AWR's Team Builds

Sorry man, you just kinda got to see it or you don’t. As I told someone before. Literally just today on here…I don’t have time to teach strategy to anyone outside of my guilds.

Warpriest Class Trial


For the invasion, I’d say St astra is a dead weight and doesn’t adds a lot.

Ishbaala already enchants 2 allies, so half of Astras enchant goes to waste.
The hp added by Astra doesn’t makes a difference on later levels, you die as fast with or without the added hp beyond a certain level threshold.
Also Astra adds 0 bonus to the siegebreaker, as he’s feeding on Leonis empire troops, not humans at large.

I’d rather switch her for something like Khopeshi, dead weight as well, but adds 20 dmg to siegebreaker simply by being on team. AND is a perfect way to avoid forced bad moves (those situations we all hate, when the only avalaible move on board gives the ai a skull match or a match 4/5 for next turn).

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But “challenging” my thought process is just another attempt to get me to talk strategy. If you like the team… great… If you don’t like it… Great as well… But what part of not wanting to talk strategy about is so hard to grasp? Stuff like this is just clutter that gets in the way of people trying to scroll to see a team.
This isn’t an art gallery set up for critics…
It’s a benefit concert and you don’t like my set list. :man_shrugging:


Why ya don’t go with hassle free Mang 3Queens for invasion? It’s a walk in park :wink:

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Because that’s boring (imo).

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I’d say it’s hard to argue with results:

Your inability to see Astra’s benefit is your loss, I suppose. Keeping hit points high on your seige breaker is a huge benefit when you get to higher levels. Out of curiosity, how far did you get?


Here so far. Bought just tier 3 in shop, so outta sigils. No loses at all, barely 3 or 4 troops killed so far in all battles (and that due to rng), and pretty fast fights, so I’d assume my variant (with siegebreaker - ishbaala - L&D/thief - khopeshi) is efficient too.

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So basically…

Your boost ratio for the Invasion troop is exactly the same as my build. Except using Thief does nothing for your build but summon troops.

You sure about that? I did tier 4. And yet you’re somehow ahead despite zero lost matches nor troops for me.

Yea, I always jump over first days, and roll from friday on, in sigil events. I’ve noticed that the more consecutive matches, the higher the chance for ravens.

Are you all caught up? Like out of sigils? If so please post a SS of towers destroyed and level.

That was after finishing all saved sigils up to & including saturday (so after tier 3 + 6x the daily sigils).
Bought to tier 5 on sunday and went to lev 144, around 350 towers destroyed (no ss sadly).

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Basically, you kept your Siegebreaker at Epic Rarity all week, used all your sigils. Then on Sunday you took it to Mythic.
Yet, you’re here offering me team building advice/criticism.

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Proof positive the invasion team from @awryan was the shit! I have two accounts and I never had more fun doing Invasion in my GoW history. My lower account blew though 400 towers like it was nothing. 0 losses. My main account 1200+ bought one less tier and breezed undefeated also through 300 towers. A perfect build and a lot of fun! I’ll do the maths for you that’s almost 200 invasion battles total. Thanks @awryan


Nope, I orb-ed it straight to mythical from day 1. Some aren’t worth an orb, but this one was.

That’s even worse… You wasted 2 minor Ascension orbs or a major Ascension orb.
These 7 day troops are never worth using an orb on. Let alone wasting them when you are buying enough tiers anyway.

So no offense. But you shouldn’t advise anyone on how to play GoW.

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Stonesong Eyrie Faction Assault



Stonesong Eyrie Normal Delve


No offense taken; but I always prefer to plan ahead, and I’m conviced that this wasted major ascension will pay back in time.

Yea, I use a major ascension orb now. But that gave me a pretty top tier event troop for its kingdom/event type (I find it hard to imagine a stronger leonis siegebreaker than this one).

Thus, in the next leonis/human invasion I’ll spend 0 gems, and reap all rewards.

So this ascension orb saves me a couple of hundreds gems next leonis empire/human invasion, while giving me a couple of orbs of chaos for free via rewards; the odds being big that I’ll get that orb back by simply using the troop.

I’m not orbing all event troops as the majority are thrash. But some are standing out, like Earthcaller, this one, Charlotte, the dino godslayer, etc. In those specific cases, orbs are rather an investition than a waste.

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