AWR's Team Builds

Rather than necro a similar thread.


Public team builds

I figured it’s best to start off fresh. I promise to only post teams randomly and only when I feel like it.
You may get lucky by requesting a team because part of the random is me just forgetting this thread exists.
Also, contrary to similar incarnations. ALL the teams will be posted in the comments section.
No need to thank me, “you’re welcome” in advance.

Oh and to be able to be able to see ALL my builds outside Guild Wars*. Simply join our Discord server and join one of the fAWRmily guilds**.

*My Guild War Teams are only able to be viewed by AWR members during Guild Wars.
**Only members who are in a guild that has Requirements will have access to my builds.


Shaman Class Trial (Tier 3)


August 2019 Bounty



For the Tauros team, would you change any of the other troops if you used Ketras instead? Or would you simply put the hero up front and swap out Minogor?

I have Ketras. Minogor is now a better version of Ketras. At least for that build. Ketras would just be a huge Mana block.

That’s why I suggested shuffling the order.

I will say that I like the combo of Skeleros with a doomed weapon on that team.

You want Mino in front though. But yeah anytime a new troop is brought in the order most likely needs to change. Outside of Minogor, the entire order can be swapped around since the other 3 don’t block each other what so ever.



I’m using the same, but with Court Jester down the bottom!!!

You’re half Mana away from having a great team then. :wink:

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Thanks for sharing your team, it works wonder!

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Faction Assault Sunken Fleet



Thanks for sharing your teams!

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Great team. Thanks for sharing!

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Just a bit of feedback Mr Ryan, which I don’t necessarily expect any comment (you can’t reply to everyone), but just so you can see that people are interested! So I’m a level 1319 on xbox.

The faction team you posted with sunbird/rowanne worked like a charm up to a certain level. Was a bit annoying when opposition were submerged, but a cast from Maraji Queen to curse enemies soon rectified this (even if no 4 match skulls converting green). Rowanne always used to be one of my ‘go to’ troops years ago, and it’s just a shame that she literally becomes useless once armour is damaged. Especially if you purchased tier 2 for explosion, this team was highly effective and enjoyable.

Team with Minogor was a bit more of a struggle in my opinion. Obviously not every team will work against every defence so you need to pick you battles, a lot of defence teams these days inflict entangle on your first troop. This pretty much made Minogor useless for both spell casts and skull bashes. I found myself holding back on casting Sunweaver in the hope that Entangle would wear off, which just slowed the battle down. Skeleros just never seemed to hit for me when converting skulls (I tried the team around 10 times), leaving me open to attack.

Doomed club is actually one of my favourite weapons and I was hoping to have a new team to use it in. My current favourite team is Doomed Club, King Bloodhammer, Apothecary, King Highforge, Kracken Banner with Runepriest class. Have a go with this and let me know what you think!

Appreciate team sharing though, thank you!


Considering it was made for a class event. You do what you can, but not a wise choice outside of the event.

Same deal with this. It’s designed to help folks get all the Faction Assault rewards as fast as possible based off Tier 1 for the one day event. I was able to claim all the rewards by finishing Level 80. Basically I could spend hours explaining the strategy behind each build and how to use them. I try to make videos when I can. But outside of that, I’m not willing to invest the time to teach every player who happens to find this thread. I do enough teaching as is with my 149 guild members.

The title says it’s all “AWR’s Team Builds” not “AWR’s Team Builds and Strategy”. :wink:

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That’s why I said this :crazy_face:

Don’t worry I don’t need advice on strategy, hopefully gives a bit of feedback for anybody else trying out the teams.

Apologies I didn’t realise the Minogor team was for a class event, that’s my bad.

The intention wasn’t to pick fault with any of your teams. As I say the faction team I thoroughly enjoyed using. If you’re going to take the time and trouble to post teams then the least people can do is post if they have tried them, to show a bit of appreciation for your efforts.


Just to be clear, on the Tauros team, were you thinking that there isn’t a better mono-Tauros team that includes Ketras?

If I did I would have made it. Keep in mind the team was made for a defense well above level 20. I forget what the levels were for the class event.

I get that, it just surprises me that going all-in on skull damage was the way to go, even in a scaling class event.

Is the logic that multiple enraged skull/doomskull hits > a splash damage nuke that you have to wait to recharge?

(I’m just trying to fully understand your team-building strategy here, thanks.)