Public team builds


Tier 5 with an Ascension orb.

And yes Hope’s Crescent


I’d come to something very similar but with Mang instead of Hope’s Crescent, which is doing okay so far. I’m wondering whether you considered Mang and your logic for not choosing it?


I use to use it all the time in raids. The reason I go with Crescent now is it does much more damage to Zuul’Goth and I can target Valravens with it.
Plus most of the time with Mang the skull drops usually go more in favor of the AI. So the Attack increase doesn’t usually benefit me long enough. I think I lost one Valraven match today. 100% due to luck factor kicking in. No matter what…I wasn’t getting those extra sigils Current progress still at tier 5.


I am getting wrecked by Webspinner on level 150…

I use

Crimson Bat

I only have Crimson different from your team with your Priestess Awryan.

I thought that the priestess would create skulls and it would backfire greatly, does it?


Of course. Lol
But the barrier usually prevents too much crazy Skull damage. And she cleanses those webs away.
Werewolf is an under appreciated Mana generator.


The web are indeed annoying but it’s the back to back to back green gems spam extra turn plus que 30 dmg that Webspinner does that wrecks me…


Added a Casual PvP team to get double TS this week. And my invasions team this week.


Added a new casual PvP team with Talent tree included.
Happy ingot hunting. :wink:


Added a new Raids team and a new event team.


I don’t have the hopes crescent (I think) but Skullbeard/Kendrala/Dawnbringer/Seadog

Works for me.

I toyed with Lion and Tiger (to remove boss from last place) and Scylla to them instant kill enemies with Kensrala in first to skull the moved boss. But she is too squishy, fun strategic play though.


Thank you so much for sharing this. I am constantly trying to find solid builds to work through. Even as a placeholder once I get the troop.


Updated the event team. Dawnbringer wasn’t powerful enough with the prior build.


Added a Suna team for Ranked PvP. As well as an Invasions team for this week.