Community Mythic Tier Lists

Anyone else want to have a crack at figuring this one out? I’m guessing on a red day, you can run Shade of Zorn with Gar’Nok (a surprisingly good mana generator), where the loops can end in Shade casting almost every turn. What would be the best for the other two slots? Bloodhammer could be good, to use the brown Gar’Nok generates, but you do want at least 3 Orc allies for Gar’Nok to be reliable. Fist of Zorn+Mang/Earth’s Fury?

Lol… Before too much time is wasted on such a niche build.
The troop was used because of the defense it was countering. Otherwise it would have no business ever being used.
That being said… Because he was used…I had to include him on my list. The ones off my list are never used anymore or were never used in the first place.

Also… Since I’m not a streamer. My list evidently isn’t worthy of being in the OP. So I clearly don’t know what I’m talking about. :wink:

I mean I did make Slayer (popular opinion says shitty class) and Vash’dagon (popular opinion says shitty Mythic) a super useful pair…

And my team builds thread does average over 2k views a month…

But yeah… ignore my list of the best Mythics in the game. :grinning:

I usually wait until a good new Mythic comes out before I update my list. But since it’s going to be at least a month before that happens.
Here’s my brand new ranking…
(Updated list can be found by scrolling down)

you can make almost anything a useful pair in casual pvp left side.

Without explaining why they’re the best Mythics, it doesn’t really help anyone… The list also doesn’t have Ketras or Zuul’Goth, both of which have their fanbases.

15 second matches useful? :thinking:

My list was originally designed for crafting purposes. I don’t judge anyone for doing it. But putting ZG on the list feels douchey to me. I think it’s well known that if you can craft ZG, you should. By my own rules (since I used ketras last GW… And will hopefully again…) I errored in not including it originally.
Here’s the updated list. (Final draft)

And basically the way I define my rankings in how often I use the troops or how beneficial they are to early gamers who don’t have the luxury of having all the troops.

To be fair… The OP only has images from what I see. Personally, I don’t see the point in doing a video to justify my reasoning. I’m only interested in passing on information that is useful. Not clicks. :grinning:


Not a fan of wild queen? I’d have put her in the top 8.


My God. She must of been deleted by accident. Okay I definitely need to check this list more seriously… Thanks.
Exactly why I need my own personal editor at all times… The list is updated and done for sure.
I checked over all the Mythics in the game again and am satisfied with my definitive list that I’ll surely screw up again when I try to add the next great Mythic. Lol

There’re too many variables for this to be just 1 tier list. Depending on the team and “luck-factor”, each Mythic and Legendary can indeed be deadly.

I don’t think Eric was trying to slight you, Awryan. Chalk it up to something as simple as him just not seeing your original list?

If Shade of Zorn even has a niche use countering a strong defense, that would still be enough to move it above the bottom 10 mythics, where most people have it currently ranked. What kind of defense would it be useful to counter (especially on red day, where there are so many other options)?

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I apologize, I did not see your original list. I have now included it in the original post.

Additionally, I have updated the original post to detail the requirements for submission (which are currently only an image at minimum). If anyone creates a reasonably thorough tier list, I will try to include it in the OP.

It includes images as well as links to videos.

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As suggested crafting order for new players? Just curious since I’m currently undecided on my next crafts. I won’t ask for specific recommendations so I don’t derail the thread.

The two should be one in the same yes. In my opinion, the best Mythic list shouldn’t matter what level a player is.

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