A New Mythic Approaches - Aquaticus

Only 1000 keys? That is actually not a lot


Is that really true though? There’s usually some discussion on whether or not an upcoming mythic is good, but I haven’t seen too much strategic talk in that thread (i.e. what teams would be good, what other troops would go well with it, what it could counter/what counters it, etc.).

How are people coming to the conclusions of whether a mythic is “good” without taking the relevant strategic points into consideration?

I get what you’re saying, I think—that there should be more comprehensive discussions for every mythic if my hypothesis is to stand on two legs. But is a mythic, if its spell is deemed useless, its mana cost too high, or its trait-set lackluster (or all of the above), really worth further discussions, like potential teams?

For instance, I could spitball teams around Shade of Zorn — but it would be a waste of time at this point, because nothing I could build around his kit would be worthwhile in the current META. So, after discussing why his kit is bad (basically high set-up costs for a “save me when I’m down troops” strategy that, in Gems of War, is rarely a viable option), the rest of the conversation sort of dies naturally :man_shrugging:


I’m just saying, you were talking about exhaustive theory-crafts. I’ve seen one strategy post on Aquaticus and really none for Vash’Dagon (a harder-to-use than average troop) in that thread. Those aren’t bad mythics.

The sad part is that all the the better players wont theory craft mythics because they dont want you to know. They may spit out a couple decent team ideas but will never let on to what the plan is for it until you see it as a meta defense team. You may never see the offense versions as they keep them all secret.

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Clearly I’m not a better player :man_shrugging:


Lol hey now, I remembered your post. It was really good! Just not in the Spoiler thread that we were talking about.

Vash’Dagon was a tough one to theory-craft. I really needed to have hands-on time with him to understand his potential. Now one of my favorite Mythics though!

I am always speaking from a guild wars perspective because that is all I care about. I would not know if you are a better player unless I see you in bracket 1 on xbox.

Not going to spend time being upset about it :upside_down_face:

I don’t think either of my builds there would be useful for GW. Vash’Dagon is pretty unpredictable on defense, and he’d lose you points on offense.

I was in a discussion about Aquaticus today and I think it comes down to:

  • It’s like Infernus, so it’s probably pretty good.
  • Troops like Infernus aren’t as good as they used to be because they don’t scale.

I think GoW is moving to a new phase of its life where a tier discussion without nuance is irrelevant. I don’t think a lot of players are adjusting to that well. They really want to have a cheat sheet that tells them which troop is better than another and honestly GoW is better if I have to sharply inhale and explain when and how a troop is good.

So like, Aquaticus. It’s Like Infernus, but with Submerge instead of Burn. OK. It’s not going to synergize with Divines like Infernus, and as far as I know there’s not an Elementals/Mystics team packing that kind of punch out there. So without burning too many cycles on it I think:

  • Aquaticus kind of sucks vs. scaling troops unless you’ve got a Goblins-level looping team.
  • Aquaticus kind of rocks vs. normal-leveled troops in a team with moderately consistent mana output.
  • Aquaticus does even better if your opponent wants to win by AoE damage alone.

It passes one of my litmus tests: I think if the rest of your team gets zapped you still have a decent chance of winning with a nearly-full Aquaticus. Spell armor makes it sort of bulky. But it’s not protected against Rope Dart, Essence of Evil, Life and Death, armor destroyers, practically any status effect, other Infernus-likes, etc. So it’s for a fast offense team, of which we have a million, and I don’t see anything that makes me excited or believe there’s a new Aquaticus meta.


Let’s reconvene for this every month — I agree that I would like more exhaustive talks about the mythics in the mythics thread, and I won’t even mind if things are repeated from the spoilers thread (which they might not be, if it’s the case that people aren’t talking as extensively as I remembered).

Especially because I think it’s really valuable to talk about the troop once one can actually play with it.

I’ve found Aquaticus less amazing than I wanted, and I think scaling as @Slypenslyde suggests is exactly the problem. To scale, I need a troop like Bard, Emperor Liang, or Qilin to boost her magic—and all those options are sloooow. I can put all three in, but then there go my 4 matches, because no empowered 4-match maker like Moon Rabbit anymore, or some other looper who’s even better at making 4s and 5s.

So I either have an Aquaticus who can’t hit as hard as I want, or an Aquaticus who can’t consistently protect my team from AoE, or both if I get a bad board. So I’m disappointed—but I’m going to stick with it to see of I can unlock the true potential I thought I saw in her when I first got excited from Taransworld :+1:

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The other route of making her hit hard is to cast her frequently.

I’ve been running:

Dawnbringer (Corsair with +Blue Link at champion level 70)
Frozen Banner

Wouldn’t use her in delves, but she performs well enough in 1:1 up to about 1:2 stats environment.

Strategy: Leprechaun removes green via explosions and replaces the board with more blue. Aquaticus fills excessively fast with Corsair on this team. DB safeguards the team and Skadi summons QM if Leprechaun gets skulled or otherwise provides the blue storm.

Edit: just for fun team, not a Rope Dart/ L&D counter

If I have to be one of the very few that thinks Corsair isn’t totally worthless, then so be it


About a week away from Dawnbringer, and who knows when I’ll pull Skadi :joy:

That said, it is nice for my head to go in another direction. I wonder if I could make something that would fill her over and over…

Might try some kind of troll, or perhaps even Gob, when I find the time :slight_smile:


Yeah I didn’t have time to sit down and do a full analysis (partially because I can’t look at GoW at work like I used to) but I feel like Aquaticus’ colors gives her better access to some tricks than Infernus had. Leprechaun was the first thing I thought of. I haven’t quite memorized that Corsair is a thing, but +2 to blue is no joke (I haven’t evaluated that class very closely. Soon.)

I feel like maybe we could do better than Dawnbringer there, with footnote. So long as we’re not scaling, that team looks great. It can probably even do Pet Rescue. But this is what Power Creep has done to me. I already have a Pet Rescue and PvP team. To get excited about a troop I want to think like, “Whoa, this could keep going after level 25 in a Tower of Doom” etc.

+2 on the 3rd trait, and another +1 on Champion Level 70.

It has Hunt or Snap Freeze, Hunt being my preferred choice as the 4/5 match effect can last the whole match instead of the temporary freeze. Exploding into a 3 match of skull on a Hunter’s Marked enemy isn’t bad.

It can also have Deluge, which is a bit redundant to the 3rd trait of Aquaticus, unless Aqua dies.

It can also have Thieves’ Guild, which can gives All Rogues 1 Magic on 4 or 5 of a kind. Considering the hero is a Rogue, it can gain some magic under the right team composition.

The hero weapon for that team ideally is blue, since the class itself gives +5 blue magic while used with a blue weapon and the Corsair fills blue troops very fast. Since this team also has 3 yellow troops with DB, it gains 6 more damage on boost ratio. My DB is hitting 41 without taking the enemy team in account.

Its not really a gold team, but you can try running Bronzelock Pistol in place of DB.

I don’t know, what do you think would work better than Dawnbringer?

Most of the good hero weapons tend to be Blue, Blue/Green, or Blue/Yellow, which Aquaticus would fully block out.

For what its worth, its my go to team for leveling Corsair or fast explore/casual PvP wins. Easier to use than Sunbird/hero with Corsair combo


Here is a suggestion. Doomed Crossbow to take advantage of the blue board. It explodes and refill blue when there is a blue storm. Deadly with Corsair’s Hunt trait


Orb of Winter pairs decently with Skadi & also takes advantage of perpetual blue storm.

Unfortunately with the troop line up, orb of winter is always mana blocked.

Actually, with both Lep & Aquaticus & blue storm, it’s not.
edit: oh hey, candles. nice!

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