Battle for the crowns - "Winning" the game

Back in March 2017, “winning” the game seemed to be getting all troops in the game to mythic. I started the more mythics list thread to track who was closet to achieving that goal. Later, it inspired the ascension leaderboard which has continued the race to a complete collection.

Now, there are 10 of us that have achieved this feat, including three from my own guild family (TUF, The Unholy Family).

It seems time to raise the bar and throw down a new gauntlet. In 2019, what does it mean to “win” the game?

In horse racing, there is something called the triple crown, where the point is to win multiple events. I propose we set forth towards a triple, or even quadruple crown by trying to tie at #1 on as many of the following leaderboards, one crown for each.

Ascend all troops in the game to mythic (1 crown)

Get all classes to champion level 100 (1 crown)

Complete all delves to level 500 with faction teams (1 crown)

Get all weapons completely leveled (1 crown)

Who else will race for the crowns? Does anyone have a double crown already? Am I crazy to set forth such a goal? Should the stakes be different for what merits a crown?

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I’m not participating, so it doesn’t really matter, but I’m not sure asking someone to buy every weapon in Gems of War (including real money only weapons) just to participate seems like a fair metric.


For similar reasons, I think we can all safely skip maxing all pets as another potential crown. I doubt it’s even possible since the holiday pets don’t repeat and the most anyone has maxed out is 65 of 81.

The competition would be about winning as many events as possible, so even if someone did buy old weapons, they’d still need to grind a bunch of epic ingots. I was initially reluctant to include it as well, but the first person I talked about this with was a big fan of chasing all weapons.

A triple crown would already be a big achievement and I don’t know if anyone could even hit all 4.

As it stands, if I just look at the standings without cross referencing them, there are 10 with crowns from ascensions, 0 from classes (likely about 25 next week), 7 from factions, and 0 from weapons (highest has 251 of 262 weapons).

You can actually buy those (at least on console). 250 Epic Ingots and 5,000 souls for $24.99

That being said, I’m pretty sure GoWDB is tracking some of the unreleased future weapons as part of the all weapons tally, so you won’t get an accurate tally without a manual recount. At the very least, I don’t think someone at 251 of 262 weapons will suddenly say, nah, I’m good.

Instead of saying getting all pets mythic or all weapons maxed = 1 crown, how about just be #1 on those leaderboards = 1 crown?


If we make it how many leaderboards someone is on, there could potentially be 7 crowns. For hero level (current max 1896 level hero), invasions (current max 115,096) there will only ever be one person. For pets there would be just a few. The other 4 listed already will be rare to hit #1, but eventually there would be a larger group all tied at #1.

How many leaderboards you hold a #1 spot seems reasonable.

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I dunno
I think this is a weird game to be ranking players based on total content completed

Do we put asterisks based on VIP level?
It’s like athletes based on steroids vs those who aren’t

Just not an even playing field by any means
But u guys have fun


How is it not an even playing field? Everyone is free to put in as much time/money as they choose.

Many, how many? Impossible to know, cannot afford to spend real money on a game. So they are not “free to choose”.
Same for time, some might have an hour or two to spare, maybe not even every day. Some may play all day every day.
So no, it’s not an even playing field.

So if I have every troop to mythic at VIP 0
Am I better or the same as as a VIP 20 with the same results?

Obvoiusly my Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire rookie cards would be worth more if they weren’t rounded out Lol

Roided not rounded

A small tease for tomorrow’s dev Q&A stream and Salty’s preview stream this week…

If you’re looking for a reason to create a new leaderboard to measure end-game progress for 2019 and 2020, your wish will be answered in 4.5.

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You are much bolder with teases than I am.


I’m nowhere near as bold as I used to be with the teases from a few updates ago. Perhaps I’ve become more refined over time with these types of posts? Maybe over time I’ve indirectly picked up a few pointers observing Salty’s posts/streams about the timing and wording of things (is that even a good thing?). Dunno. Perhaps, in my own way, I’m trying to generate hype for the streams this week.

Answer: The same.

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Life itself isn’t fair. You could easily list a dozen reasons for unfairness in just about anything. Anyone with limited time budget would never achieve many of these things without years of effort and lots of luck.

If you’re saying there will be some new leaderboard built into the game great.

If you mean there will be yet another grind (class levels, delves), or another currency added (like ingots, zuul), then I great this news with terror. Either way, you’ve given me a reason to watch.

This game has certainly delayed the release of my next novel by many months. I retired to write full time, yet I’m spending days to do explore to level up all the classes. I feel thankful for the few moves towards making the game more sustainable (potions, adventure board). Please tell me there isn’t yet another grind being added.

My interpretation of what’s leaking out is:

Kingdom levels will go up to > 10, and part of reaching the higher levels will involve doing the challenges. Twice.

Makes sense. It’s a thing most players probably don’t actually finish because it’s boring. The devs are on a quest to make sure their metrics look good and players engage with underutilized modes. That doesn’t mean removing them or making them more intriguing. It means tying your daily rewards and upgrades to finishing them.

I can’t wait to see what bonus they put out to make us play 20 treasure hunts daily.

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I wouldn’t be so sure about players not finishing challenges because:

6 Stars: +400 Gold

Collect 12 Troops
Upgrade 9 Troops to Level 18
Complete 7 Challenges at 5 Stars
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On that front, I bring good news (probably). What was the last game mode they added that was endlessly grindable? I think it was Explore. Everything else since then has been gated to some degree so that established players couldn’t simply race ahead with their more developed account. Whatever is coming in 4.5 (I didn’t get to take part in this beta due to real-life circumstances), I would be surprised if it were endlessly grindable for an advantage that end-gamers would find useful. I think it’s a lot more likely to be something like diamonds or chaos shards, where the devs control resource gains to more effectively manage the economy.

But the dev Q&A is tomorrow (right?), so maybe there will be something more than just speculation soon.


Kingdom levels >10 seems a pretty safe bet.

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One little thing that just occurred to me:
it’s perfectly possible that veteran players have their challenges unfinished because finishing them was not required for star levels back in the day (when only troop levels and trait count mattered).
I might stand a little corrected here.