Public team builds

Recently, without my consent, a years worth of my team builds and strategy were shared to untrustworthy sources. Before this happened. I had intended on sharing a few teams. Now I’m going to share them all as time allows it. Eventually the order will be from Oldest to Newest. But right now these are all new builds. Feel free to leave your builds as comments that you want to share. Or don’t…I can totally respect your desire to not want to share your IP. I wish I had that choice as well. :grinning:
RpVp when Fire Giant is buffed (Titan class)

RpVp (Titan class)

RpVp (Bard class)

*RpVp, the only Dragonish build I’ve ever used)

Old school RpVp build
Soul farming
Back when Draakulis was the best Mythic
Explore or CpVp (Mechanic class)
When Fire Giant is bufed. This is a nasty team… RpVp

Not original, a good meta RpVp team though against goblins

Created after I was the first to craft Xathenos for RpVp

Not original, a good meta RpVp team though

For raids this week, Archer class

For cPvP, explore, quests or challenges

For extra gold this week in cPvP and explore

For RpVp and PR (created 20 minutes after having the new troops, quickly known by many already)

When facing 4 Drake Riders in rPvP, I make sure they’re stunned before killing them.

This team is solid against Skull Spam Defenses. Or pretty much anything with Mercy on the other side. Priest hero class. RpVp

Love this team against any team that has at least 3 troops that can be fairy fired in RpVp
Against Mana drain teams in RpVp

For use against Goblin teams in RpVp & PR

Skull Spamming for RpVp

For invasions this week, Archer Hero Class (updated)

U ba stet or whuuut? RpVp (Archer class)

Level 20 Bounty Team

Raids team 6-11-18 (Archer class)(Hopes Crescent)

For double TS in cPvP

For Invasions this week (Hope’s Crescent) (Archer Class)

Using this in Casual PvP for now (Bard Class)

For extra gold the week of 7/2/18 in explore or CpVp

Raid Team for 7/2/18 (Archer class)

Suna team for RpVp

Invasions Team 7/9/18 (Titan class)


It’s a shame that your teams were leaked like that - I guess it’s always tricky to know for certain who you can trust with information that you’d rather be kept private.

Some cool teams though - I like the idea of the Gard’s team for this week. For quick explores, I find Forest Guardian/Sunbird/Fire Bomb/Ogryn to be very fast.

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check out this glitch?i was going to share a team i swear!


randomly made this while back cause i wanted to try to use pyromania again


My favorite team to use the last couple weeks.

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Small comment on the Drake Rider counter…

Usually these teams are placed there from players trying to help with « kill X amount of troops in PvP ».
Drake Rider teams are basically an easy to beat 8 kill fight.

So using stun to prevent the extra monster is kind of counter productive?


I see them all the time in 3 trophy matches. At least 40-50 of them a week. (500 matches).
Still counter productive to get 8 event stones from one match. In the same time you could get 8 from 2 matches.
You don’t double gold or trophies from facing 8 troops compared to 4.

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Nice builds but I don’t think there was anything new there… not sure I’d be precious about it being my ‘IP’…


This could be new information for anybody who is starting out and has access to these troops. C’mon now. I’m level 1,161 and I find some of the builds I see in places new.

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Maybe I’m being a bit harsh… or arrogant in my own brilliance :sunglasses:

Re the 4x DrakeRider teams… I find that taking DoomSkullDwarves rips through the 8 troops in not much longer than it takes for 4 troops, and certainly way less time than doing two matches… so I’d play that way and have 8 event stones (if applicable) rather than stunning them…

Cool…I look forward to you sharing all your builds here.
“IP” includes guild strategy and GW teams. Everything was leaked out. So now I’m sharing it myself. I thought it was a good thing what I was doing… Alas… The forums and all…:no_mouth:

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4 turns you stun them all ideally. But cool. Glad to hear what you prefer. Lol

Sorry if I offended you. Yes sharing is (almost) always a good thing.

I chuckle thinking it’s IP though. That suggests it’s private know-how that others couldn’t easily come up with… and with so many top guilds with top players talking to each other, plus the pretty open and incestuous forums / chat / media to find ideas, I doubt there are many secret recipe builds that a guild would need to fiercely defend as ‘IP’…


I’m just trying to be helpful man. And I stated my reasons of why I’m being helpful. I’m not intending to have an IP debate and derail the subject. So I’m gonna stop now. Take care. :v:

i consider my 4x rhynax team IP :sunglasses:


New Invasions team for the week posted as last photo.


Added some ancient builds, updated the Invasions team, and new Ubastet build for RpVp.

Added a level 20 bounty team.

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WOW that team need huge luck from Kerberos!

Raid team for this week added.

Is that the Hope Crescent weapon? Explain how it’s all working for you? Or you’re still experimenting?