Show me the mythics. Who has the most cards mythic? (Rankings)


Show me the mythics. This is the thread to compete on the mythics leader board. We’ve come a long way since it started on the cool screenshot thread

@Lyya was nice enough to add a dynamic leaderboard to her amazing website. Follow the Ascension Leaderboard instructions below and join us on the new rankings.

Ascension Leaderboard Instructions

Step 1 (Do only once) Link your gems account to ashtender, if you haven’t already
Step 2 (Do only once) enable the “Leadboard and Statistics” option on the Account page
Step 3 (each new mythic) Visit the My Collections page to update your data.
Step 4 Visit the ascension leaderboard to see how you did.

Old Instructions (no longer active)

Step 1 (Do only once) Link your gems account to ashtender, if you haven’t already:
Step 2 click on the link>0&filter-rarity=mythic
Step 3 take a screenshot with your name, the count at the top, and the count >0/mythic search criteria.

First post wins ties.
You can go up to 2 mythics without a screenshot, at 3 more, post a new screenshot.
Updates happen on the next daily reset after a new card is added. See the schedule for details.

Full leader board, Honorable Mentions, and Top Guilds sections are listed in the spreadsheet:

Old Schedule

As @yonizaf suggested, as cards get added, we raise the bar for how many mythics you need to get on the leader board, or honorable mention list. Here’s the schedule with the new required mythics for leader board/ honorable mention.

  • 6/5 + 1 card 331/326
  • 6/12 +1 card 332/327 next update on 6/13
  • 6/19 +2 cards 334/329
    (+1 more when first person on leaderboard gets each new guild war card to mythic)

If you have 300 or more, feel free to show off with a screenshot showing you’re a contender.

Show me the screenshots. Did your guild get a mythic in legendary tasks? Let’s hear about it.

Cool screenshot topic

don’t forget to set count to “>0”, otherwise base mythics you don’t own show up too.

I have just 298, but should add 9 more when I open this glut of gold keys.


@Rasper the level 20 does that and it’s much easier to explain and see.

You and me both @Rasper. I’ll be stuck a spartan (300) until 4/7 when we chase the new mythic, 4/10 the new legendary and 4/14 the new city. Then I’ll be a contender too. :slight_smile: We’re smart to hoard keys though. Our reward will be that 5 star new city.


295 here, sitting on 14k gold keys. It’s killing me.


second place so far is @Shimrra with 317 in the original thread.

That makes three of us @kynetarse. I’d still be stuck at 299 if Unrepentant didn’t get do 25 or so legendary tasks a week. I haven’t spent keys since I was chasing the last mythic. April is going to be a fun month for hoarders.

I lowered the show us your mythic threshold to 290. Let’s get some screenshots up in here.


This is my week to get 4 more guardians to mythic, and a few troops are 1 copy away from mythic. So it should jump to around 310 soon enough. Oh and i need 1 more copy for the new weekly troop to get him to mythic.


301, I guess we aren’t Spartans(300) together anymore. :smile: Great job in any case @DonBoba. You’re killing it.


Same here. I think I may start opening guild chests though, in the meantime. I’m still missing Death/Plague/Jotnar (whiffed on him unfortunately), so I need to open something off-week at some point.


322 here. No screenshots, Have to take my word for it. :grin:


I need to see a screenshot with the search showing the mythic and level 20 to officially be the new leader though. :wink:


That’s what I started doing recently. Actually, just today I got a Plague from guild chests (and they were not even maxed) when trying to get the last few copies of Sacrifice for the nice round number mentioned in this thread.


Alright then. But I doubt I’ll be the winner in the end. :smile:


And now that I think about it: shouldn’t we exclude the classes? This means my total is 312.


And now with the correct screenshot.


289 is how many I haz. :cry:


That’s still great @HKdirewolf.

312 That’'s still good enough for 3rd place @MarvelKit Note in the original post how I said to search for Mythic AND level 20. That takes care of classes and ones you don’t have.


But guild chests dont award exlusiv mythic? They just pick a mythic from all mythics (if you happen to get a mythic). At least it was like that.


During mythic week they do give you the exclusive new mythic. It’s glory keys, gem keys, guild keys and VIP keys. I got the last new mythic with guild keys alone.


Just got Forest Guardian from a legendary task and ascendend him to mythic so make that 302.


We got a forest guardian in Unrepentant too last week. This week it’s been Queen Ysabelle, Gorgotha and Crimson Bat. Don’t you just love legendary tasks @DonBoba? Mythics are pretty rare, but those are pretty sweat too. I’m still missing Wulf. Someday…