A New Mythic Approaches - King Bloodwood

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New Mythic Troop: King Bloodwood King Bloodwood will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

400 glory keys. yay.

7000 guild seals and 200 gem keys

12,000 guild keys

15.000 Seals
4000 Glory Keys
About 500 Gem Keys

Could be better, could be worse.

That is a staggering number of seals spent.

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I spent 14k seals and a bunch of other keys, glory etc for Gray King and didn’t get him til the next week lmao so I’m not surprised.

I think I spent 2500 glory keys and 6000 seals. Not bad!

Now to figure out a team…

Guild Keys /= Guild Seals


I think it’s probably just a minor language/translation slip-up.

I use around 10,000 guild seals every month to try for the new mythic. Based on earning the standard 6,000 over 4 weeks and using a few Orbs of Clans to top it up to around 10,000. I always use the guild seals first before using any keys. Only once have I ever got a new mythic using the guild seals.

I don’t understand your comment?

1000 guild seals, one of my cheapest pull since I started.


8000 seals only. Which is very cheap for me. That means the next one is going to cost a few extremeties…

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47!k seals, 2600 glory keys, 1k gem keys, 60 VIP keys and got nothing. Is that possible? :rage:

Yeah man, I spent close to 3k glory keys, 13k seals and 3k gem keys. Nada. This rng is streaky, you either get a mythic in under 400/500 keys or you have to spend an insane amount. That’s how as always been for me, no middle ground

Im having fun with

Essence of Evil - Stormcaller
Green Seer
King Bloodwood
Summer Banner (+2Gr, +P, -Bl)

Tinseltail’s Faerie Fire kinda fixes the damage cap issue on KB when playing on Difficulty 12. Essence of Evil also applies entangle, bleed, faerie fire, curse or anything else that’s needed. After exploding, the yellow helps reload Green Seer to refill KB and do things. Tinseltail sometimes does things.

Not the world’s fastest team, but functional

I don’t know what the ideal hero class is, I just need to level up my Stormcaller.


Blew through all my Glory (30k+), about 3000 Guild Seals, 600+ Gem Keys, 300 Gems and even a couple of VIP Keys I’d had hanging around for ages.



i spend 100 glory!!!

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