Should I craft Megavore?

I have infernus, but no Pharos-ra. However I feel like Pharos is pretty overrated. I’ve never really felt short on souls, and dawn bringer seems like a lot of effort for not quite as great of a return. I’m also looking for something to give me a boost in delves. tech news free netflix
I know this is a pretty subjective question but any input is appreciated!

Defo mega help in delve, i used him too for a while, him, 2 converter that loop endlessy and done (can be boring the same as looking at the grass grow tho :stuck_out_tongue:).

DB is pretty useful actually, but yes, you dont NEED Ra for it, i still dont have him and got DB anyway.

If you don’t feel the need for souls or Dawnbringer then definitely get Megavore, the troop is very powerful. And Pharos sort of needs two to be combat-ready.

Worth noting that Dawnbringer feels a lot stronger to use than appearances indicate, I would still advise making it a goal. I have many teams and tasks that are much more reliable as a result of having the weapon.


Depends on what other Mythics you already have. IMO, Megavore is the 6th or 7th best mythic in the game behind Infernus, Worldbreaker, Pharos-Ra, Ketras the Bull, and High King Irongut. So, if you have most those, then definitely craft Megavore. If not, I wouldn’t fault you for crafting him, but there are better options.

Apparently we all have differing opinions on mythic ranking
I would put it at at 3rd, behind irongut and possessed king(mostly as support troop)
IMO, since doomed weapons and many mana converters have come out, the damage from mythics like Ketras/worldbreaker/infernus etc are minuscule because of delves and towers
Plus megavore impervious and 8% chance to kill on gem matches makes him the highest damage dealer in game
I’d say definitely craft him

Its quite a great return since it does a high amount of AoE damage and barriers all allies. It would be good as a troop (see Queen Titania), but since its attached to a hero, you get all of the traits and talents associated with them. Half mana start with DB is pretty powerful.

I don’t use Megavore in delves. You only really need High King Irongut for most of them, and I still like Yasmine’s Chosen for non- Blue/Yellow/Brown delves. (So far delves have to be 2 colors, so HKI or Yasmine is always available lol)


Honestly, Megavore is a great mythic. It’s a hard yes from me, but it really comes down to your play-style and what teams you enjoy running.

2 months ago when there was only 35 Mythics in the game. Megavore came in 6th for my best overall Mythic rankings.

Just out of curiosity why Queen Aurora rated so low in your list?

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Because she doesn’t barrier herself, because game mechanics prevent her gems spawn from creating an extra turn, and finally… Because her magic link isn’t that great anymore considering all the exploders/converters in the game.
Compare what Arachnaean Weaver does and what QA does. Same colors, AW costs 4 Mana less, which one would you rather have on your team?

Also note Arachnean Weaver’s initials compared to Queen Aurora’s - which one does @awryan have the biggest problem with?

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Mega is one of my top 5. Can be used in pet rescues as well.

Worldbreaker is still that great, do you think, after the explosion nerf?

Thanks. I’ve got it.