Mythic Craft Advice

Hello all,

Background info: I’m level 963 and currently only have two mythics (neither are notable, Vash’Dagon and Stonehammer). I’m looking for some advice on what to craft as far as mythics between a few options I’ve been eyeing. With that said, here’s my collection if that is useful in offering any advice: My Collection - Gems of War Database

I’ve been waiting for awhile for High King Irongut and / or The Possessed King. With that said, Pharos Ra and Infernus are currently in the soulforge. I know those two are always high on the list of recommended crafts so now I’m somewhat torn. On the one hand, I don’t see myself doing dedicated soul farming right now with Ra (too boring), even though I recognize the importance and the value of that particular troop. I’ve read plenty also recommending Infernus as a first craft because it’s so versatile and generally very strong. That said, I have been holding out for HKI or TPK (I watch Keylime’s videos and he uses them constantly).

What would you guys recommend? I have about 5,800 diamonds right now so I can only craft 1 in the next month or so.

How do you feel about delves?

If you don’t delve, you don’t really need High King Irongut.

You don’t really need Infernus nowadays. Its a fun troop though.

I don’t even use TPK in most modes. So, you’re free to craft whatever you want.

On the bright side, fully traited Vash’Dagon pairs well with High King Irongut in delves. (Vash curses, HKI handles the rest. don’t need to cast Vash in most cases)


I would lean towards staying the course, you don’t need either Pharos-Ra or Infernus for any particular purpose.

If it was me, I would look for troops who complement the good Mythic you do have: Vash’Dagon. That means focusing either on troops who capitalize on his curse to inflict statuses (Irongut is a fine choice, but only if you intend to take on high-level delves; Obsidius, King Bloodwood, or The Gray King are also strong options), or troops who inflict true damage (TINA, Arachnaean Weaver, again The Gray King). TPK is a good general-purpose troop, and worthy of an early craft; I’d recommend him over either of the two options currently available.

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Worth noting TPK is only actually any good if you can get all 3 traits. If not, forget about it.


Regardless, it’s Pharos Ra you need.
Use him in a quick level 20 delve and you will get your daily souls and shards with minimal boredom.

If you still don’t think Pharos Ra is a good idea, I can point you to an old thread about how he was never in the soul forge. Week after week. This was back when it was purely random with no rotation. The crying got so bad that on Christmas, they manually added Pharos Ra to the soul forge.


Obsidius, Gray King, or TPK, emphasis on the first two.

Forget about Ra/Infernus. As far as I understand (through playing an alt past 1000), there are enough ways to get Souls for weekly events (particularly through Delves) without Ra, assuming you’re not desperate for Dawnbringer (you don’t need to be) or trying to Medal all of your troops. As far as the old thread mentioned above is concerned, it’s exactly that – an old thread – and while Pharos-Ra is excellent for earning Souls (he was my first craft!), I don’t believe him to be a necessity for the general purpose of playing the game.

TPK’s fun and can make some builds viable, but you can usually get by without him, whilst Obsidius and Gray King are strategically clutch.

Also, search the forums for some Vash’Dagon inspiration. While not always the quickest or most optimal build, you can make some reasonably viable/decent teams with him.

I suppose his synergy with HKI could make HKI an option for you, but

Need, of course, being the operative word – do what you want/live your best life :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


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Vash’Dagon combines very well with High King Irongut, because the Curse trait is very handy for getting rid of those “Immune to Devour” traits!

Add Ethereal Sentry (or similar) to boost HKI’s Attack and get the Devour chance up to close to or over 100% and Mountain Crusher and you’ve got a team that will clear Explore or many Delve battles quickly :+1:

TPK is also handy for zapping enemy troops and converting them into Demons which are easier to kill, but I think HKI is better.

PS Pharos Ra is great for Soul Farming if you want to get Dawnbringer, but DB isn’t anywhere near as good as it use to be.

Thanks everyone, very useful information. I’ll keep holding out for HKI and TPK, in that order. Maybe I’ll get lucky and have enough diamonds in time to get them both.


Close to the level 1000, The Gray King is ridiculously awesome. TPK isn’t half bad, of course. Obsidius, if you wish to participate in the GW events more.

The mythic you craft should reflect your playstyle and your ambition. If you wish to boost a certain class then that should affect your choice. TPK is okay for its 3rd trait but if you’re a loop player it may not suit you because it can destroy your next quad. I like gray king a lot and infernus still has value because it gives damage, mana and boosts ‘fire’ talent tree big time. Obsidius is cool again because it stuns and thus exposes enemy weakness. I don’t use HKI because it’s not really my kinda troop. A better delve, doom troop is ketras IMO. Guaranteed to get you to lvl 500 delves with YP whenever mana allows. Ubastet is also a solid delve machine with eg mang, Alchemist and moneylender. Go with your gut and craft something you will enjoy and benefit from.

@TheIdleOne He’s level 963. I would imagine that he could trait a new mythic, or use an orb, or maybe have to farm Explore for a few traitstones. Yes, TPK is really only good if it’s fully traited, but I see no reason to assume that it wouldn’t be.

I don’t think we need to chide TheIdleOne for being thoughtful/considerate/trying to help someone out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.