Community Mythic Tier Lists

For the most part, the list seems good. The only one I have major doubts over is Abynissia. Yeah, she’s an overpriced exploder that isn’t interesting to use in the slightest, but at the end of the day, she still is an exploder (which can fill from 3 different color sources) that can generate mana for an actual proper team. She actually does something meaningful, unlike the F tier and many of the D tier.

She is a pretty good anchor in the Diabolist hero class event due to a passive +2 Attack and + 2 Life per turn for Demons and the general class event being slow and clunky (but heavily purple focused).

I’d probably dump it ahead of Plague at least.

Edit: Actually, I have doubts on Queen of Sin too. Mediocre damage, mediocre/unpredictable summoner/bless only applies for Daemons which still doesn’t have a viable daemon focus team. Blessing a full team is pretty irrelevant if your team is really irrelevant… You’d have a better day running a Vanya Soulmourn with 4/5 matches without having to deal with troop type restriction.

It doesn’t actually do any one thing good and its a pretty poor Jack of all trades.

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I can’t super argue against your Queen of Sin comment, I wouldn’t debate anyone who wanted to place her lower.

Abynissia’s usage and spell being beaten by so many other exploders makes her hard to really place up there any higher for me, but in class events or any events where she’s basically your only option I can definitely see your point that she’d bring more to the table than “nothing”.

Glad this version of the list gelled more this time around :heart:

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The list definitely continues to get better, keep up the good work Key.

Did you factor elite level stat buffs into this round of rankings? I think they will have a significant impact on a number of troops eventually (medals of Nysha are so rare now that we probably aren’t seeing the effects yet).

My opinions:

S-Tier: I get the argument for setting these two apart, but disagree with it. TPK is the best support troop in the game, but you’re better off building your team around literally any of the A-tier troops here (and many of the B and lower troops!). HKI is far and away the best option for high-level delving, but is just ok in most other modes; how much importance should we put on just one mode of the game? I would tend to lump these two with the As.

A-Tier: No beef with any of these.

B-Tier: The most objectionable tier for me, still.


Arachnaean Weaver got dinged a bit in 4.6 (Warlock role and Cedric medal hurt it), but it is still very fast, helps you big when you’re winning and helps you the most of all mythics when you are losing (no troop in the game has the comeback factor of this one). Throw in the fact that it’s the backbone of the best defense in the game, and it’s a cinch for A tier (and is still arguably the best mythic in the game).

I could make similar cases for Megavore, and to a lesser extent the Gray King being significantly better than the listed Bs as well.

Suna is MIA.

B is too high for Voice of Orpheus and Queen Aurora. The Cedric medal nerf saved VoO from total oblivion, but it’s still a mythic you’d really rather not use unless you have to.

C-Tier: Other than the ones I called out above, I’m not seeing a big difference in power level between most Cs and the Bs.


I actually agree with your placement of Queen of Sin - daemons like Wrath and TPK can control the board without casting, and her bless-all daemons protects them well, with her summon making Wrath expendable as a front troop. Her traits are pretty helpful too, specifically arcane and her third trait that applies debuffs to the enemy team with each ally spell-cast (Azura-style). Shame she inexplicably got stuck with the warmaster role, giving her no magic buff (despite the fact that she doesn’t have any board control, unlike most warmasters).

I do think Elemaugrim and Famine are a bit worse than the others here, and fit more with your D-tiers.

D-Tier: Champion of Anu being stuck with a defender role is a travesty, but not enough to put him with this lowly crew. He’s a solid C on this list IMO, a support troop whose ability to dismantle an enemy troop complements many builds.

I took Idle’s remarks on Abynissia to in part be aimed at some of the D-tiers being rated a bit too highly. The completely useless Plague in particular stands out, but I’d also say Doomclaw is worse than the rest of the listed Ds.

F-Tier: I actually agree with your placement of Abynissia on this list, for the reasons you listed (almost any exploder is a better choice than her for most teams). On a different list, her and Draakulis would rate a tier higher than the rest of the Fs, but for this format it makes sense (a lot of the Ds are just better than those two).

Thanks to all for sharing. As someone who is missing 22 mythics, I know which ones I hate fighting more in PvP than possibly using on attack. It’s also helpful to know which Mythics I can avoid crafting while using more easily obtainable delve troops to similar or better effect.


Good advice is hard to come by. Bad advice is easily avoidable once identified. Thanks again to all.

Apologies for the significant delays in this update to the Mythic Tier List. Real life workload has been part of the issue, but I also spent time contemplating restructuring the tier list in significant ways, partly to emphasize the different roles troops play. However, in order to keep the existing list maintained, and easy to share for users, I have opted to keep the Mythic Tier List in its current format at this time.

In the meantime, I have been experimenting with several of the troops and found them to be significantly more powerful than I thought; part of this was me building teams that weren’t fully utilizing their abilities, and part of it was having somewhat of an aversion to making the S-Tier bigger than it was. Both those things influenced the rating of several troops, including Zuul’goth, who has been promoted from B-Tier directly to S-Tier.

I have also updated the Tier List Image significantly. I received feedback that the image wasn’t very readable, and that the vast majority of players wouldn’t be able to just recognize each troop with just a thumbnail of its art, so I have reworked it and I think the new graphic is a significant improvement. Let me know what you think.

The next update will likely be significantly delayed as well, I’d like to do another cleanup pass to ensure every Mythic has a correct structure and includes a section on troop synergies, and that I get team codes up for all the teams (that’s going to be a slow process, and I’m probably going to redo some teams while I’m at it).

Also, no I won’t be making a Legendary Tier List any time in the forseeable future, there’s more than 90 of them, and just creating the original Mythic Tier List that had about 30-35 Mythics on it took months to write. I highly encourage anyone who complains about the lack of a Legendary Tier List to write one themselves.

#4.6.0 Mythic Tier List on Steam

Tier List Image

  • Received a significant graphical update. Please share this with your friends!
  • Updated the color scheme to be more readable.
  • Added a name subtitle to every troop.
  • Aligned A/B and C/F tiers in the same row to create more vertical space.
  • Corrected an issue where Queen Aurora appeared in B-Tier rather than A-Tier, even though its position on the actual list was A-Tier.

What To Craft?

  • Updated to reflect the new tier list.

And, finally, the good part:

Troop Additions

  • Aquaticus : Aquaticus is a powerhouse, and great at the center of a Blue-based damage dealing team. It is nearly identical to Infernus, with the only differences being
  • The Gray King : This troop has great potential in terms of defensive utility and control, but does not quite pass the bar for S-Tier due to the fact that the PvP meta in this game is quite fast.
  • King Bloodwood : Massive damage output boosted by a useful status effect, but its spell does only damage, so you need to supplement it with Faerie Fire or Silence.
  • Champion of Gaard : This troop is an interesting and useful variant of Stonehammer. Most notably, it creates a large amount of Armor, that becomes even higher in the face of danger.
  • Vash’Dagon : This troop is… odd. It is reminiscent of a weird combination of Black Beast and Widow Queen. The final trait is interesting in that it provides Curse to support troops that need it.
  • Shade of Zorn : Ugh. Blegh. Ooof. Why? It seems like every time Grosh’Nak rolls for a Mythic it gets a Nat 1. This troop has many of the problems of Gargantaur, but does some things worse.

Tier Shifts

  • Zuul’Goth is now S-Tier (from B-Tier) : The double promotion, a thing spoken of only in whispers, believed only in legend. My original evaluations of this troop were honestly a result of bias and naivitee; if you combine Zuul’Goth with synergistic partners, it’s a powerhouse in both PvP and scaling modes.
  • The Wild Queen is now A-Tier (from B-Tier) : The buff this troop received helped it more than I thought; in combination with other Skull damage troops like Doomed Glaive and Wrath, it is a powerful looping Skull generator.
  • Elemaugrim is now B-Tier (from A-Tier) : Sorry old friend, the game simply has a wider variety of troops that do your job but better. Wild Queen loops better, Yasmine’s Chosen and other entanglers are better at mitigating Skull damage, most of the S-Tier troops deal more damage. Maybe if we see a Dragon Lord in the future…


  • Pharos-Ra : Hasn’t moved but his breakdown was completely overhauled. His status on the tier list is quite unstable; he is currently in S-Tier due to recent updates further restricting the ability of players to efficiently farm Souls in Explore. Future updates may make him less useful (there are hints a new or reworked game mode will provide good soul income), but I have kept him in this tier for the time being.

Curated Teams

  • Created a new team for Aquaticus
  • Created a new team for The Gray King
  • Created a new team for King Bloodwood (based on Stringfiddler)
  • Added a team by KeyLime for King Bloodwood (I had great success with Glitterclaw and ended up deciding to include it with credit)
  • Created a new team for Champion of Gaard
  • Created a new team for Vash’Dagon
  • Created a new team for Shade of Zorn
  • Created a new team for Zuul’Goth (please check that one out it’s my main PvP team now)
  • Created a new team for The Wild Queen
  • Added teamcodes for High King Irongut, Infernus,
  • Updated banner and added team code for Ketras the Bull
  • Fixed the Queen of Sin team so it displays properly.

I also decided to move my updates on my Mythic Tier List from its on thread to one for Community Tier Lists as a whole, editing the Tacet one I had made previously to include links to my guide and to KeyLime’s. If you have or want to make a comprehensive breakdown, I’d be happy to link to it in the OP.


Thanks for the update (and for the thread title change). Your guide remains one of the best team-building resources for new players, I plug it whenever I get the chance.

I think your current format is good - your intro explanation of troop roles gives a good enough sense of that aspect IMO. Splitting the list up by role would leave players wondering which troops to craft, since there would be no way to compare across roles (e.g. is the 3rd best striker better, or the 2nd best support?).

Also appreciate the effort you put into your summary image - I remember as an early player scrambling because I didn’t know which names corresponded to which thumbnails! (LOL @ Shade of Zorn’s picture - the abs!)

(Nobody asked lol, but when it comes to whose tier list I think is more accurate, I think it’s pretty much a dead heat, due to my having a few major issues with each list. I find the overall layout of Keylime’s list problematic, as discussed above. EliteMasterEric’s tier breakdown fits more with my understanding, but there are a handful of mythics I rate very differently: in particular, Pharos-Ra, Famine, Doomclaw, and Vash’Dagon.)

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Hey @Mana_Surgeon,

Thank you so much for the positive feedback!

One thing I notice is that other guides tend to make their guides more heavily stratified, and more heavily ordered. KeyLime has an extra tier on his list, and even reorders the troops within each individual tier such that high A-Tier and low A-Tier are distinct. Partly as a matter of philosophy (and partly as a matter of laziness lol) I order troops within my tiers alphabetically. This makes my tiers more loose groupings than tight hierarchies. I’m also quite hesistent to place troops in F-Tier, and I should maybe be placing more troops in C-Tier in there. It’s partly because if some person looks up a tier list and finds out their troop is F-Tier they’re going to be upset? IDK, I’ve definitely lost to Plague once when I wasn’t paying attention.

Doomclaw and Vash’Dagon are both troops that are kinda in the same spot. Their spells are okay, but I would only ever consider picking them up if their traits are relevant (and I have used both in deep Tower of Doom specifically for their traits). Staring at Doomclaw a bit more, I think it should probably be C (if I had ordered tiers it’d be high C).

Famine is an interesting troop to reconsider. I certainly haven’t used it in a long time, but it is unobjectionably useful in more controlling modes like Guild Wars (I’ve moved to a guild in a lower bracket in Guild Wars, I’m mainly running Doomed weapon empowered teams there). He might be deserving of a little bit of a buff (maybe scaling better in higher-level battles?) since most of the Guild modes have no use for him.

Pharos-Ra is definitely important. I remember the days when I was a very new player, when obtaining souls was a massive task (Pharos-Ra wasn’t even out yet, I pulled him later, he was my first mythic). The team has said there are big gaps in progression, specifically in regards to souls, and if those end up getting patched up he may move to A-Tier or B-Tier. Definitely not lower though, a nuke with a transform tacked on is still pretty good.

As for Shade of Zorn, that was literally an accident, the picture came out wrong when I was making the graphic and I thought it was funny so I left it in.

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I feel like TPK’s placement is going to be locked forever in S-Tier as far as I’m concerned. It isn’t so much that “you just kind of passively get more mana from time to time”. You have to think of it like “if I run a lineup that gets better everytime I get a 4/5 match, running TPK escalates that situation exponentially every time I match a single 4/5…cause 1 of them will turn into 2-10 of them”.

Hyndla magic pumping, dervish stat pumping, more chances at just randomly matching skulls, filling everyone on your team with mana, always establishing board control with your personal storm preference.

While the designation of “support troop” I think makes sense, I view him more as “accelerant” for my lineups. In the absence of a mana exploder or converter, I can run a TPK with some form of storm control and get away with it because the board WILL look the way I want it in very short order.

For the B-tier stuff, I think AW’s damage potential is too low to make it up to the A or S tiers. His initial shot basically will never kill anyone, and lacking loop potential without a kill, he always requires some other true damage partner to really “fit” into lineups. There’s basically no looping true damage dealers, so any lineup that depends on it either needs to scale up to killing level before you cast, or you’re defaulting to handing over turns to setup an eventual kill later.

For my playstyle, I like to have my team basically have the potential to win on turn 1. That means if it can win on turn 1, it can win on turn 2 or 3 or 4, I just need to get the board in the right state.

With AW, you’re defaulting to a non-turn 1 win condition unless you’re specifically running a dervish lineup to scale up it’s damage massively.

I like AW, but for me, looping is everything in coherent and successful teams and AW being a finisher style troop without kill potential on his first cast puts him lower on the list.

It’s the same reason I have Megavore down there, but Ketras up in A.

Ketras can kill when he casts immediately, so his value is much higher (to me).

I hope that helps explain my reasoning a bit.

Suna being MIA was just a total miss when I put together the updated tierlist maker, but I’d rate her mid-C. She’s a finisher troop (no loop potential) with a spell effect that scales a bit too slowly for my taste. I’d reach for a Queen Titania almost everytime over a Suna.

For Voice of Orpheus and QA, I wouldn’t super argue with anyone wanting to adjust them down a bit. You’re totally right that VoOs potential in a post-cedric world has hurt his viability. I used to rate VoO in the A-tier but he’s made his way down to the B-tier because of this.

I still find him very useful to lean on in GWs fights for the constant cleanse, and his damage output is respectable, but if someone wanted to call him C-tier, I couldn’t really make a super strong case against it. Think this placement comes down to personal preference and playstyle more than anything.

Ditto for QA, I wouldn’t argue an adjustment down to her placement.

C-Tier placement for Elemaugrim is mainly because he’s an AOE style troop with loop potential and a potentially interesting 3rd trait. On paper I’d reach for him over much sooner than I’d reach for someone else.

(I imagine a lot of our disagreements may just come down to my personal preference for looping troops vs. non-looping troops. If a troop doesn’t loop, it’s spell better be SICK to get me to use it).

Famine’s placement in C-tier is mainly because his damage potential and fight disruption is really high. In terms of a single target nuke, it’s theoretical damage is actually pretty sick. The problem is the “condition” for it to be worth it implies the AI has basically full mana all over the place…which IF THEY ARE…is a SUPER bad spot for you to be in… lol

I wouldn’t argue with someone moving him down.

I even mention in the video that I have people that I placed in the C-tier that I actually next to never, if literally never use. As I’ve watched the video back a handful of times, to me that would seem to imply that they should be moved lower in the tierlist.

The next time I make this list, I might re-name the tiers to make it even more clear what that level represents.

As it stands now, basically anyone in S through B are troops I regularly try and build into lineups.

People in the C-tier have their place, but it’s very specific if I’m going to use them.

People in D and below are basically “never use” status.

Super appreciate the feedback btw :heart:


In a world with a lot of 50% mana starts, an empowered exploder, and way too many empowered gem converters,

that’s actually not uncommon.

Ketras requires setup help to reach the point where it can kill. Most of the best setup tools don’t loop when they cast. Don’t see why AW gets penalized for it and not Ketras.

What counts as respectable damage? I’ve never liked VoO’s damage output, since Famine is 2x and VoO is only 1x AND doesn’t count itself in its own damage output. The boost ratio “says” it does, but the spell applies the damage after VoO’s mana is emptied.

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I don’t tier.
Just rank. :grinning:

I don’t stream. But I do make videos once in a while and do share builds weekly. At least a couple people use my builds. :wink:


Shade of Zorn?

It worked perfectly against a bracket 1 Paragon defense. That’s all I can say.

Any AW teams in 867? I’ve only looked there for event teams before.

My YouTube would probably be the best source of AW teams. I had this link on hand for a different matter but it will lead you to at least one team.

Cool, thanks. Didn’t know you had a YouTube too.

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I use it mainly to help my guild(s) when I have the time to do so. Sometimes I’ll share it with the community as well.

Wow! Great to see the thread so active. I’m going to have to reply in phases lol.

I think this is a better approach, actually. When you get down to it, there really isn’t too big of a difference between certain tiers of mythics, let alone within a single tier. Troops are designed for different roles, it’s always going to be apples-oranges to an extent, so there’s no need to spend too much time trying to find the perfect hierarchy.

I would disagree here, on a few counts. Doomclaw’s spell is legit terrible - a max of 71 single-target damage (requires a looping team to get it), with a charm-like devour chance that is crippled by stealthy troops, immunities, barrier, and bless. Enrage is a nice status, but needs to be reapplied after each skull hit, and Doomclaw’s trait is unwieldy for that purpose.

Vash’s spell, by contrast, is unwieldy, with setup costs, but usable. Check out some of the builds in this thread, for examples where people have put it to good use. Enrage is nice, but curse is more consistently useful and more important in general I’d argue for devouring, stunning, mana draining, etc.

As for Famine, I think he’s really a casualty of how fast the game has gotten. How can team-wide mana drain be effective, when, as a daemon-mystic, you’re almost guaranteed to be slower than the defense you’re trying to take down? It can be good, but takes a lot more setup work to get there (a curser to take care of immunities and board control to get mana; I wonder if Medea is almost essential to modern Famine builds). Considering that Famine is probably better suited these days as a support to stronger troops (same as Champion of Anu), having so much setup cost is a big minus.

Pharos-Ra is always going to be a source of disagreement I think lol. From start to now, I’ve been able to pretty much get by without him for my souls needs. He may speed up player progression, but souls are still by and large obsolete for endgame players (from my understanding), even with the addition of elite levels. That hurts the argument that he’s essential for resource accumulation. As a troop, I agree that he isn’t on the lowest rung, but he ain’t great either (due to the total neglect of souls troops - imagine if he had all the toys Cedric does on the gold side!). Any build that features him is going to be slow by modern standards, won’t scale, and highly vulnerable to status effects.

Anyone got some time for more tier-list talk, amidst the uproar going on in that other thread?

It’s not so much that I don’t think TPK belongs in S. I just think it’s weird to have it set in a tier of its own basically, despite some pretty significant shortcomings that make it questionable to say its the best mythic in the game. Yes you can get away with TPK being your only mana generator in many instances, but its risky, and definitely not adviseable against top-notch defenses.

Re: Arachnaean Weaver, yeah you might not kill on the first cast, but you’ve webbed the entire opposing team, which in many cases cripples any sort of threat they may pose. Certain skull-spam teams may be able to shrug that off, but in most cases that softens the blow of losing the turn (especially if you’ve left them a bad board at the end of the turn). Or you’ve instead hit them with your other true damage dealer on the first turn, and guaranteed a kill on the second, which will often snowball into a win.

I guess I would just caution against getting caught up with too specific of a criteria for defining what is/isn’t good. This kinda ties into what you said about loop potential too (which can backfire/lead to not being able to cast in certain situations, making turn-enders situationally better).

I maintain Suna’s a bit underrated. There’s something to be said for a troop with zero setup costs, who debuffs the entire opposing team, and contributes FF to ratchet up your own team’s damage. She is a bit slow to get started, but is basically twice as good as Xathenos, with lower mana cost and her FF trait to boot. The fact that she does true damage means she fits on different teams than Titania, despite their being thought of as interchangeable by most.

Voice of Orpheus has his niche, but as Idle said, his damage isn’t what I’d call decent. Assuming average team mana costs, he’s looking at around 60 single-target damage per cast, since he drains his own mana to 0 before casting. That’s abysmal: on average, this is the least damaging mythic spell (excluding the likes of Stonehammer and Abynissia). Many epics do more than that.

Agree on TPK
Agree on AW
Agree on criteria definement. Loop potential is not always a good thing.
Agree on Suna. Suna can be very good though its very hard to find a good situation worth using her. Games just don’t last long enough for her to shine.
Agree on Voice of Orpheus. I’ve started liking Sister Superior more than Voice of Orpheus. Kinda sad to see that happen.

Yeah, I’m not much help

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Hey, agreement helps! Always good to know you’re not on an island on these things.