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Which mythics to watch for in Soulforge

Which Mythic troops should I watch for to craft in the soulforge? I’ve got enough diamonds to craft ONE Mythic in the soulforge, and there’s finally some troops this week that look tempting enough for my only crafting.

It depends on which mythics you already have, and what your goals in the game are.

For delving you’ll want High King Irongut and/or Shabanu Vespera. Both are good for “punching up.”

If you want to quickly farm “daily” content, and/or farm trophies (re: gnomes), then Euryali, Phoenicia, and Scourge of Honor are all good choices. Draakulis works, too, and Ironhawk can be really great, but really only if you have two.

If you care about Guild Wars, there are a lot of useful things, offense and defense: Arachnaean Weaver, Ketras the Bull, Megavore, Mistralus, Obsidius, Skadi, Stonehammer, Sycorax, The Gray King, Voice of Orpheus…

Zuul’Goth is obviously great, but you’ll need Power Orbs.

Most of the rest, you can just as soon leave on the ground, as they’re only really useful for Kingdom Power purposes.


Just want to add a quick one:

One man’s opinion on which mythics are the good ones, but I think most would mostly agree :slight_smile:


From someone who joined late, and only has 14 months on the game.
At this stage of the game, you will rue all the Mythics you ever crafted in Soulforge, if your goal is to complete your collection.
Because in the long run, the fastest way to complete the entire collection is to keep piling up diamonds and event keys until the very last few Mythics to be completed via crafting specifically, or targeting really hard using Event Keys.

Of course, there are other reasons for crating Mythics or other troops to hunt using event keys in the meantime. YMMV.

Huh; I was playing around with Scourge of Honor teams last weekend and ended up thinking I’d almost always be better with a Queen Beetrix instead. Am I missing something?

For a first deliberately-crafted mythic: hard to go wrong with The Possessed King. Great for mana gen, makes pretty much any team faster and more fun to play, and great support to many mythics that you might subsequently craft or pull. Just missed him on this Soulforge cycle though.

I recommend High King Ironforge and Possessed King for delving. Haven’t tried Shabanu there… Will give that a whirl, thanks!

I use SOH every day in day delve

From Tarans:


Create 9 Green and 9 Brown Gems, then deal [(Magic x 2) + 6] true scatter damage. There are independent 40% chances, to gain an extra turn and half my mana back.


Deal [Magic + 4] true damage to all Enemies. Gain 2 Mana back for each Cursed or Diseased Enemy. [2x]

So there’s the difference: Scourge does better base damage, but barely, and Beetrix can do more if you kill an opponent or cast a lot of spells to trigger Arcane over and over. Bee is also better for looping, but if you’re farming you want to be fast, not loop.

To illustrate the practical difference: my medal-less Scourge currently does 40 true damage to all opponents (before delve enhancements are taken into account — as Rojo suggests, I only ever really use Scourge in Red factions where Euryali isn’t allowed), whereas my gold-elite Beetrix splits 102 damage 4 ways (for only about 25 damage per opponent; plus, if I couldn’t use Euryali, then I couldn’t use Bee, either).

It’s a big deal if you’re only casting one time, especially if you add it up time-wise battle after battle.

To change gears…

I’m one of the few who would disagree with this, actually; I don’t think TPK is really all that relevant today. Especially not when empowered converters speed teams up fast enough anyway. And the randomness inherent in his traits AND spell will instill in one worse board control skills over time, which is why…

…I also wouldn’t recommend TPK in delves. WAY too risky: one doesn’t want to invite skyfall skulls, or random conversions of high-level enemies, etc…

(But as I’ve said: I’m in the minority party when it comes to the TPK ; no one need listen to me, but I’d encourage people to :joy:)

And now to change gears one last time…

Mono-chromatic teams work best, remember. All the guild guardians work: on Blue delves I use Dwarven Gate as well as Treachery, on Yellow I just go straight-up double-Finesse, and purple it’s fine if you want a thrall or something instead of a second Raksha guild guardian (Cunning?). In any case, I use a doom weapon as the fourth slot, and cast to doomskulls anytime the turn can be maintained. Books also work if your opponents all share a color, but :man_shrugging:

I find Shabanu teams aren’t all that slow, and are very, very safe, especially for class leveling. Only exception is against freeze teams, or against things that can kill Shabanu (with, say, a Death Mark or something).

But you can use Shabanu to get Purple delves done, since Irongut can’t.


Blasphemy! :rofl:

I don’t cast TPK actually. He is there for his explode trait only. My favorite team is Crusher, Apothecary, HKI, and TPK. Use a class that gives barrier. Skyfall skulls won’t be an issue.

I will try out your team suggestion tomorrow though, and will maybe forgive you depending how it goes.



returning to composure after laughing aloud

Explosions of any kind are disruptive, though. Mountain Crusher in a delve? Never. Shield of Urskaya instead. TPK’s trait is unacceptable risk to me — not just his spell :wink:

BUT — and I hope OP will indulge me, as I know we’re veering a little off-topic — again, when I’m talking about “delves” I’m really only talking about beating them in the first place, not farming. So I want reliability, not speed.

For speed, meaning Faction Assaults (not “delving,” not beating a faction) and daily sigils, I use Euryali. Or Scourge of Honor. See above, et cetera; the only caveat is that I generally want to be able to use whatever class, whenever — going through the 50ish runs a delve using a class with Barrier-on-Brown class when I’ve already got it maxxed at 100 always felt like a huge waste, and I think it is — Class XP is a huge time-sink, so one can’t afford to waste an opportunity to level a class if one wants to be done with all classes (as I am now, thanks at least in part to the massive amounts of farming XP I gained while getting Renown).


On-Topic: I stand by the mythics suggested above, and if I failed to mention a mythic it’s because I don’t hold it in high enough esteem to have remembered it (did I mention TINA or The Lord of Slaughter? They have their uses, so if not, feel free to add them to the “worth it” pile), or I INTENTIONALLY SCORNED it, because I am a weirdo who no-like-y TPK :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I want to push back a bit on the “you’ll regret any craft” comment, as having a good first mythic can go a long way toward helping you progress AND I wouldn’t want to leave some of the good ones to chance or force myself to wait for them even if it meant I’d have the diamonds in my pocket later for more Kingdom Stars.

Does that mean needing to be more targeted with Event keys? Yes. Does it mean you’re accelerating the chance of pulling a duplicate that will thus “waste” 4k diamonds? Yes—if you’re spending keys willy-nilly (which you should only do of you have fewer than 50% of all total mythics, in my opinion, as I’m no gambler).

But it’s still worth it to craft if you’re getting a toy you want to play with, rather than just checking off all the boxes as “efficiently” as possible.


Earth’s Fury, HKI, Mercy/Daughter of Ice(depending on color restrictions), TPK
at least for those 200-250+ ones…

for anything lower than 150-200 i go with faster teams instead…

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Mountain Crusher
Ethereal Sentry
Vash Dagon

Crusher charges Sentry, Sentry boosts HKI’s attack to 100 or more and Vash’s curse stops any pesky traits that stop HKI getting a guaranteed Devour!

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The advice I give to my guild mates is to not craft mythics at all unless you know you want them. What I mean is this: If you aren’t sure already, don’t craft it. If you have a plan for it and a team for it, and don’t want to wait, ok craft it. Otherwise, whatever it is will come around again when you have a plan for it.


Thank you, everybody, for the great suggestions and explanations. I’m not worried about completing a collection, yet, I’m looking to increase my fighting power. I’ve only got 2 mythics at the moment (Mambasira and The Wild Queen) and they use the same 3 mana colors.

A lot of people say Wild Queen is one of the best Mythics. Definitely in the top 5. I have been playing a few years now and I still didn’t craft her yet so you’re definitely up over me.

Yeah, she’s the core of my main team. Gorgotha (explodes gems, for mana), Wild Queen, Queen Beetrix (to create green gems, and for direct damage), and The Maraji Queen (green gems to doomskulls).

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