didn’t see much use for FG.

  2. Garuda’s spell gets better the more times you cast it. Willow’s has some board modification, but not enough that I would use it over other options. (And again, I don’t really run beast teams.)

  3. Dark Monolith can sit at the front of a team and tank, unless they took away Stoneskin while I wasn’t looking. Further, because it targets the two weakest troops it will preferentially kill, rather than weaken. This means fewer enemy troops around to cast a spell, which I approve of. KoS is ideally suited to skull-spam teams, but that’s the only place. I see Monolith as a more versatile troop.

  4. I’ll cop to that. Yao Guai should be moved up.

  5. Sylvanimora is great to neutralize the enemy’s lead troop. TDS offers soul gain. Both are very useful for early-game players—the kind of person who would be spending event keys trying to target important legendary troops. Krystenax can tank, do area damage, summon, and (if used wisely) lead to extra turns. It’s a great troop to build a team behind if you can get it early. Divinia, by the way, is great later on in the game. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see a competing list place her in the top tier.

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If this list is based on low level players, then:

  1. I wouldn’t suggest a 18 mana troop up to tank up front. Slows the team down too much unless you have no plans on using Brown or Purple anywhere else which are 2 of the most common troop colors.

  2. You may want to look at Willow again then… Board modification + mana generation via destroy, a good AoE, and a boost ratio of 3x per brown gem destroyed. That 3x seems like nothing to an end-game player but that’s pretty huge when players have very little magic to start. Garuda doesn’t get damage bonus until its future casts and only 3 magic for 9 red gems. You can’t always expect the board to have 12+ whenever it casts.

Willow has a better 3rd trait which if gotten at a low level, can make Willow very hard to kill since it can apply to itself.

I will never use Garuda for anything, but I have used Willow on defense before.

  1. I don’t feel like Stoneskin is a good reason to suggest a Legendary. There’s so many functional low level troops that can provide the same benefit like Dwarven Gate and Bulette. Rock Spirit does better than Dark Monolith at that low level range as well.

Board modification is strongest at the lower levels and end-game. Lower levels since you have enough time to actually make moves and take hits. End-game since it lets you smartly hit enemies without giving up your turn. (or a low level attempting overleveled content like pet rescues). A focus fire skull bash is a really strong way to kill off troop, especially paired with Enrage which is now much more plentiful (which ignores Stoneskin).

Dark Monolith just isn’t that great for its color typing unless you’re the AI in a delve that has enough extra life to survive long enough to trigger its 3rd trait over and over again and a really high base magic to make the double damage matter.

  1. For an early player, traitstones aren’t easy to come by. Sylvanimora is an overpriced low damage dealer with minimal mana generation due to exploding columns. If someone wanted neutralizing, Cockatrice is better at a lower level.

TDS and Krystenax are both good for low level players due to boost ratio where as my assessments were for all level ranges. I guess I’ll give you that. At a higher level, they just aren’t that great anymore.

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Just like to find out what are the criteria for low level vs high level player? I mean I’m lvl 200 (but lvl 1000 aren’t rare). I have a huge stash of legendaries and a few really ancient mythics. But definitely not upgraded many of them because I’m waiting to farm more souls with Pharos Ra once I get enough diamonds to craft.

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Might be different for different people, but I personally think anyone under level 1100. It also depends on how players play to gain levels; a level 1200 could easily be underprepared for most of the higher end content. It doesn’t take too much effort to get to around level 1055.

A lot of a “low level” player isn’t actually the levels, but more of the kingdom upgrades and stat bonuses they have earned. A “low level player” can actually still have a fully traited strong team, but lack troops or traitstones or gold or many other things that game demands of its player base.


Like TheIdleOne, I don’t have a firm division between low levels and later. I’d draw the arbitrary line at troop availability: once you have roughly half the legendaries, you’re probably no longer struggling to put together a team for non-scaling content (PVP, Explore, Delve farming, Dungeons, Guild Wars).

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What are people’s thoughts these days? I’m a new player, keenly interested on how I should be spending my precious souls/traitstones/orbs, and would really appreciate input from endgame players.

To start discussion, here’s my current understanding, based mostly on my research on the current (4.3.5) state of the game. I’m only focusing on troops you can pull from chests, since you have a bit more control over seeking out the faction legendaries, and they are still relatively few in number.

S: Invest at will, these troops complement mythic troops well and can be included in your best teams through the endgame
A: Good investments, overall not as strong as the S-tier, but still excellent pulls with utility even in the
B: OK investments, these are good troops can build your team around these deep into the game, but will see significantly less use in the endgame
C: Early-game only, you may need to invest in these for guild wars or other events, but limit what you put in, because these troops will become obsolete
D: Do not invest in these, your lower-rarity troops are better


Divine Ishbaala
Emperor Khorvash
Keeper of Souls
King Bloodhammer
Queen Titania
The Dragon Soul
Yao Guai


Crimson Bat
Forest Guardian
Infernal King
Jarl Firemantle
King Highforge


Emperor Liang
Holy St. Astra
Queen Grapplepot
Queen Mab
Queen Ysabelle
Winter Imp


Bone Dragon
Dracos 1337
Goblin King
Hyndla Frostcrown
Imp of Love
King Avelorn
King Mikhail
King Silenus
The Great Maw


Autumnal Imp
Chief Stronghorn
Dark Monolith
Gloom Leaf
Gog and Gud
Kruarg the Dread
Shadow Dragon
Spooky Imp
Spring Imp
Summer Imp
The Silent One
The Widow Queen


Skullspawner: Glaycion, KoS, Bloodhammer = weak against entangle & skull reduction (unless paired with cleanser and enrage or stun respectively), might also risk killing yourself. Will think they are A tier.

Also, Krystenex can be A tier: summon (in case you need), enchant (so casting is fast), skull reduction, good damage (not as good as YG or mythic)

Sol’Zara ain’t too bad given that it can generate souls…but trashier than TDS

Think you overestimate Crimson Bat…I’ll put it B tier.

Kraken deserves A tier with its devour. Powerful when you can get it looping.

Mab deserves an S tier until there’s a mythic with full freeze trait. Also the damage is high with arcane so long you can loop it. Weak against mana burn immunity. But enemy cannot loop against you easily.

Frostcrown can get very powerful when looped with full giant team (the last trait of magic boost is necessary) - I’ll put it in B tier (A if you use with Jarl & Fire giant).

Leviathan with the knock back can be good against team formation…can be put in 2nd last tier.

Emperor Liang deserves A tier. I ever once lost to a deck with Bard, Emperor Liang and sth else because the healing was pushing health beyond 500 (my Infernus and Mab can’t damage it as fast it heals even though I ain’t dying either)

Starflower transform chance is decent to put it in 2nd last tier.

Lust is still useful against attack based decks. B or C tier is ok.

Orion is trash enough to put on last tier.

Behemoth 2nd last tier. Board movement.

I’m currently lvl 500+ (have majority of legendaries but mythics are fewer than my fingers) I have more comments but can’t type easily on phone.

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Hyndla so bad?
She is a beast in any Titan-Team (3rd Trait + Summoning + Freeze).


Thanks for the feedback! A lot of your comments hit on things I myself was questioning as I made the list. I’ll break my response into two posts.

  • I wasn’t sure how strong skull/doomskull spawn was in the endgame, having heard conflicting reports. I’m down to move them to A based on your comments.

  • The hallmark of S and A tier is the ability to be viable in a Mythic-centric metagame. That’s why I’m inclined to leave Krystenax in B-tier, since as you said it doesn’t do elite damage, and while it’s solid in many areas, doesn’t excel in any either.

  • I had the same thoughts as you on Sol’Zara, can bump it up to C-tier if you think it merits use by those without TDS.

  • I could’ve gone either way on Crimson Bat, whose true damage I thought still gave it some use in high-level play. I can move it down to B-tier.

  • From what I’ve read, Kraken is now more valued for its traits than the devour chance, since HK Irongut is the preferred devourer. Like Krystenax, I thought it’s fallen enough out of the endgame to belong in B-tier, but if you can tell me a few high-end teams that use Kraken, I’d be happy to change my mind.

  • Same thing for Queen Mab, who I didn’t think could hang with the Mythics anymore. Is Mab+Champion of Anu a good enough endgame team?

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part 2…

  • I found Frostcrown (along with Avelorn, Silenus, and Urskula in C-tier) a bit tricky to place, since I haven’t seen much on the viability of mono-type teams. Giants are pretty strong, so moving her to B-tier isn’t too hard of a call.

  • I just didn’t think Leviathan’s order-changing shenanigans were good enough to get it out of bottom tier. After all, Stronghorn has a similar effect. Does the fact that Leviathan uses blue mana make it better?

  • It’s too bad nobody talks about Liang lol. If it can withstand mythic-tier damage, then it def belongs in A-tier.

  • I thought the randomness factor of Starflower would doom it to bottom tier. 20% chance at transform is pretty unreliable for a 15-mana cost (to say nothing of the stupid 50% faerie fire on her third trait). Kinda the same deal with Behemoth, whose spell can easily give the opponent a good board. I could see moving Behemoth up, since its third trait is that good on a looping team, but is that good enough to place it up front instead of the hero, or any other number of troops that reduce skull damage?

  • On the flip side, I was very tempted to put Lust, with its 40% transform chance, into B-tier. Your comment is enough to push me into doing so.

  • Orion isn’t great, but I do think it brings a few usable synergies. Its 11 mana cost is incredibly quick for a Legendary, its spell is an easy source of hunter’s mark and it boosts its own magic with each cast. Its traits generally stink, but that third trait, allowing it to do skull damage as true damage, is pretty unique. Unless you think the randomness of its damage is that bad, it seems more like a C-tier than a D.

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I have a few more thoughts since last week:

  • I’m thinking of bumping Gorgotha and Lust each down a tier (to B and C-tier respectively, I was previously considering moving Lust up to B). Gorgotha really is just a lesser Mountain Crusher, and I can see it getting mostly phased out in the late game. Lust’s transform is strong, but I still can’t see myself using a troop slot for only a 40% success rate, especially on a 15-mana troop.

  • Also thinking of moving King Avelorn up to B (at least). Avelorn is a key component of the main Life & Death team that has people up in arms in pvp. These type boosters (including St. Astra, Hyndla, Silenus, and Urskula) all seem pretty strong, it’s just hard for me to peg their exact usefulness.

  • Also will move Queen Mab up to A-tier in the next revision. I think my first list underestimated the utility of freeze on her third trait. Her spell may be only B-tier worthy, but that trait makes her a good fit on many teams.

  • For now, I think I’ll put the newly-released Frostfeather in C-tier. The curse-all effect during icestorm is going to determine how good this Legendary is, and I’ll wait and see how viable teams that use this aspect of Frostfeather’s spell are before moving it up. I think it has potential to move up, but I haven’t heard much about blue mana-centric teams doing well in general pvp. Too bad the traits are so mediocre.

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Don’t knock her spell. Strong AoE + Arcane Trait + turn back potential. Bit nasty.

I always made the why is Queen Mab so OP compared to Behemoth? rant back in the day.

I mean, Queen Mab does more damage than Fallen Valdis. Does that count?

Worth noting: Doomskulls > Entangle and Skull reduction.

I don’t think I could ever say any AoE troop deserves to be in the D Tier with that phrasing.


I mean, Queen Mab does more damage than Fallen Valdis. Does that count?

Worth noting: Doomskulls > Entangle and Skull reduction.


Re: doomskulls, yeah, at least for the mana generation + board control, amirite? That’s why I initially included those 3 in S-tier, and will keep them there if there’s still support for that idea. Like I said, I’ve heard conflicting things on how effective doomskull teams were overall still, so it’s hard for me to get an accurate read.

Why do you say that? I’m thinking that there are many AoE troops of lower rarity, who are faster to cast and cheaper to invest in than the D-Tier Legendaries. So unless they do significant damage (compared to the lower-rarity options), having an AoE spell would not be enough to save them from the bottom of the barrel.

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40% success rate of Lust is low? That’s pretty dangerous already and can destroy team synergy.

Urskula isn’t good because the whole race is pretty trash as of now. St Astra depends…rarely seen anyone used it well. You would generally have enough mana with Possessed King.

I’m a big supporter of Mab. The freeze is powerful. Moreover there’s no mythic as of now to freeze all. Then with arcane and assuming each enemy has about 5 Mana, it can deal excess of 80 damage (20 each) for 15 mana (mine starts at 12 magic which means 3 spell casts is enough to bring it up to 15 magic - with enough looping I have brought it to over 20 before)

In comparison, Infernus, among the best mythics deals excess of 120 damage for 24 mana. Granted, Mab damage can’t go through against mana burn immunity.

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